Sell Selling two Dell 27 Gaming Monitors S2716DG A09

I did have three up for sale, but managed to break one :(

Looking for £250 each collected, (Reading, Berkshire) UK only, they have a warranty until March 2021 with the company I bought them from, they tell me I can pass the warranty on but its a manual process through emails. If you want to use paypal then 3.4% fee will have to be added, unless its friends and family.

Excellent monitors, I already have another on my Desk computer for FPS stuff which is an older version, if you are looking for a gaming monitor or a couple of A09 revisions to add to a single for triple setup then this could be for you. Happy to sell seperately as I may just keep one for my desk setup.

I bought an ultrawide for none VR titles as my valve index uses one of the three displayports.

Boxed and ready

Before the "incident," just don't leave your wheel on the base under the monitor when you raise your motion rig. :cry:

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