Setting pit stop strategy before race start

Steve D


I know that I can set pit stop strategy in the Garage, in terms of stop frequency and fueling, before race start.

However if I don't want to change tyres, can I set this as a default anywhere or do I have to enter the Pit Menu during the race and set tyres to 'no change?' Ideally I'd like to set my default strategy up beforehand so that I don't have to mess around with buttons and rotaries, especially when using VR. (I can always make changes if I have to)

Is it also possible to set up different strategy presets?


You have the option to fill out pitstops in the setup menus. Each line is considered a new pitstop so your first stop can be different from your second which can also be different from your 3rd or 4th. To SKIP a tire change, you just click on the left arrow until the option is nochange.(I know that is how to do it in the onboard pitboard, but I'm a bit foggy if you can do it in the garage. Give it a look to see if that option comes up.)
You can start with a light fuel load, then on the 1st stop add more(depending upon the length of your race)
If you think you might need tires late in the race, you can zero out any more fuel and only change tires. may be able to only change the left side or right side tires if you are using the Nascar Plugin.
The norm in formula one is to change tires even if you are fixing a front wing or whatever. Try to go for the softest compound as it will be faster
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