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Seating position in game

Hey guys
Been playing around with the seat position in game and was wondeing if there is an accurate way to set this or do you just have to go with what "feels" right?

Iv been trying to line up the in game wheel with my g27 and then fine tuning from there.

Screenshot_20190715-091752_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20190715-091738_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20190715-091726_Video Player.jpg

Here are a couple pic, I sit about 30" away from triple monitors (22+24+24)
Do these look fairly accurate?



  • Screenshot_20190715-091752_Video Player.jpg
    Screenshot_20190715-091752_Video Player.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20190715-091738_Video Player.jpg
    Screenshot_20190715-091738_Video Player.jpg
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    Screenshot_20190715-091726_Video Player.jpg
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A good start for me is to align the seat to the driver eyes by using the two crosses (orange and blue) of the onboard settings app. you see when switching to external view. You can use the "look left" or "look right" shortcuts to superpose precisely the two crosses.

Then i use the arrows to be in front of the exact center of the in game wheel. You can use the control key to show a vertical guide on screen when back at the copckpit view for easy positioning.

Voilà, you have a clean and accurate base to work on. Usually a few clics on the up or down arrows and you're set.

But trying to align your wheel with the one in game is not allways possible with some cars (or FOV). So sometimes it's a matter of compromise.
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