Season 9 - Sign Up Thread (open)

A warm welcome first of to all drivers who have found the way to this thread and would like to sign up!​
Before signing up please ask yourself first if you're motivated enough to drive a whole season and not just a few races. This is to make sure that this league stays as consistent as it is and has been since its beginning.
1. Sign-up requirements
  • Be informed
In order to sign-up, it is necessary first of all to have understood all rules, general reference points and the race format for league races.
So please read and make sure you have understood all points in the New League Members (Presto GP explained) thread before signing up.

  • Be prepared
Even though good driving skills are not a requirement to become part of the league, it is necessary to ensure that every driver who joins the league can drive a race safely and consistently.

  • Become Member and post a time
It is necessary to sign up with your real name at
Quali lap times which are driven on Race07 PrestoGP servers with your real name will then be listed on
The final requirement is to post a time for the upcoming league race, this rule counts for all league drivers and will come into play before every league race. Only drivers who have posted a time will be licensed to take part in a league race.

2. Signing-up

Please confirm that you have understood all points by posting following text as a reply:
I want to sign up for the 9th season of the Presto GP Series and I have read and understood all league rules, reference points and the race format.

3. Provisional entry list
  1. Jonas Lex
  2. David Turnbull
  3. Sean Greenlaw
  4. Peter Marshall
  5. Kennett Yitalo
  6. Nicolai Nicholson
  7. Alfonso Clarke
  8. Andy Paries
  9. Chirlie Williams
  10. Anthony Ishak
  11. Thomas Cooke
  12. Marko Vuori
  13. Kevin Ledoux
  14. Dino Paolini
  15. Bob Luneski
  16. Jim Hawley
  17. Ron Squire
  18. Kurt Kjellin
  19. Bob Miley
  20. Reik Major
  21. Max Reed
  22. Victor Ivanov
  23. Szymon Olizarowicz
  24. Eliezer Bartik
  25. Valerio Vinassa
  26. Nicolas Rouge
  27. Vincenzo Cavaliere
  28. Valter Östman
  29. Tim McIver
  30. Henrik Jordfald Olsen
  31. Dale Suttie
  32. Carl Hughes
Green = Last season driver
Blue = Registered time at