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Tracks Sebring 12h [Deleted]

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thestrobe8 submitted a new resource:

Sebring 12h - International Raceway

Original Track: rF1
- By: The Lonely


Textures used with permission from SLN Updates
AIW by Greg Boundy
Timing Tower from Birmingham MP

Includes remodelled Turn 15-16
Complete rfactor shader updates - for DX7, 8 and 9
Texture updates based on SLN Textures used with permission
Bumps! They are realistic after feedback from driver Tom Milner who raced there last month!...

Read more about this resource...
Well, as one reviewer said, the version number of a software product is not necesarily indicitive of its development status.
I like new tracks and track variety in our Club - will try it and report back ,)

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
I just checked with TheLonely (@Alex Sawczuk) and he never got a request to authorize this conversion.

Why do you keep refusing to use normal real life standards @thestrobe8 and nicely ask first before taking somebody else their work?

Pretty sure if you contacted the creator you would have gotten a positive answer. But for the sake of normal human interaction this file is removed.

Seek permission first and re-upload it later if you wish.
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