Sessions not being recorded?

Hey now. I've been using CM for over a year and for a great long time all my sessions would be automatically recorded.
Some time ago I noticed that occasionally a session would be missed. It was odd and intermittent but I saw no pattern.

Fast forward today and the last reliable recordings were in December. Almost none of my recent sessions get recorded and I have no idea why or how to troubleshoot.

All my settings seem right. These are all settings that worked before. I've changed and redone most settings "just in case" but still.

Teh weird thing is even in game I see (sometimes) that when I restart a session it says "saved replay xxxfilenamexxx". Yet no replay is saved.
Sometimes on restart a session I do NOT see it say the replay is saved. Which is also weird. Either way it seems for the last couple months recordings just don't happen.

Anyone else seen or had this experience?

Does anyone know how to go about troubleshooting this? (logs to check or smth?)

Anyone know if recordings are a CM thing or a vanilla AC thing? Not sure if I should report this to the CM dev.

Please help. Thanks.