Setup 037 in snow undriveable

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Rob Every, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Rob Every

    Rob Every

    Guys I think if you have played this game enough you will know how laughable the default 037 setup is on snow.

    It is literally undriveable!!

    In fact for me al the mid engined cars have very nervous, twitchy characteristics that Codies seem to engineer into all the mid engined cars apart from the Stratos that for me is bearable even on snow.

    The 037 works OK on gravel, but on snow, any ideas as right now it just feels bugged.
  2. Salajutsu


    Well, I own a 99 dodge Dakota with a locked differential and live somewhere where snow is common.
    The Lancia 037, in comparison to that, is a godsend and a relief, if you will. this truck in snow, is downright ridiculous. I don't even have to go 2 mph in order for it to go wildly sideways.

    It's supposed to be obnoxiously difficult to control. Granted, my truck doesn't have rally snow tires, but it's still snow, and the Lancia has a really light RWD drivetrain that has more power than necessary.

    Default setup, well, I suppose I could agree, but realistically, if you were a real Gr B rally driver in the 80's, surely you wouldn't sit idly by with stiff suspension and 50-50 dampers before you go on a death defying run.
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