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First of all: excuse my english, it's not a very accurate.

I try to explain my situation:

Me an forum friends from Spain run a league of GTR-Evolution. The first one we did, was with WTCC 07 cars and tracks from the game. We personalized our skins and the Championship runned fine, we were 20 pilots.

We didn't hace Dedicated Server purchased. Simply, the person with the best internet conection (the best upload speed) create the session directly in the game. We did not use de Race07 dedicated server because this cause us a lot of lag. Creating directly, we hace minor problems of lag all the championship, but we could live with then since most of the time the conection was fine.

A month ago, we started our second championship. This time, with GT Sports, personalized skins, and track made by the modders: Spa 2004, Suzuka, Hockenheim and Le Mas Du Clos (this four raced), and we still got races in: Surfer's Paradise, Watkins Glenn, Mid Ohio and Algarve.

This time we are 21 pilots, but we didn't reach 21 in a race due that always 1-2 persons, or more, have other things to do.

We rurnnig the server he same way: create directy from the lobby. But this time we are hacing a lot of problems:

1-In Spa and Hockenheim: when we go to the grid (standing start) there were cases of cars falling into other car when atemp to grid, causing him a Stop&go penalty without doing anything.

2-Other times two pilots grid in the same position and still together until race start, this normally don't cause a Stop&Go but it's obviously a problem.

3-In Le mas Du clos, when we go from Clasification to Race, the game confuses the positiones. I mean, maybe one person makes de 8º position and then the game puts it forward, of bakward from his position.

4-Yesterday we race in a game official track (Oscherleben) and we have the 2) problem in 3 positions of the grid. Plus, 2 pilots couldn't start, the car simply didn't move until 30-40 seconds had passed from start.

We don't know what can cause the problems and i dont' know to find any answers elsewhere. I found that RD it's the best simulation forum and i ask for your help:

-Do you think that renting a dedicated server will stop our problems?

-Can be the personalized skins the cause of the problems?

-Any other idea?

-I see that here in RD are leagues of Race07 and it seems to run smoothly in dedicated servers with 25 pilots, it's some kind of tutorial in the forum for running a server/league creation?


Wayne Reed

Hi there i would say its the modded tracks doing it. see the thing is all the tracks that are in the game simbin make to run with the game so they do not use to much bandwidth (i.e Lag) were as with modded tracks they are most of the time form a other game so my not run the same. the best tihng to do is run a race on a simbin track see if it is the same.

Hope this helps:)


Thanks. We try Oscherleben yesterday and have the problems mentioned in the first post:

4-Yesterday we race in a game official track (Oscherleben) and we have the 2) problem in 3 positions of the grid. Plus, 2 pilots couldn't start, the car simply didn't move until 30-40 seconds had passed from start.

Wayne Reed

has the porson who is hosting done scans on there pc it might be a bit of adawere m8 get them to try this bit of softwere its called spybot you can get it here if not then 1 then malwarebytes is about the best one out there get it here give it a try :)

Bram Hengeveld

Unless you host privately with a 10MB upload I can´t imagine that you can run a 20 person room on a non-dedicated server. Are the problems also there in smaller numbers? 5-10 players?


No. When we play non-league races, with 5 to 12-13 players aprox., this problems never show up. Or maybe one or two times a "normal" GTR-Evo bug ocurs random, but rarely.

I know that 20-21 persons for a non-dedicated it's so much. But the person who create the hosting has 3mb of upload (300 kbps actually) and run our first championship without this problems. There was some little lag in the starts maybe, but nothing extraordinary, we could play without many problemas, but in this Second Championship we have the issues that i mentioned in almost every race, especially in Le Mas du Clos (positions altered in grid) and Spa 2004 (cars falling on others).

Yesterday we played Oscherleben, a track from the game, and have the problem of 2 pilots grid together in the same position; like they were "ghosts", intangible, until the race stars. This happens in 3 positions, i mean 6 pilots involved.

¿Can a personalized skins be the cause of the problem? ¿Or do you think this problems run random due to masive number of pilots in a non dedicated server?

thank you
this should be totaly lag related i.e not enough upload speed of the hoster 10-12 player is already a lot with 3 MB/s upload as Bram sayed a full grid
with much less then 10 MB/s should not work and then it dosent matter if dedicated server or not anyway the ingame server needs a bit more transfer
as the dedicated
maybe you guys was just lucky that it did not striked you at the first league but now with a near full grid you for sure need atleast 7 or 8 MB/s upload
to make it run lag free so the server reconize everything, at RD we never had such issues but if i am right RD's servers running on a 100m/bit line and
they are realy dedicated server maschiens


But, once the race begin, the lag is nearly non-existent. The only real problems we have it's when we enter grid in Race1, the problems mentioned above:

-Car falling on to other car
-2 cars grid in the same position and being like ghots until race starts.

Curiously, there are no problems of grid in Race 2 if we race a Race 1-Race 2 session (always).

¿do you think rolling start could be a solution?

Thank for all the help
if you do a manual rooling start yes as you will sort the grids then a auto rolleing start i cant advice as it is broken means one of the lines always have a huge advantages
so do it like rd and stc do it in there GT leagues make it a manual rolleing single file start all players join the grid if lights get green the pole setter leads the field for
1 lap with a constand pace of 100-120 kmh while the rest lines up like they have qualifyed race starts at the last corner but overtaking is not allowed befor the S/F line
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