Seat mover motion + Oculus Rift...+ translation head movement???

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Eckard Rolando, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Eckard Rolando

    Eckard Rolando

    Hey guys.

    Has anyone thought of this yet? The seat mover type of motion is the most common among sim racers using motion simulation rigs. It is also among the cheapest and easiest to obtain and setup.
    If you are like me, who's waiting impatiently for CV1, I'm sure you have thought of the VR and motion experience. Many have already tried this combo with the DK1 and even despite the well known faults with one of them being that it didn't have the translational tracking, it still must have been quite immersive.
    With the DK2 landing in the lucky hands of few who have ordered, and with all the improvements. One of those being translation tracking. My concern is of the perceived head movements in your VR cockpit.
    Lemme explain...For all the forces acting on your body racing IRL, your head remains in the same position (more-or-less) relative to the steering wheel. Yes, you might tuck your head into a turn but again, your head remains in front of the wheel. With some of the seat movers being used by these lucky bastards I see on Youtube, some of their settings, I think, are very extreme. The seat sometimes literally moves the head a good couple degrees from the normal position. How will this look in the rift? I imagine FOV's clipping into doors during turns and the wheel being all up in my face during braking.
    For me, the seat mover is the best option as far as value for money is concerned. You can really get it done cheap-ish. I would very much like to do it as soon as the pockets allow. I especially wanna do it for VR. I know for a fact that many are thinking of these same possibilities whether they materialize or not. I just wonder if anyone else has thought about this? And I also like talking about the rift. :)
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  2. Pucky Loucks

    Pucky Loucks

    I've thought about this a lot. I have saved up over the years for a stage1 (Simxperience) and G4Seat (which hasn't arrived yet) and I absolutely love the rift with the stage 1. I'm worried that with the new positional tracking it will completely destroy the VR experience. I hope it can be turned off, because I think we'll need it.
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  3. Death_Magnetic


    Gonna try dk2 with my GS-4 and with the d-box and with the gs-4 & d-box combo.
    My dk2 had arrived yesterday, now I just have to find the time to set it up.
  4. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    I thinkt you can put on/off all the fuctionality you want.
    You could always put headmovement or g -froces to 0%
  5. museumsteve


    I assume you will be able to turn off postitional tracking for the time being. I got my DK2 yesterday so hoping to get a racer working this week with my 2dof. I think Live for Speed could be among the first to get support for DK2
  6. RKip455

    Attack Life, its going to Kill you Anyway! Premium

    Next Level Racing motion unit is Top of the line for budget minded Sim Racers
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