Season 6 race 9 Barcelona POST RACE

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, May 25, 2011.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    Q Im in 19th about 3/10 from my pb more then this I cannot:)

    R No problem at start ( Im in back and see all:wink: )a nice train of car is born and I did first 5 laps behind Bob looking where is possible overtake but him lost car in last chicane so my enjoyment is finish:wink: now Nicolas front me tried push a bit for catch him but in exit turn11 Nicolas spin,easy for me overtake after 10 laps my wheels lost a bit of grip, too for only 10 laps, strategy was pit in lap 23 or 24 so low time for refuel and car light to handle.After pit I was anxious:) about wheels but this time my tires work well for rest of race.Not much happy because Im in 13th and no one point:) but really happy Reik this time could not dub me:wink: Full laps. ( wrong take 1 lap )

    Congratulations Podium Reik Tim Sean:good:
    Thanks PrestoGP and staff for event

    PS must say GREAT KURT nice position well done mate:)
  2. Alex Galyutin

    Alex Galyutin

    Q = 9th. (close to my PB, so I was satisfied)

    R = 11th.
    Very unlucky race :( I was on perfect 4th position following Sean (+10 sec) and being ahead of David McCradic (-7 sec), when went a micron wide in Campsa..... Spun, touched the wall, broke suspension and aerodynamics, went to pits for repair.... I was 15th when I returned back on track.
    I was rather competitive during the race, so I was sure to finish on good position (4th or 5th)... But such a disaster (I can't even call it my mistake...) ruined my race. What a shame :(

    Congratulations to podium. You guys were perfect tonight!!!

    P.S. Nice switching positions during last laps David! :)
  3. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    Congratulations Reik, Tim and Sean

    Thank you all for the event and great racing. I loved it. :)

    Q 13th Close to my PB.

    R 5th After a good start off the line, I was swamped going into turn 1. This was to be expected as I was on the inside but got through cleanly into 17th.

    I then proceeded to have some very nice battles, first with Nicolas and then Kurt. Great racing ahead of me kept me in touch with this group. Kurt pitted so I took advantage of a clear track for two more laps.

    I left the pits ahead of Kurt and behind Andy. More excellent racing then occurred. I make my one pass on Andy near lap 40. Somehow I am in 5th?:cool: I notice the white dot of Reik on the track map closing behind and was then determined to finish on the lead lap if I could. Just. :)

    Looking forward to the finale.:cool:
  4. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Q15 with a PB, the only thing I'm happy with tonight

    last of the finishers :frown:
    Started with a full fuel tank, since I was far on the grid and it might rain. I lost some places in the first lap but I was prepared for that, since my car was heavier. The problem started in lap 5 when I made my first mistake. I then couldn't do 5-10 laps without making a mistake, and that ruined my race. I even had to pit to repair in my second stint. Made a good part of the race with Bob, who apparently was making a forgettable race like mine. I hope I'll had the courage and the time to train for the finale, in order not to repeat this.

    Congratulation to podium. Hope to see you all in Monaco.
  5. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

  6. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    qualifying 4th

    race 12th

    race started well for me, upto 3rd and following reik and tim, they both started pulling away from me and i started pulling away from the pack, lap 10 or 11 i lost control, hit a wall, suspension damage and lost wing, pitted for repairs and put hards on and tried to pull back some time, pitted again on lap 31 for new tyres and set about making my way through the field, managed to get it back to 11th with some good battleing with alex but threw it away on the last lap and alex took 11th back, all in all i had decent pace and without mistakes couldve done well but it wasnt to be.

    good race to all.
  7. Anthony Moufarrege

    Anthony Moufarrege

    hi guys

    nothing to report for me, i ended my own race so i wouldn't end someone else's race no preperation for this one, too busy at work!
    hopefully more prepared for monaco!

    grats to reik, tim and sean, well done to all!
  8. Bob Laube

    Bob Laube

    hi guys!

    nothing to report for me.

    grats to reik, tim and sean, and all finishers.
  9. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    Qualify: 1:17:680, 0,2 off PB and 10th position

    Race: 74 liters of fuel, hard tyres, one stop after 23 laps, ended 9th

    I started 10th, gained a couple of places but lost them again and was 10th after the first lap. I do not remember all the details, but I was running a steady pace and slowly gained positions. Towards the end of the stint I managed to close the gap to Anthony I ahead of me, it seemed I was slightly more competitive towards the end of the stint.

    I was at Anthony's back for a few laps but was not able to make a safe pasing move and decided to try to make a pass while pitting. We both headed for the pits after 23 laps, but I came in a little too hot and received a stop and go. I did however manage to just pass Anthony, I left my pit box only meters ahead of him. (I added 71 liters, how much did you take on board Anthony?).

    Anyhoo, I had to serve my stop'n go, but I noticed Anthony behind me did the same. For the rest of the race Anthony stayed behind me, usually around 2 seconds or so if I am not mistaken. I was about 6 seconds behind Valter and Kurt and was not able to close the gap at all. With maybe 5 laps left the gap was still 5-6 seconds. Towards the end however I became very competitve again (worn tyres around me) and managed to close the gap to Valter and Kurt at the last laps. I was right at Valter's tail going through the last turn, but it was too short straight before the line, so I wasn't able to slip stram ahead of him.

    Congratulations to Reik, Sean and David, and congrats to all finishers. Also congrats to team Sweden, this must have been the best collective race you have ever had? Pure quality!

    Personally I had a very enjoyable race, it is great to see when (almost) everybody are able to put in a solid preformance :)
  10. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Reik, Tim and Sean

    Q. 11, near pb

    R. 8, after Kurt.

    A very thrilling evening behind the wheel. Everything went very smooth, except for the helicopter spin on lap 11 in the exit of last turn, lol. I lost a couple of places there from 7 to 14 or something. I almost ended Anthony’s race there. Luckily he could pass me on the grass. After he passed I knew what direction I should go and accelerated towards turn one. And then Vince passed me, and Kurt and...
    First ten laps I followed David McCradic and had Alex behind. After pitstop on lap 22 I chased David T for a while.
    From lap 31 Nicolai was gaining on me and just a few centimeters behind over the finish line.
    The last lap I got visual contact with Kurt again but could never get really close.

    Thanks Nicolai and all drivers for the best racing league in the universe and beyond.
  11. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    As allways I enjoy your congrats guys. Thx very much! :redface:

    Also my congrats go to Tim and Sean on the podium and all other point winners and finishers! :cool:
    Looks like we are going to have some interesting fights for some championship positions in the last race.

    Qualy, 1st:

    I don't know why but in the last events I was more nervous in qualy than earlier this season. It could be due to you guys, who increased the pressure on me. :rolleyes: My first flying laps all ended early because of big mistakes. The following first timed laps were far away from my PB, so I got even more nervous again. Finally I was close to accept that I'd have to start from 3rd this time. But then I could make a 1:16:5xx which luckily resulted into pole with a very small gap to Sean and Tim. :tongue: Well done guys!

    Race, 1st:

    My qualy performance, the dark sky and the announced rain made my heart beat fast and I felt the pulse through my whole body. I think I didn't hit the best start this time but it was enough to hold the lead through the first corners. In the mirrors I saw a little contact between Tim and Sean, so I was safe and started to get a gap between me, Tim and David T. It worked well and the gap became comfortable. I think something like 10 seconds or so.

    I didn't really plan for rain. I just placed a setting with Inters in my presets just in case. So I started with 85 L and mediums. I entered the pits late in the end of lap 24 with totally worn tires. It still didn’t rain, so I refilled with 75 L and took mediums again, hoping it wouldn’t rain much later. Leaving the pits I was in 3rd or 4th I think.

    I had a nice overtake on David M. (I think) but he couldn’t really defend, because of his worn tires. It just was looking cool, because there was a lapped car leaving the pits on the other side of the race track and I slipped through in the middle. One or two laps later everybody had done his regular stop and I was in the lead again. My gap to Tim still grew slowly and I tried to make a safe way home, which I was able to do finally.

    I want to apology to everyone I hindered when I was lapping someone. It’s often a problem that I reach battle groups towards the end of the race, which have a very nice pace and I have very much worn tires. If there are only 2 or 3 laps to the finish and I have a comfortable gap to the following car, I try to stay behind. But this time there’ve been too many laps to go and I was afraid of rain, so I didn’t want to risk the gap. The problem was, that I made driving mistakes during lapping. I’m sorry that I interrupted the fight of Kurt and Andy.

    Everyone did a very good job to make it easy for me to lap them! Thx very much! :wink:

    I want to thank Nicholai, RD, MMG and all the racers here, for making another nice event possible!

    Now I can’t wait to go to Monaco!
  12. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    TY guys and grats Reik, tim and grats to everyone who finished!:good:

    Q: 2nd .1 from pole, happy to be alot closer to my pb for qualifying than most races this season. Ill get you next time Reik :D

    R: Race had some great moments not the off at t1, but from then on was error free. I just turned in to early on tim not leaving enough room. Had a great little battle with anthony for a few laps , the rest of race was a battle against the clock trying to catch tim a good end to the race would have been better if we were next to each other on track though :redface:

    Cyas at the special place !!:cool:
  13. Anthony Ishak

    Anthony Ishak

    Grats Reik, Tim and Sean .. :good:

    Q : 5th...

    R: 10th... wings 7/37, 85 liters of fuel , Hard tyres .. Stop end of lap 23..

    I did try the hards before the race and i was able to manage in race trim 1:20.2 easily with them but when the race started somehow I couldnot find the grip again and was straggling for the whole stint, i was around2-3 s off pace, i could not fight nor defend my position and the game waslagging as well .. very unusual...

    Even if I was struggling with my car this did not stop mefrom enjoying my race, I had nice fight with Sean at the start of the race forfew laps until he managed a good pass on me, then David David M passed me as well then he had a quick lag when i was close behind him, my first reflection was to brake hard to avoid him and in result I lost more positions:tongue:... then later on my heart almost stopped when i saw Valter in the middle of the track with the smoke , it was a gamble to decide which way to go and we both escaped a tragedy lol..

    After that i was engaged with another good fight with Nico for the rest of the race, i felt that Nico was a bit faster than and i tried my best to keep him behind until we pitted together at the end of lap 23, for67 liters of fuel and hards again . Nico did brake late, I saw him in my mirrors coming fast and I thought he was going to collect me so I released the brake to avoid the contact but I am not sure if that what caused my speeding in the pit, I think I was a bit fast there as well and missed the exact braking point, on top of that I overshot my pit crew and lost a position to him ...

    Out of the pit with the S&P message... ahhh...give me a break !!,... heading back to the pit and to my surprise i saw Nico pitting as well, ehhh what is happening here :confused:, I thought Nico did escape that S&G as it looked for me like if he stopped before we crossed the pit entry line so i did not expect him to pit again , but that made the fight alive again and I start pushing to catch him but he was a bit faster and pulled a 2 s gap until the end of the race..Well-done m8 :good:..

    Thx Nico Rd for a wonderful event , lots of fair play on thistricky track... that is what we all are looking for in every race... thxeveryone..:)

    This is my first Video, thx Nico for the link...

  14. Kurt Kjellin

    Kurt Kjellin

    Congratulations Reik, Tim and Sean

    Thank you all for the event and great racing. I loved it. :)
    R: 7 :)

    A very thrilling evening . Everything went very smooth, except for a couple of misstakes at the end.

    I had a very enjoyable race together with Peter and Andy almost the hole race Thx guys it was great racing.:doublethumb:

    C u in Monaco

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