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F1 2013 Setting Tweak Question - Logitech G27 and F1 2013

F1 2013 The Game (Codemasters)
So I was wondering... what setting do I edit to get it to require less wheel turn for more wheel turn on the screen. Basically I'm having to turn my wheel way too far around to complete some turns. What could I change to get it to require less wheel turn to get the on screen wheel to turn. I hope that makes sense. This is really hampering my already slow progress with this game. BTW whatever setting it is... what setting do you recommend? Thanks all. Nite!
Yeah I figured out it's the wheel degrees in logitech profiler. I set it to 220 degrees for F1 2013 only and it works great. Only problem is I have to launch the game from the profiler.. but thats no biggie. Thanks anways.

Graham Laing

Retired Staff
You don't have to launch it from the profiler.

You can set the profiler to auto load the profile when the game .exe starts.
You can also set the F1 2013 profile as the persistent profile (the default profile to load when the profiler boots))
Hi there
I'm kind of rokkie in F1 2013, but I solved my excess steering need (G27 in a PS3) with increasing Steering Saturation to 45%. Try 40% and 50% and I guess that something in the between will do the trick for you.
Steering Linearity is another thing: it relates to the visual effect of the car driver's hands compared to the movement of your hands, only. Does not affect the need to steer the wheel more or less.
Hope this helps