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Season 8 Rules And Regulations

Discussion in 'PS4 | Thursday Night GT Championship' started by Adam Morris, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Adam Morris

    Adam Morris
    (TNGTC) #64 M3 GT3 - Bangers And Smash GT


    Welcome to the Sign-up And Rules & Regulations thread of the TNGTC!

    Every driver is expected to have read these rules, because they safeguard the quality and driving standard of the league. We have tried to provide a clear and relatively short set of rules that cover most of the situations in which the organizers, teams and drivers can get involved in.

    Sign-Up Layout

    .Car Choice With Number
    .Wheel Or Controller
    .Team Name And Teammates (If Possible)


    1.0 GENERAL

    1.1 Drivers must respect the rules and regulations and strive to keep them
    1.2 Drivers that break the rules are subject to be penalized by the stewards / organizers.
    1.3 If a situation is not covered by the Rules & Regulations the organizers decide how it must be dealt with.


    Feature Race - 40 minutes (Lap count decided based on lap times)
    20 minute qualify session
    Flags and penalties = off
    Assists : Authentic
    Weather Determined Live Via the Met Office
    Drivers that Disconnect (without proof) or "Rage Quit" may not take part in Sprint race Qualifying

    Sprint Race - 20 mins (Lap count is half of feature distance)
    15 minute qualify session - Top 5 finishers in feature race are not allowed to qualify. As well as any disconnected (without proof) or Session leaving drivers
    Flags and penalties = off
    Assists - Authentic
    Weather Determined Live Via the Met Office


    Adam Morris - Head Organizer
    Co-Organizer - Frank Finch


    Gareth Williams - Points Table
    Liam McEwan (Dave) - Race Threads
    Benji - Race Highlights / Host


    Thomas While
    Adel Elysed


    Championship standings & Graphics: Gareth Williams
    Race Threads : Liam McEwan (Dave)
    Race Highlight Videos : Benjamin McCluskey
    Facebook : Frank Finch
    Twitter : Frank Finch
    Race Broadcaster : Frank Finch


    2.1 Drivers are required to have a forum account.
    2.2 Drivers are responsible to keep themselves updated with information and announcements on the forum.
    2.3 Drivers are not allowed to start a new thread unless they have permission from the organizers to do so.
    2.4 Drivers must be respectful to other drivers in any form of communication.
    2.5 Drivers must respect any request by the staff for “banter” to cease.
    2.6 Drivers need to inform the organizer if they are unable to make it to a league race. If you wish to use a “stand in or wildcard driver” they must be approved by the league organisers and will only score TEAM POINTS
    2.7 Drivers need to inform the organizer if they disconnect during a session.
    2.8 Drivers are subject to the strike system if they miss a race without any notice given.
    2.9 Drivers have the right to report a driver if they think the rules are violated. *
    2.10 Drivers are not allowed to post their opinions on steward inquiries or steward decisions on the public forum. Opinions can be shared and explanation can be requested in a private message.
    * See the stewarding thread for further instructions.


    3.1 Drivers have to prepare themselves well for a league race.
    3.2 Drivers have to know the track well enough to cleanly drive the ideal line.
    3.3 Drivers have to be able to overtake and be overtaken without causing an accident.
    3.4 Drivers have to have enough control of the car to drive a series of clean laps on a reasonable pace.
    3.5 Drivers must adopt a clean driving style through which they always try to avoid contact with others.

    4.0 SESSION

    4.1 The host will wait a maximum of 10 minutes in the lobby for anyone who is late before starting the race
    4.2 If 5 drivers disconnect or the session host on his own, before the start of the race, the session will be restarted once. If this is before the race and after Qualifying we will run a 5 minute Qualifying session followed by a formation lap which drivers must form up in the original Qualifying order
    4.3 The session may be postponed due to server maintenance or if there are less than 10 drivers in attendance.
    4.4 Rules for lag incidents
    a. A race that has gone half distance or more full points awarded Results taken from last clean lap
    b.Below half distance but before quarter distance result stands but half points awarded from last clean lap
    c. Below Quarter distance full Race restart
    4.5 Mandatory Pit Stop for tyres (All 4 Must Be Changed)
    a. A pit stop is required in the feature race, during that stop, you are required to take a change of tyres(not compounds) remembering that you must change all 4 tyres. Fuel is not required.
    b. No pit stop is required for sprint race.
    4.6 Qualifying
    a. In Qualifying If There Is A Driver Running Behind You With Their Lights On This Means They Are On A Lap And You Must Get Out Off The Way Imeiadiatly Unless You Are On A Lap Yourself.
    b. On A Out-Lap Or In-Lap During Qualifying You Must Run With Your Lights Off So All Drivers Are Aware Than You Are Not On A Lap And That You Will Move For Them When Required.


    5.1 Drivers must respect other drivers and understand the limitations of their own and other cars.
    5.2 Drivers must respect the track and remain within the track boundaries(kerbs) with at least two wheels at all times.
    5.3 Minor violations of cutting or extending are tolerated, but excessive violation will be penalized.
    5.4 Drivers are not allowed to cross the white line during pit exit.
    5.5 Drivers must respect the right of way on track and judge space accordingly when someone exits the pits.
    5.6 Drivers are not allowed to push cars out of the way in order to overtake them or
    5.7 Drivers must be patient and only attempt a pass when there is a high chance that contact can be avoided.
    5.8 Divers need to be at least halfway alongside the defending car before turn-in or in, to be allowed to overtake. This is applicable for straights as well
    5.9 Drivers are allowed to defend their position by changing lines once per straight
    5.10 Drivers who run wide and off the track, must rejoin the track safely, parallel to the direction of the circuit.
    5.11 Drivers must show good sportsmanship and give the position back, if contact is made and they are at fault.

    6.0 FLAGS

    6.1 Blue flag condition
    If You Are Being Lapped During A Race And The Car Behind Is Flashing Their Lights On Approach You Must Get Out Of Their Way Immediately In The Safest Manner Possible (Off The Racing Line) If You Then Hold That Driver Up, Or Fight that Driver Forcing Them To Have To Overtake You, The Incident Will Be Reviewed And You Will Be Penalised Accordingly.

    7.2 Drivers must finish in order to score points. However any driver that disconnects on the final lap will be subject to a driver vote to see if they keep the position they had at the time of the disconnect FINAL LAP ONLY
    7.3 Drivers are not able to drop races, all race results count towards the season total
    7.4 If two or more drivers are on even points, the order goes by highest race finish.


    9.1 Drivers are allowed to create teams of two drivers only.
    9.2 Drivers in a team do not have to be in the same car
    9.3 Teams are allowed once name change per season.
    9.4 Team cars where possible should be the same base colour


    By entering in a Race Department league the driver accepts the following terms;

    Race Department can and may expose the name of the teams, team owners and drivers, as well as their cars and liveries in live broadcasts, preview and review movies, screenshots, articles, news items and league-related posts publicly on the website and forum.

    To confirm that you have read and understood the rules and regulations, click "Like" below.

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