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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 91 17.9%
  • Boots

    Votes: 20 3.9%
  • Gloves + Boots

    Votes: 49 9.6%
  • None

    Votes: 348 68.5%

Seat for Motedis Sim Rig S-Dream

Hey guys,

i have recently bought the Motedis Sim Rig S-Dream, but it not has shipped yet.

Nevertheless, I need a seat. Is there something that I should beware of or can I just get any seat? I don't care so much about the looks, but it should be comfortable to sit in it.

I don't really want to spend that much in the first place, so I was thinking of going something on Amazon, like the "Simoni Racing SRS/1N Sport Seat Jenson" for 166€. It looks decent enough for me but is there something like "nah, that can not be comfortable at that price!" and I shouldn't mind it?

Is there any benefit to go for something like the "SPEED3" from simlab or is it just the looks?
Hi, i'm also interested to know the same thing and i'm also considering the same seat.
I also have another question: it is necessary just to buy the seat? Are screws or any other component needed to mount the seat included in the s-dream or in the seat? If not, apart from the seat what we have to buy?
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