Seems to be Hijacked [Mod edit: link removed]

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Jul 28, 2017
From here;
[Mod edit: link removed]

I clicked here just above the Barichello video;
[Mod edit: link removed]

From here I clicked on the Demo button;
[Mod edit: link removed]

ALL downloads link to [Mod edit: link removed]

Clicking on the Demo
[Mod edit: link removed]

Redirects to various Phishing sites, Survey sites, Scam sites some of which are known to deliver Malware such fake antivirus prompts, fake browser extensions, etc.

AND YES I wanted the 2012 Demo of GSC not any of the newer StockCar Exrtreme.

Mod edit: Could you please
1. avoid posting link to malware when you meet some...
2. Address your problems with Reiza at their official forum? (without the crappy links please...)
Just be aware that we are in 2019 now: it seems pretty normal to get today's games, and not the ones from 2012.
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