Setting: Maximum_Frame_Latency & Force Feedback

Hi all,

I have search about this parameter. I know it does wonders to reduce or eliminate stuttering and improve fps on Assetto Corsa. What I would like to know is what this parameters does exactly? What does it mean a value of 0 or 1, or are there any other possible values?

Thanks for any information.

Axel Moebius

Dont know how many knows,I did not. Got this tip from a fellow racer. If you change this in Steam/steamapps/common/assetto corsa/system/cfg/grafics ini:
MAXIMUM_FRAME_LATENCY=0 to this : MAXIMUM_FRAME_LATENCY=1 it makes a world off difference in ffb. I use a G25 and use to struggle a bit when correcting an oversteer, felt like a big truck when I had to turn back the Wheel quick. Now it feels like( cough cough) rF2. Really nice. It Works for the G25 and G27, maybe other brands too. Try it. You wont regret it;)
AFAIK it determines the amount of prerendered frames (images/frames the pc draws before they actually happen). A hight number of prerendered frames can reduce stutter, but since the computer renders frames in advance and doesn't know the input the player will make at the wheel, it also makes the visuals not sync up with what is actually happening in the FFB.

MAXIMUM_FRAME_LATENCY=1 means the computer will at the most prerender one image,
MAXIMUM_FRAME_LATENCY=0 means it just uses the preset in your graphics card driver which is usually 3 or 4 prerendered images.