Second Race Grid

Can someone explain how the second race grid is determined in GTR Evo/Race on? I usually qualify lower in the pack and finish mid pack. Three weeks in a row now, in club events, I have had the pole in race 2. Just wondering how I end up in that spot 3 in a row.

The top 8 finishers from the first race start in reverse order in the second race (winner starts in 8th, second place starts in 7th, ... , eighth place starts on the pole). The rest of the field starts race 2 in their finish position from race 1.

So you must be always finishing 8th in the first race.
Blair, here's my understanding, but I'm sure you'll get the right answer if I have a misunderstanding.

The first 8 finishers in race 1 determine the first 8 positions in race 2 in the reverse order that they finished race 1 (ie. 8th place in race 1 starts on the pole in race 2, 7th starts 2nd, 6th starts 3rd, etc down to the race 1 winner starting in 8th). The remainder of the field reflects the order they finished in race 1 (ie. 9th place finisher starts 9th in race 2, 10th starts 10th, etc).
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