serious problems with my new gtx 780 amp on RRE

Hello racers, and I hope developer, today I installed my new gtx 780 amp! the zotac, already proven on AC, fifa 15 and other game, the card works and it's a bomb, but when I log in and load RR3 the track as soon as I click on the track to access the pc restarts drastically, I tried to lighten the settings charts, checked the monitor frequency, 60, I do not know what to do anymore, I have no idea what's going on, that does not come only from the game but resets windows 7 really worries me! I have updated drivers on the penultimate issue, but I do not think that the problema.Fino yesterday I turned quietly with my 760 and it was perfect.
Specifications: win.7 ultimate, intel 7 1gen. , 16 gb ram, nvidia gtx 780 amp.

Sonat Ozturk

Sector3 Studios
Hi Felice,

That's a strange problem indeed. Can you check your event logs to see if there are reports regarding the hard reset?

- Click on the Windows icon and right click on Computer.
- Select Manage (You need to be admin on the computer)
- Under System Tools you'll see Event Viewer.
- Under Event Viewer you'll see Windows Logs.
- Browse the Application and System logs and check if there are any reports that match the time of one of the hard resets.

It should have some details about what stopped working or what system part is malfunctioning.
thanks for the reply and the help, I followed your instructions and hope to have done everything right, I attach the screen. But I start to think that may be a problem with the power supply, the new card has a conumo 250 we believe that automatically increases the output as an auto overclocking, imo. Currently displays do not know the specifics of my power supply because it was on a PC used to lavor, but it looks cool and is modular, but I do not know if it's a 500, 700 or more, I hope that is the problem


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In fact, you are already on ebay wing looking for a 800, I believe that my current is a 600/650 max. anyway on race trim I was able to play well with fifa 15 I had a crash with a maximum set-up, instead of RRE every time you enter the track there is a crash, which seems strange to me, I really hope it's a problem power, for the rest everything ok.
I have already bought 750W UN, YES I know it sounds trserie intentions to move to sli system soon, and then there's everything else, peripherals, hd, ssd, although finally nvidia intel as you are determined to optimize their products for the energy consumption with performance top, if I had bought a new gtx 970 maybe I would not have this problem :)

Sonat Ozturk

Sector3 Studios
Yeah the hard reset can be due to not getting enough power when trying to load into the track.

Let us know if the problem is resolved with a new PSU.
ok all sorted out with a new ps from 750w, 700w, however, the old one was not quite so low as ps, so a 780 amp needs over 120w according to the need I think. thanks everyone for the help and advice.