SERVER UP - Nordschleife endurance race/qualify gt2/gt3

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Anser Ali, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Anser Ali

    Anser Ali

    Hi I added a 24/7 server in Assetto Corsa, name is: GTX NORDSCHLEIFE ENDURANCE - 2LAP RACE - 20MIN QUALIFY - GT2/GT3 CARS

    or just search gtx nordschleife endurance and select the title that best matches above.

    GT2/GT3 cars will be used that are already in game and from DLC 1
    ABS = yes
    TC = Yes
    stability control = no
    auto clutch = no
    false start = no
    tire blankets = yes

    Bmw gt2
    ferrari gt2
    corvette c7r
    p4-5 competizione
    bmw z4 gt3
    mclaren gt3
    Nissan GTR
    mercedes sls gt3

    I really enjoyed these endurance races when they were on like a year ago, but nobody makes them, so I thought I would make a nordschleife endurance race.

    Please do join, the server has good ping and I was thinking to increase it to 30min qualify and 3lap race, but I thought do it 20min qualify and 2lap race, so its not too long for you people. But what you guys think is it too short or needs to be longer.

    hopefully do come and have fun and enjoy the server.
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