Selecting Sprint / Enduro tyres on non-championship tracks and VEII upgrade issues.

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by paul280981, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. paul280981


    Hi guys,

    I often like to race on non-championship tracks and was wondering about tyre selection of the AI. the default is Enduro tyres. If i select sprint tyres in the garage, will the AI also run sprint tyres or will I end up on the sprint tyres by myself?

    Same with the smaller fuel tank. I'm guessing the AI will run the 75L fuel tank as well.

    Also, I read some people are having trouble with the sprint tyre heating up too fast? Is it possible just to select the Enduro tyres for myself and the AI for places like Winton and Queensland If i like? These are places that I belive the sprint tyres default to.

    I noticed that only some teams can be upgraded to the VEII. I can buy the upgrade for Team Vodafone and Toll HSV, but when I select the upgrade for say Jack Daniels racing the car will change, but as soon as I navigate away from the car, it reverts back to the VEI shape?

    Finally, I've made the adjustments that are recomended in the Read Me files, but am finding trouble locating the following:

    Recommended RealFeel plugin settings:
    NOTE: Steering rack is now behind the axles and so reelfeel forces are no longer reversed.
    [V8 Supercar]
    These are subject to personal taste as well as the type of wheel you use.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    I punched out some laps today. Love the game. Awsome job guys!!
  2. Andy Johns

    Andy Johns

    Dont mean to sound rude or anything but have u brought the Kelly cars?
  3. Ryan Callan

    Ryan Callan

    Yes you need to buy the car before you can apply upgrades :)

    On the tyre subject, the default tyre for the AI at tracks not included in the track config (non-championship tracks) is the Control. What you select will not change that.
  4. paul280981


    Oh, ok. That i guess is going to help! So once I purchase the cars I can change the set up to the VEII for all of the AI commodores? Excellent. Thank you!
  5. still_bacon


    Not exactly.. The cars will default to the VEII in the later part of the season. Any early season races will stil be the VE
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