Season 6 Race 7 CHINA post-race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    Quali in 19th but at start Im with the group and around first 2 or 3 turn was in 16th between Kurt and Bob when Alex:tongue::) hit me in T10 have a little suspensions damage but is possible drive so push for catch Anthony M. and after a bit of laps in battle I managed to pass in T14 front me Bob push for catch him and when we were near

    Congratulation all Drivers
  2. Kurt Kjellin

    Kurt Kjellin

    My race today was only 16 laps then I LC. :mad: I did 1 more lap before I noticed so I hope my car disappeared at once, so I did not destroy anyone's race

    Grats to podium and all other to.

    cu on track
  3. Andy Paries

    Andy Paries

    everybody disapeared ? very weird LC or what?
  4. Alex Galyutin

    Alex Galyutin

    QUAL = 7th (PB)

    RACE = LC
    I had lags during 1st lap, had some collisions (sorry guys!) and ended the lap on one of the last positions. Then had some good battles and catched up onto 16th position. Then everyone disappeared - connection lost.

    The race to forget.
  5. Andy Paries

    Andy Paries

    Lots of people LC, maybe re-race or so?
  6. Eliezer Bartik

    Eliezer Bartik

    Lap 18 all disappeared for me too :(
  7. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    I qualified 11th with a P.B. so I was very happy with that.

    I started right on the grid (inside) and got a good start. I arrived on the inside of t1 and it was therefore simple for me to push as I had a clear line to follow (inside curb). Exiting t2 I was 6th! Edit: Seems it wasn't all due to my great racing, there was some guys coming together ahead. Then I had 3 very nasty and unusual lags that relegated me to 8th. I got to 7th because of somebodys misfortune, and I think I managed to pass Vince to get to 6th and hunt for Sean again (who I had been chasing until the lags). Sean was 4-5 sec or so ahead of me and was fighting David McC, so I managed to close up within a few laps. However, Sean made it past David before I managed to get close enough, and now I was "stuck" behind David while Sean was able to grow a gap.

    It was great chasing David. We were fast at different places, but all in all not too much difference. I was suspecting he might be on a heavier fuel load and/or harder tyres than me. Anyhoo, my weak spot on this track was turn 09 and 10, which made it very hard for me to get close enough before the long straight. After a few laps I decided to not make an attempt at the end of the straight but rather try to get even closer and do it going into t1. I cannot really remember where it happened, but I do remember David did not put up a fight at all (something that strengthens my suspicion that he was on a differen strategy, he is a smart man).

    Somewhere along the way we passed two unfortunate guys, so when I passed David McC he was 4th and I was 3rd, and David T seemed to have had a small misshap, because he was only 3 sec ahead or so.

    I wasn't able to shake David McC, he stayed within the second, and I wasn't able to close in David T, he acctually pulled away abit. But now I was waiting for my tyres to "kick in" as I had focused on saving them, and hoped to gain a second or so on David in the last two laps in my stint. Also, I was going to fuel 57 liters at my pitstop and was hoping that in combination with a practiced "perfect pit" might get me very close to making a pass (then again, maybe David T needed even less fuel than me).

    Either way, I was having one of my most enjoyable evenings on the track when the disaster happened (the LCs).

    Thanks all for the great fun I had up until the LC's

    And for the record, I did not LC, I escaped out of the race. It seems that 12 people LC at the very same point in time. Also the same people that LC'ed seemed to have a big lag a bit less than a minute before. (1750 at the server replay)
  8. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Q 16th
    with a PB. I didn't know how fast I could go since I hadn't practiced Q, except a little during the practice race last week.

    R 3rd
    Tried a long first stint strategy, and I'm still not sure it's better than even stint. Anyway, I had lots of good (and close) fights with some other pilots, and I thank them for that. I hope I was fair and not too rude in my overtakings. After the massive LC, I was 1st for some time, and finally I had to pit since my tires were dead. Exited the pits in 3rd position, Sean & Tim battling for the 1st position. In the last lap, Sean lost his front wing and I quickly gain on him. I passed him after the last turn, but he accelerated faster and passed me just before the finish line, with a few millis gap.
  9. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    I had some nice racing in the early laps. Andy, Nicolas and Anthony. Thank you. :)
    Shortly after I had an incident with Anthony on Lap 15, many cars left the server. LC's it appears and very sad. My race became a practice session... but grats to all regardless :)
  10. Fabrice Renault

    Fabrice Renault

    Q: 18th... :confused: good. I was in late, and i have only 15 min for qulaif, a few disapointed, my time (i forgot it :cool:) is very bad. But let's race...

    R: 8th... at lap 14 just before pitstop.

    I do a very nice first part race, very constent, many overtakes, some others racers have doing mistake or accidents, also a good 8th rang when i decide to pitstop, 1 lap before others to be alone. I am very enjoyed for this (small) race and the battle with Eleizer Bartik.

    The rest is a nightmare to forget :pumpkin:
  11. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    My race was only ~16 laps then I LC:pcbeat:
    I hope my car disappeared at once, so I did not destroy anyone's race.

    Grats to podium and all other to.

    cu on track
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