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sector times

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Michael Sharpe, May 31, 2007.

  1. Michael Sharpe

    Michael Sharpe

    does anyone else have this problem with sector times not adding up right?


    surely 26.708 + 1:07.727 = 1:34.435 :) real lap time is 1:36.132

    am I missing something?
  2. Paweł Surowy

    Paweł Surowy

    But those sector times are not supposed to be adding up :)
    What you see on the sector screen are times you had at the end of each sector. So: 26.708 is the time of your first sector, 1:07.727 is the time of 1st+2nd sector (time of second sector is: 1:07.727 - 26.708 = 41.019) and 1:36.132 is time after all 3 sectors (sectors 1+2+3). Sector 3 time is: 1:36.132 - 1:07.727 = 28.405 uff..
    Now adding all sectors: 26.708 + 41.019 + 28.405 = 1:36.132 -> hey it's your time :)

    omg sorry if it sounds too confusing, it's so late and I'm too tired to explain this easier :)
  3. Richard Johansson

    Richard Johansson

    hey there... your 26.708 time is S1, 1.07.727 is S2 and 1.36.132 is S3.. u dont and the first with second to get the time
  4. Maik Peters

    Maik Peters

    The clue :)

    Sorry.. but i think it was funny... Keep on driving MJS :D
  5. Michael Sharpe

    Michael Sharpe

    aah... thank you for the explanation. my bad to not get that :)

    it would be easier if they showed it like this ;)