Season 9 - Sign Up Thread (open)

For all drivers interested to join us, even though we are close to our first league race now it is still possible and will be possible during the whole season to sign up and start mid season.
I cant guess what my health is going to be like from one moment to the next, so with carfull thought, its best i dont race tonight, and the league.
After collapsing last night because of my broken back issues, it was brough home to me just how vunerable i am, and trying to get up to peoples lap times to be prepared is hurting me.
Its nobodys fault except my own, i should know not to push my self so, i have been having problems for years now, but it is up to me to make sure im not going to do anymore damage to myself, so my place can go to someone else now.

Thank you for giving me the oppotunity, i hope the season goes well!
Alex, you are ofcourse welcome to join us :)

But as for everyone else we have a minimum drivers skill required to enter the race. What you need to do is to pratice stint online. As soon as you are able to do a stint (22min) without mistakes (relative even laptimes, avg +/- 1 sec roughly), let me know and I'll approve you for the race.

Spa is tonight, have you already practiced? If not it might not be time to get up to speed and thus be a good idea to focus on Monza instead.

Good luck :thumbsup: