Server Drops Connection - New modem/router

I have just upgraded our modem/router at home to a Netgear D6300 and have the joy of sorting out my port forwarding again for my server... I have got all the ports opened and checked that they were with the checker from which tells me they are all open on the PC hosting the server here. TCP34747, UDP34597 & UDP34697

the server PC also has a reserved fixed IP set in the router to match the NIC IP in the server PC

- I have updated the router to latest firmware available,
- I have asked ISP to reset the line from their end
- I have hard reset the router and started from scratch with everything
- I have sat on phone to tech support to Netgear for close to an hr where a 12 YO Indonesian tech support starts reading to me how to set up the custom services to add to the port forward... I Say "YOUR NOT LISTENING TO MY ISSUE!!!" urgh, sigh

whats happening is that i am only able to connect to my server for about 20 secs sit in the garage or drive whatever like normal... then the connection is lost after approx 20 secs, I am unable to join my server after that happens as i get the "timed out message" reported from the server list as if port isn't open, until such time as i restart the GSCE dedi server application again and the cycle continues.

I am able to connect to other servers from my Racing PC (seperate PC to my server) with no dramas whatsoever though the same router, internet connection is fine no drop outs, its just the race server issue.

any suggestions ?? :geek: