Setting up fourth monitor for Z1 Dashboard.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Angeltheartist, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Angeltheartist


    Need help setting up fourth monitor for Z1 Dashboard. My specs :
    6700 K
    2 x 980 TI in SLI
    3 x 4K monitor
    1 x PC monitor dvi/vga want to use for Z 1 Dashboard.
    motherboard MSI Z 170 Gaming 7
    I have my three monitors connected to the top card , connections being used 1 x HDMI ,
    2 x Display port.
    I have the PC monitor connected to the motherboard HDMI to DVI adapter connected to monitor.
    All monitors working. The problem I'm having is when I load any of the sims it only loads to the PC monitor . How do I assign 4th monitor just for Z 1 dashboard.
  2. GeniFx


    You just move then z1 window to the 4th monitor?

    Have you made youre trippel monitors primary display?
  3. Barrosini


    Hi. Did you already assign the 4th monitor?

    I was thinking in connecting the 4th monitor (for telemetry) to the hdmi of the motherboard (7700k) but i was able to make it work with surround (triple monitor) and (plus) a 4th monitor for telemetry with the graphics card.

    All the monitors are connected to graphics card. Triple monitors are connected the following way:hdmi, display port, display port. The 4th monitor (with less resolution than triples) is connected to dvi on graphics card. Surround is on. I just had to plug them all, boot windows and work from there going between nvidia control panel and windows display settings.
    Pm me if you want some more detailed info. assuming i can give feedback.

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