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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

  2. Kennett Ylitalo

    Kennett Ylitalo

    Not much to report.

    Qualy: Messed up in Ascari, lost good 1sec. Not good but adequate.

    Race. Fair enough start, didn't gain anything. I noticed in the practice races that my car almost stalled, the speed dropped so low. monza has notorious concertino effect, i am not complaining. Had to dip the clutch but everyone seemed to get thru nicely. I had heavy fuel, heaviest i've ever done, 100 liters with mediums. I knew that the first ten laps will be really slow so took them accordingly. Delta times proved to be a good tool, easy to keep pace consistent. But more on that later.

    On lap 13 or so, i got a rear lockup in T1. I tried to adjust brake balance, rear brakes were too cool before T1 so front got overheated and gave away. I clicked couple of clicks to rear and planned to do longer braking with more throttle on Roggia (2nd chicane) to warm them up in one move. Didn't help, as soon as i lift brake and start leveling the car, the rear snapped off, suspension damage to front. Should've listened to reason and do it the safe way: click balance to front for the next corner and think the situation again after Lesmo.... The car was too unstable to drive 8 laps to target pitstop on lap 21. Pitted and put more fuel and mediums again, plan was to go as far as there is fuel. First lap out, still warming the tires and got distracted by the chatter, lost it in Lesmo 2 curb, spun to the wall, rear suspension damage. I had to wait the whole field to lap me, luckily after the spin the next car noticed me soon enough and after he had passed i reversed off track. I waited.. and waited.. Whole field lapped me. Tested the cars damage if it was even remotely possible to drive until the end, i planned to be lapped 3 more times but make it in the finish line.. I need every point, can't afford to have any DNFs.. Too much damage, not undriveable but i lost additional 2 seconds a lap, steering wheel off center.. I retired in anger. 2nd DNF n 3 races, i think my employer wants to have a word...

    Pretty gutted, my tactic was working fine and i had the option ready to do one stopper depending on the situation on track: one stop if there's short enough) gap to main pack or if there's accidents or other lucky/unlucky situations to stop twice with super softs at the end. Delta time display is good for me, i don't need that vehicle in front of me anymore to show the pace.

    Return to two week interval is welcomed, this was quite a streak... Harder to find time now that i got my days full combined with additional physical/mental stress that i didn't have before.. I'll spend this time doing more corner specific practice during stints, no need to do so much qualy runs now, i'll start with half race trim, 40-50l and softs/mediums.

    See you all in Singapore, that'll be more traditional track. We've had second tightest track, the most elevation and the most straightline speed so far. ^Singapore is good ole Tilke track^ , a bit boring but designed for the purpose.
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  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    may be somewhere there is write: Vale this season is not your season.
    First 2 race problem with mod/Steam pc etc.. this race PC turn off:mad:
    Q last place
    Race I was on my pace behind Alfonso battle for 16/17 place and push for catch him but around lap 22 or 24 dont remember PC turn off Im much sorrow( in Italian language I say other thing :D) was funny my race and pace and was thinking ok this time all is well and finish the race hahahaha illusion.

    Congratulations all finishers
    Thanks PrestoGP for event

    C u on next track
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  4. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    Congratulations Reik, Sean, and now I am not quite sure, Tim or Dino.

    Q 14th. Checked my replay and it was a clean and disappointing lap.

    R 13th. The bump before turn one bent my steering. This knocked both a bit of speed and confidence out of me, but I endured 15 laps until thought that's enough of that. :)

    After my first stop [repairs], it took a few laps to re-learn the car but was indeed much much better. I was in clear air for most of the rest of the race.

    Lap 41, I let Tim past and tucked in behind looking an opportunity to close up on Valter. Coming out Parabolica I had the tow and went to the inside for a "game of chicken" down to Turn 1. :) It worked out better for me than Valter and that was my one 'competitive pass' for the race.

    Thank you all. I hope your races went well too.
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  5. Marko Vuori

    Marko Vuori

    Grats Reik, Sean and Tim!

    Qualifying: 1:20.307 (7th)

    Race: (5th)

    I adopted one stop strategy, with soft compound and 100L+90L of fuel.

    I got a very good start and rose to P5 in turn 1. After that Chirlie started to put pressure on me, and was really close of getting past during the first laps. On lap 3 we had a slight touch at T1, but it did not bother our fight and I still stayed ahead. On lap 6 Chirlie made successful attempt to overtake me in the braking for second chicane. Slight touch there again, but no harm for either of us. Just good fighting. For a couple of laps after that Vincenzo was pressuring me heavily, but could not make a pass.

    Laps 19-22 I was leading the race. Then Sean and Reik with fresh tyres overtook me easily. On lap 24 I had my only pit stop, which went pretty well. I dropped to P9 though, and now with heavy load of fuel again. I quickly dropped further back as Eliezer and Nicolai got past, and on lap 29 I made an unforced mistake at second chicane, which resulted in 180 degree spin, dropping me to P11. This is when Anthony got behind me and the rest of the race was just about keeping him behind me, and watching as position indicator would show me rising as others were pitting. The gap to Anthony stayed between 1.5 to 3.5 seconds through laps 29 until we finished on lap 49.

    Conclusion: Some good fighting this time. This race restored my faith in simracing, as I had a pile of misfortuned practice races in recent past. I made one big mistake, which cost me maybe 10 seconds, but that did not change my position at the end of the day. Now there is a two-week pause in the series, and I should use it to find some more speed :)

    Thanks to Presto GP and affiliates! See you at Singapore!
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  6. Eliezer Bartik

    Eliezer Bartik

    AH Got the pace but paid the price for not having a good practice. breaks balance made me spun 4 or 5 times, some of them on good fights.
    Late in race change it far front (60-40), no spun anymore, so stupid why I didn’t change it earlier.
    Had some good fights ( took extra*2 caution after Anthony J )
    Thanks you for another fun event and all that making it happened
    C U all On track
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  7. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson


    Replay and resultfiles are at mydrive.ch

    Qualify: 1:21,039 (12th)
    I had not practice qualify at all, but still did a disappoint lap. I haven't checked for cuts or wides yet, but I am quite sure there is non of that.

    Race: ss/s 65 liters, ss/s 60 liters, ss/s 60 liters, 7th place

    I got a little smack on my ass from Peter in the constantina effect into t1 that damaged my suspension. I went off track between the Lesmo's and let most pass me before re-entring. Then I used a few laps to regain the feel and trust in the car.

    After this I had a good race and passed a good handfull of cars (but it was not easy to stay close enough in parabolica to make a pass on the s/f).

    Pitting after 16 laps I missed my pit with 1 meter or so. It was still accepted by my crew, but they waited 5 seconds before starting to work on my car. In addition, they spent maybe 10 seconds repairing my car.

    In stint 2 and 3 everything went well, I had some good battles with Chirlie, Anthony, Eliezer and David. I think Anthony was the only one I passed not due to a spin (the 3 others spun in front of me eventually).

    David in particular I was hunting for a long time, it must have been 10 laps or so in his slip stream, but I was not able to pass until he spun in t1. I was forced to go on his outside to avoif contact (I was not aware/can't remember that I clipped you David, but I have no problem believing it). Either way, I took the escape road to avoid creating a situation for those behind.

    Towards the end of the race I was 8th (after passing David) and I was 6-7 sec behind Nicolas. With less than 2 laps to go I saw that I was cathing him quickly, and I suspected he was on a 1 stopper and was struggling with tyres.

    Exiting Ascari on the last lap I was less than 2 seconds behind and still catching quickly, so I was aiming for his slip stream and was hoping I would make it. As we got closer to Parabolica I realised Nicolas was much slower than me, and I had to chose a side as braking was too late. I do not remember the details, but I ended up going for the inside where there was no room, I hit Nicolas hard and felt my heart drop like a stone. I started driving slow to let Nicolas past me again but realised he was not comming, not quickly enough at any rate. I drove past the finsih line and went into garage to see how he was doing. i could see him crawling towards the finish line on the last fumes of fuel.

    It was a good race for me with many battles, I will look further into my incident with Nicolas to see if there is anything to be learned from it :)

    Grats to Reik, Sean, Tim, Dino, Marko, Anthony and the rest of the finsihers :)
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  8. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    Q: It was a solid lap, with just a bit of a slow line in sector 1, about 6 tenths behind my pb for p4

    R: My first stint was horrible in all aspects. Bad start in which I lost about 4 or 5 places. Then I got held up big time lap after lap because I couldn't find a way to pass anyone. Lost between 1 and 2 seconds on every lap to what I could have done ;(
    On top of that when I actually tried to pass Vincenzo, after having somewhat momentum out of the slipstream (somehow my straightline speed was too slow overall), I created the incident with him :sick: Now I was also driving around with a horrible feeling...

    When my only pitstop approached I was near Marco and I pitted 1 lap after him. Rounding up the terrible first stint I also overshot my pitbox by a lot and I had to reverse for a big part.

    Second stint started with 1 or 2 mistakes when I almost lost my car under braking on the chicane, but shorty after that Marco had a moment, also on the chicane and I got through.

    Then for the last 20 or 25 minutes I could drive with my normal pace. Pretty much every single lap was massively faster than on the first half of the race and I came through without further mistakes.

    -> q: 4th / r: 4th

    Overall a bad race, except for the last 20 minutes, with all the lost time before that, but mainly because of the incident.

    cu guys next time
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  9. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats to Reik, Sean and Tim.
    Thanks all for a fun race.
    Well done survivors.

    Q: 13th.

    R: 14th
    The start was very good for me. I gave Eliezer a little tap in Rettifilo, but he could go on in his line so I guess it was rather light, sorry anyway Eliezer.

    First stint was fantastic. I had a swarm of cars around me. I was so happy driving amongst Nicolai, Nicolas, Kurt, Peter and Anthony during the first stint.

    Lap 16 pitstop with Nicolai. He came out first. I could almost follow the swift Norwegian youngster, but finally I lost sight of him on lap 26.

    Lap 28 a bit of bad luck in my chase. Dino comes out of pits with cold tires and a lot of fuel in the tank. I had to cruise behind for a couple of laps, my strategy was bad and his was fine, that’s life.

    Lap33/34 Kurt overtakes me in the second pitstop. I overshot the spot and had to reverse. Silly me.

    On lap 42 I had too much brake power in rear and lose control of the car in braking for Rettifilo. The car goes to the right in front of Peter who is in the middle of a very elegant overtaking manoeuvre on my inside. Sorry, sorry, sorry Peter.

    I had a very good time driving this race.
    Thanks to Nicolai and everybody else involved in making it all happen.

    CU on the street track guys

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  10. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    I'm not certain that I would have successfully completed the pass on you Valter, without your car "getting away" from you. I was anticipating that you would keep the apex for turn 2 and your position. Anyway, I was a little bit disappointed that out battle was cut short as it took me nearly an hour of racing to catch up to you.:thumbsup:
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  11. Anthony Ishak

    Anthony Ishak

    Q: 8th..1:20,3

    R: 6th

    Setup: Reik updated 2012 version, a very stiff Setup but it was a great pleasure to drive it , perfect car handling, thanks Reik .

    strategy: 1 stop... 25 laps 106 litres soft, 25 laps 106 litters soft .. i finished with 17 litres left in the tank..

    my start was good but lost a position to Vince who passed "us" in T1.. after clearing T1 the race got full of action on track, with a very heavy car i first tried to hard to defend many attacks from Elizer who was behind me for around 9 laps with great fight , Elizer span at T1 while trying to pass me then after that i had nice fight with Valter , Nicolas, David T, Nicolas and David passed me , then i had Nicolai for couple of laps then he pitted ( i do not remember you passed me Nico, i guess u passed Peter on lap 9 ) , then came Tim for couple of laps before i went to pit on lap 25.

    out of pit with heavy car again pushing hard to gain some time to the 2 stopper guys and by lap 34 i was in 6th with Marko in front and Nicolas behind, , i really pushed hard for 15 laps to try to catch Marko and to keep Nicolas behind but Nicolas, me and Marko were doing the same lap time and the gap stayed the same for the rest of the race, it was great fun guys , i enjoyed this race a lot :)...

    Grats to Reik, Sean, Tim, and to all finishers.. thank you Nico for this great league :)..
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  12. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Qual (P5)– My lap wasn’t the best but I was trying to play it fairly safe and make sure I was in the top 4. 5 was no disaster.

    Race (P3) – I got a very good start from 5th and found myself challenging for 2nd into T1. Sean shut the door very firmly. I had thought that on lap 1 he might leave a little more room but all good. From there if it could go wrong, it did go wrong. I’m still not sure how I managed to finish in 3rd.

    On lap 2 David had a run up the inside into ascari. I held the outside, David held the inside but the kerb turned him around. I managed to miss his spinning car but from that moment I was very worried about how it looked from his end and whether there had been a sync issue. After checking the replay, i’m pretty sure I was innocent.

    From there I sat in 3rd and was maintaining the gap reasonably to Sean in front though Reik had got away a bit. Soon a puff of smoke and Sean was past Reik who seemed to have had some issues through ascari.

    Just when I thought things had settled down I felt a screw in my brake pedal that I don’t normally feel. Soon after it popped out. The faceplate of the brake then rotated 180 degrees and was hanging loosly off the pedal. From that point on my braking was not good, everything just felt different.

    I stopped after lap 16 planning to do 3 identical stints on Supersofts. Middle stint was quite dull, I was trying to work out how quickly I could reattach the brake, and see if I could see if there was a screw driver nearby. I ended up thinking better of that idea. I would just push on to the end.

    A couple of laps into the 3rd stint I noticed my engine wasn’t sounding right at the end of the straight. A quick check of Real time telemetry showed full throttle to be modulating between 91% and 100%. Could I really lose 2 pedals with unrelated problems? I had a bit of a gap to Dino in 4th but it became an increasely worrying problem as people were letting me lap them on the straight but I wasn’t sure I could stay ahead of them.

    After coming to terms with this problem I did a couple of calculations and suddenly realised that three 16 lap stint weren’t going to get me to the end of the race. With 4 laps left I had to find an extra half a lap worth of fuel. I started short shifting and laying off the throttle at the top of 7th. Luckily the 20 seconds I had back to Dino were just enough to reduce fuel consumption and maintain 3rd.

    I have some work to do on my rig.

    Conrats to Reik and Sean. And of course a big get well soon to Jonas.

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  13. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Reik for another great win ! :thumbsup: Tim and all finishers thanks guys !

    Q: 3rd not to bad i made small mistake 2nd chicane i broke to deep cost some time.
    R: 2nd 68 68 68 softs ended with 2+ laps extra

    I got a good start and was right behind Reik but not close enough to attempt to outbrake, i checked mirrors and Tim was about 2 car lengths behind so i just broke safely into t1 to follow Reik, I thought Tim was to far behind to even attempt outbraking me especially on lap 1 so didnt expect him to put his car there, but i never noticed the small contact in race anyway so all good :thumbsup:.
    Reik was steadily increasing his lead and i was pulling away from Tim. I think it was lap 12 when Reik made his 1 and only mistake exit of ascari and i managed to get passed.
    Reik was always right behind 1 sec or so and i pitted lap 17 Reik stayed out so i knew it be close on his pit and i was just ahead when he exited really exciting stuff :).
    We then had Marko and Dino ahead on us on one stoppers i knew i had to get the passed and nice and clean with Reik right behind but i also think Marko and Dino were to concentrating on there race we did have alot better braking with new tires at the time also but was great racing. I managed to keep lead for a while and was some lapping also with Reik always right there behind i have to say everyone really did good job :thumbsup: and were extra helpfull at times letting me and Reik through at same time.
    Anyway lap 34 :( me and Reik pit at same time and i lock up trying to be to late and have to reverse some, i exit and gap to Reik is now 3/4 secs arg lol :giggle: . I put slight to much fuel in last stint and Reik was again with ahead pulling a slight gap and ended 7 secs, so i think even if id held positon last pit Reik may have still passed me but was glad i could give Reik a little abit of a race for a while :thumbsup:

    Thanks RD and Nico ! cyas on servers :thumbsup:
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  14. Chirlie Williams

    Chirlie Williams

    sorry im abit late :(
    Q - 6th

    R - started off ok made my way to 4th but had to pit early which put me out 3rd last. so had to make my way back threw at same time having to defend against Davie and Nico but i buckled and spun out :redface: i ended race 10th which i wasnt pleased with as i thought i could have done better if i stayed out longer 1st stint , but you live and learn lol.

    cyas at singapore :thumbsup:
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  15. Henrik Jordfald Olsen

    Henrik Jordfald Olsen

    Q: 16th

    R: Was too passive in breaking into T1 as I did not want to be caught up in a crash - but I came to a dead stop as people crashed in front of me. Out of T1 I was 18th.
    Drove a very safe race as I wanted to stay "clean" throughout.Top position was 8th on lap 16.

    I did a 1 stopper and lost some time during that 1 stop as I had forgotten to map pit-keys after fresh install of the game.

    My race was very uneventful. With no big mistakes.
    Being only lapped by 4 drivers was a huge improvement for me.

    Ended race at 15th which was according to my goal, had I pushed hard I might have ended higher up, but my goal was to stay consistent - and that I was.
    Ended race with +20 l of fuel, so I must try to be better at this in the coming races.
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  16. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    qualifying - 2nd, very happy with the lap reik was out of reach though.

    race - 9th, started badly and was overtaken by sean and tim into turn 1, from there we stayed until i got a good run from lesmo 2 on lap 2 and tried up the inside of tim, at the time i was shocked that tim was able to brake so late on the outside and i came down the gears abit too fast and locked up the rear, spun out and ended up at the very back of the field :( had another great race with plenty of overtakes but as is common occurance this season it was ruined by a stupid incident with valter, no need to get back into here but both of us learned from it and its in the past, had some great fights with chirlie, nico and others for a lot of laps and ended up in 9th position.

    great race all.
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  17. Alfonso Clarke

    Alfonso Clarke

    sorry for late report was working weekend.


    Race: T1 i slightly touch petter due to your sudden stop, sorry petter, end up 16th then start to see nico in my mirror :O_o: but i had good pace so i start to push to try get a gap between us but a slight mistake :( lost 2 place's but make them back with 1 pass & the other due to someone spining off track, then things start to get better got to 9th before i make my first pit lap17 but then come out 16th which i stay in till end of race :D Grats to top 3:thumbsup: cya's all next race ;)

    P.s Lap42 lose front wing & i pit but only for suspension damage because thats was the only thing that come up on screen, so last 4 laps i had to front wing but car run fine :D
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  18. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Sorry for being so late for my report, I was very busy lately.

    Q 11
    0.2 off my PB, not bad for me who is usually slow in Q

    R 8
    I was very happy with my pace, something I had worked almost exclusively before the race.Thanks to Reik I had a very good 1 stopper setup, with super-soft at the front and soft at the rear.
    After a rather good start, I kept my Q position behind Eliezer but made a mistake at the chicane Rettefilio in lap 2 and Valter passed me. One lap later I could pass him at the braking of Rettefilio and was chasing Eliezer again and could see him fighting with Anthony. He surprised me at the braking of Rettefilio on lap 7 and I was forced to go in the grass, Valter passing me again. I passed Valter again on lap 10, and then Anthony one lap later. At lap 18 there was a misunderstanding when I lapped Dale (see incident report) and I was forced to cut the chicane, letting Anthony pass me.
    At lap 22 Tim was faster than me and joined me after Ascari. We made the straight after Ascari, the parabolica, and the main straight side to side, but he had fresh tires and I could not defend myself at rettefilio. I pitted at the end of lap 23 and was for most of the second stint pretty much alone on the track, making distant battles with Anthony at the front and a group with Nicolai, David and Chirlie at the back.
    I then begun to realize that I was short of fuel (about 2 liters) and I knew I would have to reduce my pace for the last 2 laps, so I pushed enough not to be lapped, hoping that the pilots behind would be lapped. Unfortunately, Nicolai wasn't lapped at the end, and since I was very slow for my final lap, he passed me easily. There was a small contact when he passed at Parabolica, but it's entirely my fault. I almost did a DNF since I passed the finish line at less than 20kph with a stopped engine.

    Thanks everyone for this great race on this not very great track :) CU at Singapoore
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