Settings for T300 and FFB

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by SeriousNewb, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. SeriousNewb


    I upgraded from a DFGT to a T300 with T3PA and the Ferrari 599XX rim.
    Of course DiRT Rally and any game for that matter feels different but DiRT Rally in particular.

    Was wondering if there are any recommended settings for first the Thrustmaster settings on the PC (which doesn't appear to support game profiles?) and then in-game in terms of wheel rotation, saturation, dead zones etc.

    I'm already assuming that's it safer to just disable the soft lock and wheel animations and set rotation to 540 or less.

    And also even though the FFB in DiRT Rally has been improved and its now on version 1.1 it still feels a bit light. So is there still a mod I should be using to improve it somehow?
  2. Robin


    What is a typical Rally car real world steering wheel rotation setting?

    Anywhere from 270 - 540?
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