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Does anyone else have have continual issues regarding the response time for online servers in the game? I mean for it finding the servers that you can then go into the selection screen, I just see minutes after minute of searching?

I have a decent internet connection, yet every time I do anything, click away onto ANY menu, when i back to the multiplayer room it is searching for servers, my stats take about a minute to come up.

it does seem very hesitant and delayed, I am wondering if there is anything I can do to resolve this or if everybody experiences it?

It is a little frustrating is all as it really does seem odd that checking your stats, should reset the server search, as does changing a car.


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Just test at another moment of the day than the busiest evening European hours ... you'll notice that the response time is very short.
I just did it ( old enough to be at home at this time of day :roflmao: ) that's what I already suspected for a long time ... we're surely too many mostly driving in the evening time of day for the server's bandwidth.

NB: I don't know if it has a large bandwidth enough or if the problem is rather the too heavy demand at those moments. ;)
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It does seem to be very erratic for me that's all, seems that going back to the screen resets everything too, which is very annoying, wonder why this is?

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Since 1.7, dedicated servers running on Linux do not timeout disconnected users

So first: we do not support any operating system outside MS Windows. If you try to run the server on other systems and/or on emulated APIs, this is a problem. I'd be fine with that if it would only affect yourselve, like running private league servers on Linux/WINE.. But in the end most of those servers are accessible to the public, and users just can't tell why the timing is wrong and the netcode looks bad. Or even sit on a lobby list that is full of phantom servers.

What happened here is that we found a big improvement for the ACC server, though that was quite some effort. Using better code that turns off collisions on the client in certain cases, we could be less aggressive disconnecting users - which removes 95% of the random disconnects (that are caused by paket loss on the UDP channel). However it turns out that this causes an issue on non-supported platforms, where the TCP part has a different behaviour.
With the latest server version 1.7.4 (download here), we've added a property to the setting.json where you can disable this improvement - find ignorePrematureDisconnects in the server handbook.

Please take a moment and realize that this isn't a good idea. To keep compatibility, we're offering a way to make the experience worse again - for the users on your server. Also, we do have 2300-2600 servers online any time.. That is more than users in MP any time. Even if everybody sits on his own server, we will have empty servers available. ACC isn't AC1 where a server config defines car slots and liveries, and there's thousands of content mods available. In ACC, it's about "what track, what session length and a bit of weather flavor". I'm pretty confident that too few server options is not our problem in ACC, on PC.

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I don't have much issues in regards to response time when waiting for the server list to load, but my frames absolutely tank while in the mp server list to about 20-25fps from 60 which it never did before.
That's with menu frame rate enabled and in vr
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