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  1. Turn1Hero


    Is there anyway to see or change the the tracks that are used for the championships in each of the car classes?
  2. Keith Windsor

    Keith Windsor

    You can edit them using notepad. Look at the rfm files in the rfm folder.
  3. Turn1Hero


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  4. juliel55


    You need to have the track location file the as in the rfm file, EG: Winton track had a gdb file in its locations file, this has to be exactly the same as this gdb file in the rfm file, just copy it from locations to rfm file in note pad. Hope this helps a bit
  5. Jarno Zurev

    Jarno Zurev

    One caveat to editing your .rfm files is that if you ever play online, you might be subject to a file mismatch and then won't be allowed to race. For example, if you edit the reiza10.rfm so that you can have a custom Formula V12 championship, then go online and race the Formula V12, you'll be automatically kicked due to a file mismatch. You could still race, say, the Formula Classic because you didn't edit its rfm file.

    One solution is to copy the whole rfm folder and keep it unedited and rename it. Then, when you play online, just rename both folders to make them suitable for online play and you won't have any mismatches.

    There is a much better solution, though. Use this tool: CTDP's ChampionShipManager NX 2.3. (For transparency's sake, I got that link from here.) This thing is great because you can more easily set up the exact championship you want.
    It will create an ".aos" file in your rfm folder that the game will see and apply to the appropriate class when you start a championship. Now you can have your custom championships without editing rfm files so you can race online, too, if you're into that.

    Still, the points calculation within the game is broken. There is another tool I use for that, so if you're interested in keeping a tidy record of what happened in your championship, I'll help you with that, too.

    If you still decide to edit the rfm files, you'll need to know what the game calls each track. The spoiler tag below contains the proper name of each of the Reiza tracks with the behind-the-scenes name in parentheses. That's what you'd use in the rfm.

    Bologna Historic (bolognahistoric)
    Brasilia 1 (Brasilia)
    Brasilia Full Course (BrasiliaAlt)
    Buenos Aires Circuito No 12 (BuenosAires12)
    Buenos Aires Circuito No 15 (BuenosAires15)
    Buenos Aires Circuito No 6 (BuenosAires)
    Buenos Aires Circuito No 8 (BuenosAires8)
    Campo Grande (CampoGrande)
    Caruaru (Caruaru)
    Cascavel (Cascavel)
    Cordoba (Cordoba)
    Curitiba 1 (curitiba)
    Curitiba Outer Circuit (curitibaalt)
    Floripa (floripa)
    Floripa kart 1 (floripakart)
    Floripa kart 2 (floripakart2)
    Floripa kart 3 (floripakart3)
    Floripa kart 4 (floripakart4)
    Goiania (Goiania)
    Granja Viana 1 (Granja1)
    Granja Viana 2 (Granja2)
    Granja Viana 3 (Granja3)
    Granja Viana 4 (Granja4)
    Granja Viana 5 (Granja5)
    Granja Viana 6 (Granja6)
    Guapore (Guapore)
    Interlagos 1 "Interlagos Cafe" (Interlagos1)
    Interlagos GP "Interlagos" (InterlagosGP)
    Interlagos Historic "Brazilian Grand Prix 1976" (Interlagos76)
    Interlagos Historic "Interlagos External Ring" (InterlagosOuter)
    Interlagos Historic "Interlagos Stock Car 1980" (Interlagossc80)
    Interlagos Kart 1 (InterlagosKart)
    Interlagos Kart 2 (InterlagosKart2)
    Interlagos Kart 3 (InterlagosKart3)
    Jacarepagua (Jacarepagua1)
    Jacarepagua 2005 (Jacarepagua2005)
    Jacarepagua Curva Sul (Jacarepagua2)
    Jacarepagua Historic (JacarepaguaHist)
    Jacarepagua Oval (JacarepaguaOval)
    Johannesburg Historic (JohannesburgHist)
    Kansai (Kansai)
    Kansai East (KansaiEast)
    Londrina (Londrina1)
    Londrina Kart 1 (LondrinaKart1)
    Londrina Kart 2 (LondrinaKart2)
    Londrina Kart 3 (LondrinaKart3)
    Londrina Long (Londrina2)
    Montreal (Montreal)
    Montreal Historic "Canadian Grand Prix 1988" (Montreal1988)
    Ortona Kart 1 (ortona1)
    Ortona Kart 2 (ortona2)
    Ortona Kart 3 (ortona3)
    Ortona Kart 4 (ortona4)
    Ribeirao Preto 2010 (RibeiraoStockCar)
    Ribeirao Preto 2012 (Ribeirao2012)
    Salvador (SalvadorStockCar)
    Santa Cruz do Sul (SantaCruz)
    Spielberg "Austrian Ring GP" (spielberg)
    Spielberg "Austrian Ring Short" (spielbergshort)
    Spielberg Historic "Austrian Ring Historic GP" (spielberghist)
    Spielberg Vintage "Austrian Ring Vintage GP" (spielbergvint)
    Taruma (Taruma)
    Velopark (Velopark2)
    Velopark 2010 (Velopark1)

    I hope this helps. Have fun.

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  6. Martin Larsen

    Martin Larsen

    But....does that work with stock car extreme? I thought that was for just rfactor?...
  7. Jarno Zurev

    Jarno Zurev

    Yes, it works with Stock car Extreme. I've been using it for a few months now.

    When you're selecting the class, it gives you the option to set up a multi-class championship, but that particular part of the app doesn't work with SCE. If, however, the class is divided into sub-classes (like the Sports Car GT 1970 mod), then you can still have multi-class racing.

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