Season 6 Race 10 Monaco - Post Race

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  1. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    We can do our little stories in this thread, however, I'll use the first post to inform that the race is 47 laps long. It might be some confusion as the stint server is 24 laps, which would indicate a race length of 48 or 49 laps.

    However, the stint server was 23 laps until it was decided that the practice race would be 24 laps. And after that race the stint server remained 24 laps. :)
  2. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    Congratulations Sean, Tim and David.

    I had a lot of fun as always :)

    Q 13[SUP]th[/SUP]: ½ second off my PB but OK.

    R DNF:
    I had a excellent race right up until when it ended. Firstly I led Nico around the track for a few laps. There were a few incidents early on which led to Nico passing me at the pit entry. I then chased Nico for a dozen or so laps until I watched him dive into the Mediterranean for a dip.:redface:

    After that it was time to close [to] the gap the "Pacepusher". I had an excellent battle with Andy up until lap 42; thank you Andy. David and Andy had coming together around the corner of the tunnel exit chicane. As I turned in I saw David and missed seeing Andy on the other side of David... I was blind sided and then I stalled the car so race over – boo hoo :(... :)

    Thank you Nico and all league members. Another excellent season.:cool:

    EDIT: Congratulations Reik for the championship
  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    my goal was finish the race I did this race 4 time along past seasons and this is the 2nd time that I finish the Race:).
    Race: after a safety start at CASINO some cars was stopped on track maybe I give a little hit to someone sorry,Manage my race and after fews laps think Im in 11th behind me JIM with BLUE FLAG Im sorry mate I tried push more I did not want to block you too but you know my limit is more down that your limit in any case was a good sting in my back for push.After pit in lap 23 Im in 9th place behind me Cristian that after 6 or 7 laps of pressure passed me and at 4 laps to go Kurt is back after straight start/finish I see him on my right side so I decided in S. Devote not cut the curve on kurbs for avoid some contact but slip a bit so Kurt found a big door where pass. Race finish.


    THANKS NICOLAI for your effort along the Season

    PS Dear Race Director along the season all Drivers performed well like no BURP ,fingers in nose or follow the GIRLS too essentially we are a Band of GOOD BOY :wink: now we can run at Green Hell? :)
  4. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    My race

    Q, P7 not too bad

    R, Started ok just begining to settle in then I came upon Gatano who had spun at the pool, I didnt see it till I was 10-15m away and I was flat in 4th gear, I did get to the brake but it was hopeless and I ran into him

    This broke my front susp and front wing so I pitted straight away for repairs fuel and tyres, half the field past while I was in the pits and the other half I had to let past at T1 as I rejoined so I was a lap down at this point (lap 3)

    I then just followed Vale for 24 laps till he pitted, I then I hit the wall 3 or 4 laps later as my 25 lap old soft tyres were shot, race over

    Grats to Sean, Tim,David and Andy + all that took part

    Most of all I'd like to say what a pleasure it has been to run another season in this league, looking forward to the future
    Many thanks to Nicolai for all his time and effort in making this league the best in the business:cool:

    See you guys soon in an RD club race maybe?


  5. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Q 9th
    This time I forced myself to train for Q a lot more than the other races. It was about 1/2 hour, but enough for me to be confident in my Q setup. This ended in my best Q of the season. I hoped for better, but couldn't reach my PB because of too many mistakes (and traffic).

    R 11th
    After a decent start, I gain a place after T1 but had an incident at Massenet (see incident report), causing me suspension damage and lost front wing. After pitting at the end of lap 1, I soon had to let the first pilots to lap me so the battle for 1st was fair. It was very delicate for me not make a mistake since my tires were still icy cold after the long pit stop. I passed Eliezer at Mirabeau in my 3rd lap and was 15th, but spun shortly after at the Swimming Pool and had to let pass lots of pilots. Two lap later (ts 580) I made a terrible mistake at the Swimming Pool and lost again my front wing and had suspension damage. Strangely, 2 seconds later, Davic McCradic made the same mistake and missed my car by an inch.

    After my second unexpected pit stop, I was last and I finally reached a decent pace, trying not to lose time when being lapped. I then followed some battles and pilots : Peter vs the Boss, Anthony vs Vincenzo. Pitted after 22 laps only for fresh rubbers, since I had fuel for whole race. Nothing much to say after, I gain some places because of mistakes of the other pilots, and even succeeded in unlapping Cristian and Valerio, while they were battling, after they both made a mistake. Finished 11th with 2 laps down (almost 3).

    Congratulation to podium and finishers, this was the hardest race for us all I think!
    Thanks to Nicolai & PrestoGP for dedication for this league, and to you all league members. The overall level has greatly improved! I hope to see you all next season.

    Yes please :) !!
  6. Fabrice Renault

    Fabrice Renault

    Grats to all racers, finishers... and other. :thumb:

    I unfortunately can't be here for this event but i'm happy to see the good progress of the race. I hope find again all racers of this season for the next one. I thank again all of you for the great welcome you have make to me. :pray:
  7. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    I managed to do a 1:12:8xx which wasn't my best time, but decent enough considering traffic etc. I think I started 12th on the grid.

    I followed Peter for a few laps until he was behind a slow running car who seemed uncertain what to do. Peter opted for safety first and suddenly an opening presented itself to me which allowed me to pass them both. It was a bit naughty, as I exploited Peter's safety conserns, but I could not resist to make the pass :)

    After this it was Peter's turn to follow me. We were soon number 6 and 7, and Andy was 4-5 seconds ahead of me.

    My strategy was the following: I had soft/medium tyres on and 65 liters of fuel. I was planning to pit around lap 20, get on medium/hard tyres and add 51 liters of fuel. I hoped my pit stop would be slightly faster than average and also that I would get out in clear air and do 2-3 quick laps and pass some cars while they pitted and then stay out for the rest of the race without making mistakes (letting drivers pass me).

    However, I got to eager to close the gap to Andy. I remember when approaching Piscine chicane I thought I would do it a little faster than usual to gain some time. Stupid idea I can tell you, I did the same as in the practice race and ended in the ocean :(

    It was a bad decition from me, I know I cannot push it there when I have to pass that scary chicane 47 times.

    I did get to see the fight between David and Reik, it was very exciting when David went for the pits and Reik went the following lap. For some reason however, David seemed to lose 10 seconds or so relative to Reik in the pits, so the duel was over.

    Congratulations to Reik for being a well deserved champion!
  8. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    qualifying 2nd

    found the time in the last minute of qual, was up on reiks time through the 2nd sector but made a small mistake last turn and settled for .1 behind reik in 2nd.


    upto 1st by t1, made the move on reiks inside and he obliged by not turning in too early, we stayed like this for 21 laps, we had been pulling a steady gap out each lap on 3rd place, but reik managed to stay with me with 1-2 secs and sometimes under 1 sec for nearly all of that first 21 laps, anyhoo coming down through the tunnel i see valter ahead, and through the next series of turns i lost all downforce due to following him, i thought he wouldve got out the way sooner as me and reik were tryin to fight through this past of the track, but he didnt, i couldnt get the turn in to the swimming pool and over corrected and spun clipping the wall, reik overtook me now so i was in 2nd place, i had to pit straight away so went in put on meds for the 2nd stint and refuelled and came out 4 seconds behind sean, after a few laps of me pushing id started wearing my tyres out and seans were newer so he started pulling away a bit and i couldnt fend off tim who was closing fast so i was on the back foot, the 2nd half of my race was up and down, i had to make an unscheduled pit due to suspension damage and front wing off at casino square, i went in put on super soft and went for it the last 15 laps, i was pulling back 2-3 seconds a lap on the leaders until i came across 2 cars fighting, 1 car spun out then i had a good fight with andy for a few laps, i tried overtaking him in the tunnel chicane but a combination of me maybe trying to hard at this point and andy turning in a bit early caused us to collide, i dont think any of us were damaged and i let him retake his position, sorry mate, next lap i came to the top of the hill at the tunnel, lost it under braking, slid right down andys inside and he was obviously aware and left room (this wasnt planned mate lol thanks for leaving room)but with that id finally managed to get back to p3 and the podium which im happy about i suppose it couldve been so diffrent though.

    congrats sean and tim and me

    big congrats to reik the alien

    and thanks to nico and everyone else who have participated since the start of presto gp, cant wait for next season.
  9. Kurt Kjellin

    Kurt Kjellin

    Congratulations Sean, Tim and David.


    Apart from some accidents on lap one (see Incident Report) and a strange LC when I was in the pits and repaired:confused: (I was probably gone for 40sek! Then I popped up right in front of Andy in T1!) It was a good race for

    The first 10 laps, I was alone but then came my teammate and chased me. With a little luck and a lot of sweating, I managed to keep him at a safe distance.

    On lap 43 did we caught up Vale, he made a small mistake in T1 so I could pass. Valter was still 1 second behind me and chased me.

    But I managed to keep him at a safe distance the rest of the race and crossed the finish line before him:), only problem was that he was one lap before me so he beat me

    Many thanks to Nicolai for all his time and effort, and to you all league members hope to see you all next season.:thanks:

    Big congrats to reik a well deserved champion!

  10. Andy Paries

    Andy Paries

    Q: P10 (i think, realy not sure)

    R: P4

    Had a good start, stayed out of trouble.
    Had Nico chasing me for some laps, but i could keep a little gap.
    After a while i saw that Peter was behind me and was closing the gap until he was right on my tail (got me sweating there mate).
    This stayed the same for some time (felt like a loooooong time), after the pitstops i maneged to keep in front of him.
    Than i noticed David was closing rapidly on Peter and before i knew it he was on my tail.
    After the little (racing incident) colision, he flew of like a rocket.
    Happy to take P4,( sorry that peter didn't got p5, he deserved it bigtime)
    It was again an enjoyable season with some great and fair racing, grats to all !
    I also want to thank Nico for making this all possible, cheers mate !
    Big thx to Jim for being such a good teammate(as always) :)
    And offcourse many grats to our BIG champion Mr Reik ! Well done !
    I think i got P3 in the final season standings, and i scored points in every race so no need to say that im happy with that :)

    Hope to see you all in the next season.


  11. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    I would have done the same m8. I nearly allowed Valter through at the same time; which would have been OK too. :) I suffer from a division 2 mind-set.

    That was me.:rolleyes: You surprised me big time with the rate at which you caught me; I wondered if I should be seeing Blue Flags and tried to jump out of the way and made a bit of a mess of it. :redface: I had thought the car behind was something like 18 seconds the last time I looked. Teach me not to check the telemetry regularly. :)

    Thank you Andy. I think I chased you for 30 laps in total. Phew!

    Yourself, Vincenzo, Valter and Kurt [not to disregard everyone else] gave me memorable races and were the greatest challenge this season. A pleasure indeed it has been.:cool:

    29[SUP]th[/SUP] of June OK? 10 laps in total and maybe a one lap for Q session. Honestly, I have no real experience of the track [shame on me] but lets do it. :) New thread soon...
  12. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Great race all considered Id much prefer a race with everyone finishing and crossing line 1st with no incidents.

    I filled up for race and went mediums, medium in stints. Managed to pass tim off start and set down to try and chase reik and david. me and tim held steady gap and reik and david gain up to about 15 secs come pit stops. i pitted 2 laps after david was in pits behind reik watching him i knew he must have went light on fuel coming out alot closer than before stop and passed david knew he must have had trouble next couple laps,i see reik going slow in last turns he looked laggy and going really slow as we go into last turn he jerked and i touch rear not sure if there was some lag issue it was strange i watched replay and reik had hit wall before and seems to lag alot in my replay at that moment sorry reik i maybe should have been extra cautious thier i knew you were in some kind of trouble.
    Rest of race was lapping guys was really hard we were around the same pace at that time. I make big mistake in lap 41 or so spin out just about wreck me and tims race trying to correct, tims driving without fwing chasing me down,i struggled to go round corners steering wheel off center and suspenion damage every turn in the last 5 laps i thought was the end. Crappy end to what was a good race though.

    Cant wait for next season things can only get better !!! maybe we could have a supermix server for off season with some of the upcoming tracks
  13. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Grats to Sean, Tim and David! A very well deserved podium combo. :D And of course grats to all who finished (so no grats for me this time :redface:)

    Qualy, 1st:

    I was able to do a 1:11:3xx very early but due to being still nervous I couldn't improve this time. Luckily it was enough to pole, but in the end David was super close by 0.1 sec, having the chance to catch me (I watched this nice lap live).

    Race, DNF:

    Having pole in monaco means you have the P2 driver on the inside line of you and being very close to you. I had a little wheel spin at the start and immediately knew that David must be at my inside. So I left room and held the outside line and indeed he made a very clean pass.

    Now I chased him for 21 laps. I knew that attacking was very risky, so I decided to be as close as possible to make him pressure but also give me some safety margins.

    I started on med/med with 80L fuel, so during the pit stop I would only need to take med/med and 55L. I thought this could be my chance but 1 or 2 laps before pitting there was a huge smoke infront of me at the pool and David was standing there after a spin. I also saw Valter there being slowly, so I thought they touched when david tryed to lap him. This made me feel sorry for David and I thought about letting him pass at the main straight, so our fight could continue in the old order but David went to the pits.

    At the end of lap 22 I think I also pitted, because I was afraid David could win too much time on fresh tires. Leaving the pits I was behind Tim but infront of David. At lap 25 my game started stuttering at swimming pool and it increased to huge stuttering with few freezes. :frown: Like I wrote in the incidents report, I hope I wasn't in the way of anyone. Sean, don't worry about me there. I waited at a safety zone if the stuttering would go away and when it seemded to do so, I tryed to go on. But it came back and I spun. Now I hit ESC because i was somewhere at the finish straight. Race over.
    When pressing Alt+Tab I saw the stupid Kaspersky doing some scanning or so. All the races before I disabled it. So I'm very frustrated it wasn't the PC's fault but my mistake. :mad:

    David, would you still say I'm an Alien? :redface:

    Thanks guys for your kind congrats for winning the championship. Everyone here did a fine job through the whole season and I'm glad to see how much we all improved. I can't wait the next season!!!! :cool: Edit: Anthony, if you are going to drive with two arms again in the next season, would you say you have a chance to fight for the tilte? I'd say so! :)

    Special thx to our admin Nico, who keeps it all running butter smooth!!! In this terms you are a real champ, too. :wink:

    PS: I'm in holiday until 3rd of july but I'd like to race the green hell so much, be it MMG or RR. Could the 6th of July be an option, too?
  14. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    It was indeed a great race.

    Congrats to Sean and David. And of course to Reik the undisputed champ!
    With passing so difficult I had been considering adjusting my normal boring strategy. I decided I would make a decision based on where I qualified. I ended up 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] after a last second lap that just squeezed Sean back to 4[SUP]th[/SUP]. I strongly considered going light fuel and mediums in the hope of getting off the line well and making a break for it, but from the second row I was pretty sure I couldn’t get the lead and would end up stuck behind someone on heavy fuel, so instead I decided to be that guy.

    So I fuel up for a 27 lap first stint on hards. (It seems I was wearing out the tires faster than most as I only every really considered meds or hards. Sean past me off the line and we set about chasing David and Reik who were slowly pulling away. I felt like I had a bit more pace up my sleeve but then Sean seemed to find something and we were both able to go flat out. My only hope now was that my heavy fuel and hards tires would pay dividends later in the race.

    I was relieved when most went in at about the half way point. I found myself in the lead putting in kind of reasonable laps on hards that were holding up pretty well. I was hoping that with traffic and cold tires and a full fuel load the front three would be coming back to me.

    After my pitstop I was very interested to see how it had all panned out for me. I came out in 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] and soon realised it was Reik who was missing and somehow Sean was in the lead with David just 10 or 15 seconds ahead of me. I was also now on light fuel with brand new medium tires. I felt there was a very good chance for a win, if I could just make two passes...

    The gap to David was closing slowly but surely, then suddenly it started to close quickly, when I got to him he had made an error in the chicane and seemed to have some sort of car trouble, fortunately for me his off at t he chicane allowed me to slice through without losing much time at all. At the time I didn’t realise David had damage and thus tried to make the move stick first time. David did very well to see me going to the outside and leave room. Thanks David. It was a shame you had no front wing, it could have been a good battle.

    13 laps to go, Sean was 15 seconds ahead. I knew my tires were still fresh, game on. The gap was again dropping fast, 1 or 2 seconds every lap, it was looking like I would catch him with a good 4 or 5 laps to fight for the win.

    At the start of lap 43 I was 4.5 seconds behind. I drove up the hill round the fast left hander dropping a couple of gears, and there is a car on the racing line, perpendicular! I T-bone him doing 160kmh. I was rather disappointed that my chance of catching Sean was gone. But then to my surprise I realise that it is Sean!

    Sadly for me, my hitting him has catapulted him 30 metres down the track and turned him round the right way ready to go! For my trouble, I can see my front wing over near the wall. I spin the car around, and set off to limp for home. Presuming Sean may have damage as well I thought I better try and pass him. (Apology accepted Sean, all good, though I might mention the incident in the incident thread for us to reflect on for next season)
    I managed to drive the final 5 laps with no front wing and suspension damage and at one stage I thought I was going to be able to make the pass. Sadly it wasn’t to be.

    A great race none the less. Thanks to all who raced. Everyone did an amazing job at allowing the leaders through on the most difficult track of the season.

    Thanks too to Nico for his faithful service. As well as Gunter for the wonderful mod and Daniel for the always interesting weather.

  15. Anthony Ishak

    Anthony Ishak

    Congratulations to Reik our champion of season 6 ..Very impressive driving the whole season Mr ET :)..

    Thank you Nicolai for another great season full of fun and action, you are doing a great job honeslty for keeping us entertained and for keeping this league running perfectly..full respect m8, YOU ARE A CHAMPION ..:)

    Thanks to Gunter for this wonderful F1 mod, hopefully we see some serious update so we do not have to switch game or something ...thx RD admins..

    Congratulations to Monaco winner Sean, and to podium guys Tim and David..

    I started my race from 8th , i was on mediums and 80 liters of fuel for faster pitstop, i used Reik's exact qualy setup with wing adjustment to 10/60 , thx champ, it was a great setup :).........

    i had a careful start then back to 9th at T1 when Nicolas passed , few seconds later i had that contact with him which put both of us back to P17-18 leaving Vale behind us, after passing Nicolas while he was fighting his car back to pit Ifound myself behind Vince in p16 where our 42 laps , most enjoyable fight started, it was almost impossible to pass here unless the person in the front doesa mistake and with my heavy car was a hard task to put pressure on him, but honestly Vince showed a great drive , he actually had a small mistake couple of turns before the tunnel but for safety reason i did not take advantage of it and opted to stay behind him as his car was zigzagging in front of me :), we passed few cars while we were fighting , he pitted on lap 20 , i stayed out until lap23 .

    I had a quick pit but was not quick enough for a pass and came out just behind him in p7 , the fight started again and the gap stayed around 1 sec between upto lap 41 where I lost contact with Vince when I had to let Tim pass , few turns later I closed the gap on Tim who just had that contact with Sean, they both were fighting for 1[SUP]st[/SUP] positionand they were struggling for grip and were slower than usual , it was bit confused situation as I wanted to stay with Vince but at the same time I did not want to do any pass and come in between both of them and disturb their fight , so I backed off and let them have thier own fair fight ..So well-done guys,:good:

    i crossed the line in P6 ...

    @ Riek... i would have loved to do so but i believe i am too old now to be able to go for a championship fight and threaten your crown :tongue::D, i leave this mission for those faster and more consistent drivers than me :)

    thx Peter for organizing fun races.. looking forwards for some fun...


  16. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations to our champion Reik.

    Grats Sean, Tim and David.

    Thanks all drivers for the fun during the 6th season.

    Thank you Nicolai for all the work you do to give us the best racing league there is.
    And thanks RD guys, Günthar Rowe, MAK MMG and all involved I didn’t mention.

    Qualy: Not on pole.

    Race: 7th.
    Nothing much to write home about.
    Just watch the video report if you like.

    The video reviles some of our(Team Sweden’s), more or less, dirty moves.

    For example: Driving in front of a fast opponent and destroying his down-force by making the car move in a top secret way and affecting the air behind so the pressure drops to near zero.

    Or like in the way Kurt transmits brain waves through the antenna in front of the cockpit(you can se it in the video) to make Valerios car twitch just before Saint Devote, making it easy for our team to overtake him.

    Another one, pretending you have worn rubber and slamming in to barriers just for fun, psyching your rivals.

    Or like Kurt does in the tunnel, drive in a screen of smoke to create insecurity for chasing drivers. Everything planned to the last detail:wink:

  17. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

  18. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    Yup, sounds good. :) Enjoy your holiday.
  19. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

  20. Anthony Ishak

    Anthony Ishak

    nice video Valter ...thx M8 :)
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