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Season 8 - Information

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Jonas Lex, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Jonas Lex

    Jonas Lex

    Next GP
    Season 9 is currently in preperation
    more info soon to come​

    League Website PrestoGP.com
    League Admin Nicolai Nicholson
    Game required Race 07
    All cars in this mod have the same technical data, so car choice has no influence on racing performance.
    Other downloads required
    GP Replays, Result files and the Skinpack can downloaded from here
    once you are approved to drive in the league.
    Game settings
    Forced Cockpit View: On
    Driving helps: All off except Automatic clutch
    Weather: Changeable (see point "Weather")
    Start mode: Standing
    Superpole: On
    Damage Sensitivity: 70%
    Mechanical Failure: Off
    Flag Rules: None (i.e. no pit limit, cutting is still prohibited)
    Welcome to Presto GP
    The Presto GP Formula Racing series is one of the most advanced formula simracing leagues of the world.
    It was started in 2008 and is currently in the 8th season.
    3 to 7 public practise servers are provided at all time as well as recording of all qualifying lap times.
    Lap times can be reviewed on the Presto GP league website.
    For this seasons race calendar we decided to regard the 2 week break between each GP more than a synchronisation with the real F1 calendar.
    That means that only 2 GPs the Malaysian and the Bahrain GP will go by the F1 2012 season.
    Session Info
    All times are in British Time.
    Notice the Clock Change in Britain to Summer Time on 25th of March,
    depending on where you live this may affect the start times for you.
    To be sure not to miss a race see the Countdown Timer at the beginning of this post
    or the current British Time above.
    19:00 Free Practise
    20:00 3 Practise Starts + Pit Stop Test
    20:10 Superpole Qualifying
    20:15 Warmup
    20:20 Race (~ 70 minutes)
    It is possible that the duration of the race is much longer in case of rain.
    Customized car skins are not mandatory but are always welcome :)
    Liveries can be changed any time during the season.
    See the Skin thread for further information on how to create skins.
    Standings and Points
    Current standings of the Drivers Championship can be found here.
    Season 8 does not include a Team Championship.
    All Drivers who finish a Grand Prix score points towards the Drivers Championship,
    according to the following scale:
    Presto GP does not make any use of a penalty system, each driver is expected to behave responsibly at all time.
    Incidents are analized after each race involving all drivers in order to get a learning effect for everyone.
    Should a driver not stick to the Racing Guidelines he will either receive a warning, or, in serious or repeated cases,
    be banned from the league.
    Each session of a Grand Prix is run with customized weather created by our weather guru Daniel Hansson.
    Daniel will post 2 weather forecasts for every Grand Prix.
    The first forecast will be posted 1 week and the second 1 day before the race.
    Drivers can use this information to decide wether they want to gamble and only practise for a dry race
    or play it safe and practise for both dry and wet conditions.
    On this graph you can see the required tires for the different levels of humidity:
    Presto GP relies on consistent drivers.
    Before you sign up make sure that you are available for most of the racing dates.
    Should you be unable to make it for one of the races please give notice in the forum as soon as possible.
    Sign-ups are possible at any time between as well as during seasons.
    Applicants usually have to run through a testing period before getting the green light to drive a league race.
    See the New league members thread for further information.
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  2. Jonas Lex

    Jonas Lex

    Dont post in this thread please, use the General Discussion thread instead :)
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