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Server setup Help


How do i find out if a server I have set up is working.
I am using my computer to run the server via steam and also using the same computer to be in the game.
To see my game in server I have to use Lan .
I do not know if my server /game is visable to others on Automobilista /steam.
There has not been anyone connected to my server but me and Ai .I left it not password locked but still no takers.
My server is Jeffv8.
Any takers to help me would be appreciated.
Did you follow the AMS user guide to setup the server?

You need to open the necessary ports in your firewall and router. I dont see your server in the Steam server list.

Nope, do not see it.

What does "all ports open" exactly mean?

You need to make sure your multiplayer.ini matches the open ports.
So this:
Query Port Start="34597"
Port Start="34697"
Authenticator Port="8766"
Master Server Updater Port="27016"

Should match these in your router as well as your firewall:
34747 TCP
34597 UDP
34697 UDP
8766 UDP
27016 UDP