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Season 7-Race8-Interlagos RACE report

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Big mistake 1st turn in quali but I knew that in race have a good setup .I think that this race for me is one of better race that I have done great battle with Valter,Bob,Kurt,Nicolas 2 or 3 laps with Nicolai behind me fun Jim that put pressure o god nice race, really. Only some lag but in first laps and before my 1st pit a freeezzzzeee not good but no damage in lap 49 or 50 Colossus ( of Rodi :D ) freezzee at S Senna with speed of 1 frame 1,5sec. lost my contact with Kurt Valter and David T after this on map no one blue point so I tried to do 2 laps but nothing I saw received only Blue flag but I dont see cars on track I think desconnections GRRRRRR pres ESC and damnnnn....

    Congrats winner ( Gaetano?) and all drivers C U next time:)

    Thanks PrestoGP for event
  2. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    Congratulations Helder, Sean and Gaetano!

    Q 18th. No idea why I drove so relaxed [slow]

    R 9th. Much excitment. :) First pit-in was interesting; I felt sorry for you David. :(. Nico passed me three times at turn 1. :) Jim only needed to do it once (J).

    Thank you all. more latter maybe in vid form.
  3. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    Ok quali in 15th, wasnt expecting much from the quali setup, couldnt get it working the way i to drive with in the first lap.

    Finished 13th, made two spins and in my first stop had a extra minute as i couldnt get the car restarted (AGAIN) :( so that put me back and had a 3 stop strategy that didnt work out either.

    thank you though for the battles i did have was good fun
  4. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Q : 12th very near my PB from last year.

    R : DNF a very bad race!
    Strategy : started with mediums and 90l fuel, hoped to make a long first stint, and stopping 2 times for meds and 50l fuel, but that went wrong :( .
    Lap 1 / T1 : a mess (see incident report) but I managed to lose only 1 position. In lap 2 / T1 Anthony passed me but I managed to win back my place in the S. I then went too wide in Curva do Lago and Anthony passed me definitively.
    Lap 7 / Curva do Lago : nVidia freeze just when Nicolai tried to overtake me, entering the braking zone. Lost 5 positions, almost 6 because I reentered the track under Valter's nose.
    Lap 8 / Curva do Laranjinha : braked too late and Valter got me.
    Lap 15 / Curva do Laranjinha : went too wide, accelerated on the kerb, spun, lost my front wing and gained the last position. So I pitted to repair, changed my tires and added 50l of fuel. I exited the pits quite badly since I spun there, and lost again some seconds. I wasn't expecting much for the rest of the race, and tried not to finish last.
    I joined Bob at lap 21 and battled with him for the 16th place. I passed him at the S in lap 23, but at lap 25 in Bico de Pato I got another nVidia freeze and was back some seconds behind him.
    Lap 31 : spun at Junçao, Vincenzo couldn't avoid me and hit me, and then I was blocked in the kerb. Exited since I was in the way of other cars and couldn't quickly unblock my car.:(

    I'll do my best to be quicker and better next time. CU on track!
  5. Bob Laube

    Bob Laube

    Congratulations Helder, Sean and Gaetano!

    Thx for funny race from lap 3 to 17 with Kurt in front and Vale in back of me :)

    CU on track :)
  6. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    I had a great race, although two incidents and 2x lapping problems made it less rewarding in terms of positions.

    I'm going to make a race summary video that will tell my story. But looking at the replay I had a lot of close battles, espescially with Jim whom I was fighting throughout the race. And the passing of Nicolas, I was so afraid I had ended his race, because I went for an inside move in Curva do Lago, and when I had completed the move he was gone from my mirrors. i worried throughout the race that I had ended Nicolas' race, so I am "happy to see" that it was a freeze.

    Congratulations to Helder for winning his first race and grats to all finishers!

    The results are posted and the replays are uploading as I write.
  7. Helder Filipe

    Helder Filipe

    Well this was a super race for me, one of the best I've ever done in SIMRACING...
    speaking first, my qualifying lap was rapid but always with the thought of caution not to make any kind of error, so, I got the 2nd place with +0.025s David did a beautiful pole in a close qualifying session between the first 5 positions, was just an appetizer for a super-race. :)
    beginning of the race starting cautiously trying to avoid errors managed to escape a possible confusion and normal in T1, but in the output of the Senna S I accelerated too early and my "Mercedes" shook :D and lost some places, then followed by some crazy laps between the front drivers, and the race, never calmed :eek: came the first stops in the pit, and I had difficulty at the end of the 1st stint with the softs I thought about switching to medium tyres to try to benefit after the end of the stint hoping not notice the difference in a race because we were very hot and close to each other but I lost some time in the pit by changing the settings around 6 / 8 seconds from there I noticed that the idea would bad losing time lap by lap then i kept a fresh head and I was taking the car in the hope that the medium tyres would give me some feedback at the end of turn, but it never happened...before the second stop, saw David in trouble, had a screening as soon following makes a stop early and tries to save his race, in front of me the first 3 come back together, and we stopped in the pit for the second time, I returned to softs and out in front of Sean, and behind Tim and Gaetano around 7seconds, then I thought, I can get there, taking advantage of the battle between the two, so I took the "full attack" with 20 laps to go...and I saw the disadvantage, decreasing, gaining confidence...Tim made ​​a mistake in trying to rob the 1st place of Gaetano, I took advantage of the error, and was now in a position to attack the first place, but I thought "is Gaetano there no chance on the straights" which complicated a lot my task but his mistake in the bico de pato, gave me the opportunity to grab first place and i got it with 12laps to go, a small detail, I got a little advantage from the bico de pato to the finish line, and Gaetano can not come back the place, I find myself alone in the lead with 10 laps more, and my opponents were "helping me" fighting for the 2nd place, and I could get a good advantage, and manage the race to his end...
    so I was seeing the checkered flag, I could do this, i'm really glad with my race, it was a super-fight.
    Thanks Drivers! Well Done! ;)
    See you at the Hungaroring. :)
  8. Cristian Di Filippo

    Cristian Di Filippo

    Congratulation Helder,Sean and Gaetano

    Sorry if I did not participate in the competition and I have not communicated in advance but I had an unexpected, the last few races have come to coincide with the afternoon shift work and I got permission to participate in this race was my intention do it, but yesterday a colleague from work he had to get away and later I learned I could not leave the job and discovered I had the opportunity to communicate.
    I arrived home at 09:15 P.M with the last hope of entering the race but was already playing :(

    See you on track ;)
  9. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    qualifying - pole position woohooo, close times all around

    race - from the 1st practise start id been getting great starts too so was hopefull id be able to lead into the first corner and it came true, by the end of the first lap id built a vettel type lead, from there until the my pit on lap 20 tim closed me down to within a second most times, a few times i had to defend him but it was a good fight all the way through the first stint:) gaetanno had managed to undercut both of us with a quick stop so he was leading, as i came around t1 tim was just leaving the pits so he had undercut me too by about 0.1 lol well done tim, the same lap coming to the slow right hander ts1677 i went for a move up the inside of tim, i felt i had enough speed to do make it stick, but just as i was too close to back out tim made a small move to block me, maybe fairly but a little too late as far as i was concerned and i had no time to react, i slammed on the brakes and slid into the back of tim, both of us went off and lost a couple of positions, i let tim rejoin in front of me and we carried on, my concentration was broken now so i made far too many mistakes in the 2nd half of the race were i felt id been rock solid in the first stint, finished in a lowly 10th after a great "weekend" lol i'll try again next race :)

    grats podium, cyas at next race.


    "im going to ammend my incident report to say that i was responsible for this incident, sorry tim, ive watched my replay loads and on mine it looks like u jump over to the right to block, but ive checked seans replay and he made a small vid for me with his replay and it shows clearly tim staying on the same line pretty much all the way to the corner, at the point of contact i can clearly remember there being no input on the wheel when the contact was made like as if there was no contact at all, i think whats happened is theres been a small sync issue between us on the straight before and im seeing something diffrent on my replay, ill try make a vid of mine to show this, ive no doubt tims and the server replay will show diffrent again, so all i can do is apologise to tim and hopefully we can move on from it, i think both of us are as dissappointed as each other that it happened."
  10. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    Qualifying: Ok'ish I guess, 1,08:422 was almost a second behind my potential and gave me 13th on the grid.

    Race (ended 8th:
    Start: I had a good start of the line, but Jim ahead of me did not and I had to let off to stay safe. Approaching turn one I had to go off track as something happened right ahead of me. Soon I was 17th and i had slotted in and was ready to advance.

    I had a lot of great racing in my first stint; Kurt, Peter, Nicolas... and then on lap 12 I did a terrible once in a season mistake, where I spun my car at the apex of the last turn. This is where I collected David McC. I pride myself in avoiding those kind of mistakes, so I was very unhappy with myself for this.

    After this I had a great fight with Vale, and after passing him in the end I was allowed an uncontested pass on Dave, who probably had problems with his car.

    Now it was time to pit (after lap 20) and I exited right behind Peter and Jim. I had lot's of good racing with these guys for the whole second stint. The last laps before second pit stops Peter was a few seconds behind, while Valter, the old hound, one lap behind had snuck in between Jim and I. He had the same pace as us and I think he did right and staying there and not backing off. At lap 39 Jim went for the pits, probably trying to gain an advantage on me. I now had to do a smashing lap 40, make a perfect pit and hope for the best. Valter probably understood what was going down and allowed me to pass him without losing any time. I did make a close to perfect pit, but when I exited Jim was just ahead of me, AGAIN! :)

    The last stint was filled with troubble for me. After crashing into jim who had spun the same place as I did on lap 12, the race leaders caught up with me at worst possible time. I was at David T's tail and was planning to make a move at 48, when I made a small mistake (less than 0,5 sec). Having Sean right behind me I pulled of track to let him past me, only to see there were 3 more cars there, and I didn't know who was behind me and who was a lap ahead, so i let them all past. The same happened in lap 52. A little trip off the track at lap 54, one more pass on David and Peter, and I ended the race on 8th place.

    My video should show most of what I have written here. Pay attention to lap number and my position to make sence of all the clips, because a lot happened that race :)

    Thanks to all for a great race, and grats to Helder, Sean and Gaetano for podium.
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  11. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Interlagos Race Review
    My qualifying lap felt pretty solid but I was quite surprised and very happy to get 3rd.

    I got off the line reasonably but saw Gaetano passing me on the inside. I braked late into turn 1 taking the wide line trying to get the inside of T2 and stay away from the apex off T1. It worked well and I came out of T2 in 3rd only to find Helder getting a little sideways, I managed to sneek through on his inside and set off to pursue David who had indeed grabbed a ‘Vettel like lap 1 lead’.

    I had decided to take meds for the first stint hoping to hold some extra pace at the end of the stint. David managed to pull out a 2 or 3 second lead in the first part of the stint. Before too long the tires came to me and I closed down the gap. I was very much on David’s tail for the second half of the stint. It became apparent that my wing setting was not very wise! I used Reiks q setup for Q then added fuel for the race. 4 25 gave me quick laptimes but I had no chance of passing someone without a significant error from them. I decided that even with my mediums undercutting David was my only hope. Just as I was about to pit, David pulled to the pits, remembering Webbers poor decisions this year (Redbulls) I decided to stay out for another lap and hope the traffic and luck would go my way.

    After the stop I came out a fraction of a second in front of David, I was very happy about that. I think I decided to take another setup of mediums. With David very much on my tail, cold tires and tank of fuel I was driving very cautiously through sector two. I had followed David very closely for the last 10 laps or so and I hoping this stint would be done similarly until I could pull away in the second half of the stint.

    Sadly David made contact and turned me around. I’ll mention details my incident report thread. I had no damage and David let me rejoin ahead of him but we were obviously both disappointed as this race was looking like it was going to be extremely close and giving up track position to the other was a worry. Gaetano and Sean both got through.

    I was disappointed but still confident I could win this race. I set after Sean and Gaetano and was closing the gap much faster than I had expected. Things were looking up. When I got to Gaetano I quickly realised that my wings once again were going to cost me. There was no way through. On lap 38 Gaetano pitted and a few corners later Sean had a minor off giving me the lead.

    I tried to put in some solid laps hoping to come out in the lead after the 2nd stops.

    I pitted on lap 41 and grabbed another set of meds. I came out in 2nd. Not a bad result, but I was going to need Gaetano to make an error if I was going to win this one. I followed him round applying as much pressure as I could. Sadly all the pressure I applied backfired and I made a small error, had a moment on the grass and lost 2nd to Helder. From the moment I had passed Helder on Lap 1 turn 2 I had been very relieved. I didn’t want to have to chase him...

    On lap 48 Gaetano made the small error I’d been waiting for, sadly it was Helder who was there to pounce, I was left to watch from the distance. He sped off as I once again fell in line behind Gaetano.

    After quite a few laps following closely I had a go (L53) down the inside of the fast lefthander (T3 I think). It was a poor and clumsy attempt which resulted in my outbraking myself. Luckily Gaetano was smart enough to let me fly through and retake the position.

    I had another go the following lap but again made an error on the brakes. This time there was contact. I waited for Gaetano to return to the track. We continued on.

    On lap 55 I finally get the job done up the inside on the final turn. Unfortunately Gaetano still turned in and turned me around. I will discuss this one more in my incident report. I was disappointed he didn’t wait for me.

    I rejoined the track 10 or so second behind and tried to catch up. I was closing in towards the end of the race but it looked as though there wouldn’t be time.

    For the last 4 laps I watched Tom driving way to close to Gaetano who was still fighting to stay ahead of me and maintain 3rd. Tom was fighting with no one for a long way in both directions. After the serious and extremely disappointing incident last race I think the lesson needs to be learned once again. Driving that close behind someone is good if you are racing with them but not if they are a lap up and fighting for the podium.

    All in all this was a great race. Hard battles at the front and plenty of guys on the pace fighting for the win.
    I was concerned that Helder might come in and dominate, I was pleased to see that he had to fight hard and drive a great race to take victory.

    Congrats to Helder, Sean and Gaetano. It was a great race and a great victory.

  12. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    First off thanks everyone and well done to Helder winning in a great race :cool: and grats to Gaetano :cool: and finishers!! thanks nico

    Q 5th, I made a couple of small errors in lap, happy with 5th in the end.
    R 2nd, 62 62 62 meds all 3
    1st stint David and Tim and Helder and Gaetano all gained time on me early but towards the end i had caught up with Helder and then Gaetano and and coming out after 1st pit i got passed Helder was closer to David and Tim with Gaetano in lead making excellent 1st stop. I got 2nd with Tim and David having contact and gap to Gaetano was closing down towards end of stint with Tim not far behind me.
    2nd stop i missed box by miles and had to reverse 30 :rolleyes: costing me abit of time, I came out 4th with Helder now ahead. Later in stint i got to 2nd when Tim and Gaetano had contact and gap to Helder was around 10 secs so settled for lucky 2nd place and brough car home.
    Was really good race and alot of close racing, up and down gaps and passing with pits stops can wait for next race cyas on servers!!
  13. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations Helder, Sean and Gaetano and all finishers!

    Q: 11, thx setup geniuses :)

    I got away pretty good from the grid but in first corner I was P18. And first stint was misery in cubic, costly mistakes bla bla.
    Anyway it was fun to chase Valerio, Bob And Kurt from lap 2 to 14. During lap 7 - 8 Nicolas visited a spot between me and Valerio, nice racing mates.
    I tried to keep Nicolais pace during lap 14 but spun off in T1, bye bye. In this instant I was last driver on track.

    On lap 21, pitstop. After the stop I got some good laps and could see that I was gaining on the guys in front of me.
    I decided to do an early stop and take 90 L. There was a chance to advance if the track was free again after the stop.

    Pit in on lap 30. When I got out again Jim lapped me in T4. I tried to stay with him to get some fast laps, I was in his drag more or less from lap 31 to lap 38 when he went for the pits. Sorry if I slowed you Nicolai, I am glad you don't write that you got held up, and hope that really is what you think.
    On lap 40 Kurt comes out from the pits about 0,0002 seconds behind me. My early pit stop did pay off. I try to keep my place in front of him and manage to do so cause him being on cold tires and an experienced driver who don't take unnecessary risks. He knew he would only have to wait for my soft tires to burn up. I'm in P11, hurray.
    Kurt, Valerio and Tom is not far away.

    On lap 53 Andy lapped me and gave me a thx. In the end of that lap I had to brake very early in T1 and Kurt took my place in a very clean manner. After that I had a good gap to next car and could take the Team Sweden Hansson Honda home in a not too extremely wide line. (on the last set of softs I had the tire warning after 19 of the 28 laps.)

    Thank you all for the super racing. And Nicolai especially for his engagement and work running this fine league.
  14. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    Not at all, I could not really catch up with you, and I would think it would be a shame/wrong if you slowed down to let me past as long as I was not able to catch up.

    When Jim pitted and I needed to make a super-lap before my pit you allowed me past without me losing any time. I got a strong feeling that you knew what was going on at that moment... is this correct or was I just lucky?
  15. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I'm not telling;)