Setup for the AC 289 Sports

This is a 10-lap setup for Ken Morter's AC 289 Sports. Not the 'Trackday' ver; rather the unnamed 'street' ver. I was briefly involved with the creation of this car but thought the 'Trackday' ver had way too much power (you could get it sideways with the throttle in fourth gear going up the hill to the S/F line at Elkhart), as confirmed by LilSki and others. The street ver is a little more like it: the power of the original 289 Cobra with the handling of the Mk. III (427) chassis: tube frame and coil-over suspension. It's still quite a handful on sharp turns and street tires, but it's a blast to drive and the sound is great. Let me know if you want more setups (and for which track). Thanks.

--Steve Smith


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