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Setting height in Rift

Guys, maybe sound silly but cannot seem to set the height for when I am in car... my view is in line with the drivers pedals. Changed my height in Oculus (making me just 3ft tall) but that did not solve it. Tried setting the in game seat positions but still could not get it to bring the car to my eye level.

Also, the game does not fully exit back to Steam & have to Task Manage, restart the system.

Cheers in advance for any help.
Tried that as per my original post. When I start the game sat in my rig, I have to look up to see the loading screen too.
Is there a way to fix that? I just assumed it was going off the settings in Oculus? It's not the worst thing but it's slightly annoying.


I know, for I told me so
Yeah I start the game way too low in ACC on my Rift.

I used to have Joytokey mapping a button on my wheel to ctrl+space but that's stopped working since 1.0.

I have a button mapped to the game's reset view function but that only works when I'm driving the car, not in any menus.

So currently I have to join the server, click 'drive' from the menu (which I can't see because all I see is my feet) which resents my view, then menu and 'return to garage' to do setup stuff (as I can now see the menu) then off I go.

The view settings menu is for minor adjustments once you're at the right height.

It's a bit annoying but there are many things more annoying than that in ACC right now.