Setting up a race: time acceleration


Apr 9, 2013
I have some theories about events set up with accelerated time. I'd like to know if anyone, or several people as that is always more fun, want to join me in testing this theory.

The time acceleration options in pCars include x2, x10, x20,x30 and x60, (there may be some others so, sorry in advance) where:

x2 means that - 1 minute real time = 2 minutes in game
x10 means that -1 minute real time = 10 minutes in game
x20 means that -1 minute real time = 20 minutes in game
x30 means that -1 minute real time = 30 minutes in game
x60 means that -1 minute real time = 60 minutes in game

So, with that being said, if someone wants to simulate a 24 hour, day night transition, in pCars they have to take these values into account. They also have to take into account what virtual time that their race will start (meaning, the in game time). They also have to account for the estimated single lap time for the given track that they are hosting the race on. For this example I will use Spa Francorchamps.

Now, let's not get all caught up with my estimation of the lap times here. Let's say, for my theories sake, that the average lap time at Spa Francorchamps is a 2:24(regardless of weather conditions etc.). Well, then that means that a 24 hr simulated event there could be planned as such:

With time acceleration set at x60 and a "average lap" of 2:24, each lap would take 2 hours and 24 minutes of virtual time. Making a 10 or 11 lap race event the optimal set up. Making your actual time spent racing a little under 30 minutes from start to finish.

There is a problem though. When you add in a practice session, Quali and a Warm Up things start to get crazy. Why? Because the virtual clock continues to accelerate time so that your Race Start time can be thrown completely off by them. The only solution to that is to set up the Practice, Quali and Warm Up to account for this and end up holding your event over two (or more) "virtual" days. Meaning that: in game, the day night cycle may turn over twice and throw off your virtual start time. You could end up starting your race in the dark by the time you get through the other sessions and to the race start.

Whew!....and now, your feedback. Be gentle:)


Sep 15, 2013
I found the exact same issue and ended up starting a race in the dark. I'm not sure if there's a race start time option in there somewhere, but I couldn't see one. It's a major oversight if not.


Mar 2, 2011
It would be nice, if you could set all those things (time acceleration, weather, time of day, tire wear, damage, allowed assists) separately for every session.