Season 5 - Race 2 - Monza

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Andy Paries, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Andy Paries

    Andy Paries

    Had P4 kinda in the bag, than pc crash and game over. :frown:
    Happens to me every time i play RaceOn lately, white screen, need to reboot than.
    Anyone got a clue of whats the problem here?
    I don't know anything about computers, so big problem for me.
    Thx in advance guys.
    PS: Had a great and fair battle with Jacob and Mark for almost the whole race, nice one guys.
  2. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    nVidia crash on 1st stint, and then server disconnection on 2nd stint for me. Was 10th when it happened. :mad:
    Will write a more detailed report later.
  3. Janek Grabowski

    Janek Grabowski

    Race report :

    Qualified 3rd , happy with that !

    Had a good start. P2 in T1 , took the lead after a few laps. Then, chased by Reik, i outbraked myself and Reik overtook me again. I raped my tyres and i had to stop 2 laps early.So after the stop i was trying to be nice to them. Mark came closer and i let him pass. I was still happy with 3rd place. But then, 3 seconds in front of david i had a freeze and i found myself in p4. Well, 4th place isnt that bad either ! But ! I ran out of ****in fuel in lap 43 right after Parabolica. So i was rolling ..... nice and quiet .... praying for the finish line. Lucky Jakob took p4. :)
    However there must have been something wrong. I tested the setup and the tyres were good and so was the fuel.
    Beyond that i have no incidents to report.

    Grats to the winners !
  4. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Firstly I must apologize to Alex for the 1st lap 2nd chicane exit incident, Alex was a little slower to get on the throttle than I expected (my mistake) and I gave him a little tap which was just enough to turn him around

    really sorry m8 :frown:

    detailed report to follow after dinner


    nom nom nom:)

    ok, Q, close to my slow pb so well back on the grid

    R, got away well but couldn't go anywhere as it was too crowded, braking into T1 I just touched Cor I think, but not enough to cause anything other than a little wiggle from Cor (hope that was all)

    Into T2 lap 1 I was quick between the two apexes because I was running more wing than most, Alex in front went in a bit deep and over the curb, I just didn't react quick enough and tagged his rear, this sent him around and i had to wait for him to pass (again sorry m8), so plumb last at this point

    After that I just drove as fast as I dare, trying to make the tyres last, didn't overtake anyone but made it up to 6th by the finish due to others falling off and also out due to LC's :frown:

    Quite a lonely race all in all after the first lap stuff

  5. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    Thanks for a good race, I'll write my report tomorrow :)

    Prior to race:
    My game for some reason made a big mess with my 4 screens (one for telemetry). After closing the game it had swapped two of my screens around in windows. I corrected the problem in Windows, but when I then started the game the screens were again swapped around ;) (left mirror on right side and vice versa).

    It took me around half an hour to solve the puzzle and once I got online I had no time for practice (I planned to do a stint to get me in the grove).

    Qualify went well, did a pb and ended up on 6th place I think, and that is VERY good if your name is Nicolai Nicholson :)

    Got a good start of the line and made up two places heading towards t1. I think I got through safely but started after this to do many small mistakes and soon I was 10th or something.

    I was chasing Cor for a while but he defended well and I ended up doing small mistakes that took me a couple of seconds of him. In the end I made a bigger mistake and soon as I was almost dead last. At the end of lap 19 I made a mistake in Parabolica and got both suspension and aearo damage. Luckily I was close to the pits and went straight there.

    After the pits it seems I was done with all my mistkes (back in the groove). Unfortunatly Nicolas in front of me had problems and disappeared, so all I could do was to close the 14 second gap to Dan during the last 20 laps

    to be continued...
  6. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    ...wanted to say the same, but you were earlier... :redface:

    I'm tired after a real cool race. thx guys, especially Janek! :thumb:
  7. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    This was a tough race for me. I couldn't get warmed up because I had just stepped in from work and went right on the PC. But then I couldn't even practice because I was having trouble finding the password. By the time I got inside the room, they were in quali. I did the best I could and qualified 7th. The opening laps were really bad though. I lost 3 spots at the start (got bumped a bit), and then spun my car on lap 3. There was a little more trouble a few laps later. Two cars were fighting infront of me and they suddenly went 2 wide on a very fast left-hander. I checked up, but I may have hit one of those guys. I haven't checked the replay, so I don't know. It was very weird, cause I didn't even feel one of the cars on me, so I don't know what happened there. If I did hit him, I'm sorry about that.

    I spun my car a few more times. But I must say, I was running behind Cor (I think) and he displayed some excellent defending skills. I haven't come across a car that hard to pass in a while. Well done. Forced mistake after mistake from me.

    In the end, I some how managed 7th. I'm happy with that, as I'm no good at this track and just needed some points.

    Oh, and I'll review the replay to see what happened with that incident. I'll then send an e-mail to Mr. Race Director. I'm hoping the car that got sent off will let me know what happened on his end. Cause I'm not sure if that was lag or what, because I thought I kept off him. Or maybe I didn't. Either way, I feel pretty bad about that.
  8. Cor van der Burg

    Cor van der Burg

    With a lot of problems with my arms (had a accident at the sport center)
    But a lot of medications i try to race and it went oke for me but a lot off pain.
    Just make a misstake at my pitstop, and need a second pitstop for fuel.
    Qually 16 fin at 9
    Great race thanks to you all.
  9. Mark Sørensen

    Mark Sørensen

    Race report.

    Q: 2: Again, I could not drive up to my best, but still got second place so it was ok.

    Uhmm where should I start ... beginning of course, where I made the worst start ever. think I came down the middle range 8-10 space.
    But soon got up at 6-7 space .. There I lay long behind andy and jacob, and had a good fight with them.
    My problem was that I drove with very high DF 1 / 18, had great difficulty pouring but it succeeds at last: =)
    Makes an OK pit stop where i take Andy and Jacob takes when he comes out on cold tires.
    And at that time I have 23-24 up to Reik and 10-11 sec up to Janek. I just pulled the car Max ... Janek was (downloaded) fairly quickly, but there was too much to Reik, think I came down to 14 secs to him, so I made a small mistake again and was back in 20 seconds: (.
    Then got a second place, so it's ok.

    Want to say thanks for a good race. and thx two Janek: =)
    Thanks for everyone who gets this Leauge to run.

    Grats to the winners ! Reik:=)))
    Hope i will bit u some day:=) when i dont make lot off mistakes.

    Mark Sørensen
  10. Anthony Ishak

    Anthony Ishak

    Q = 11
    I got disconnected during qualy , I rejoined and with a clean lap I posted 119-9 and that was good enough for 11 …the field was really tight..Well done guys..

    R= :ghost::ghost::ghost:

    I opted to use different strategy, I was on soft and started with 110 liters of fuel, I used Joe qualy setup that Reik adjusted, it was very stable and fast with that amount of fuel, so I thought to use the grip of the soft for 19 laps then I do a short pit stop for the rest of the race..

    I had a careful start and lost couple of places because of that and was back to 13th or so, then gained couple of places when some went off track, then I had some nice battle for few laps when I was chased by Nicolas rouge and Danny then on lap 5 we had a moment at Ascari and my car got susp damage, the car was hard to drive but I had some nice fight along the way with Nioclai and Cor , the car was vulnerable on the main strait and Cor could pass me.
    I pitted on lap 20 from P10, fuel +new tires + fixed damage and still managed to come out on p8 , that strategy did really pay off .. the car was again great to drive and a lap later I had a very close call with Jim when he was coming out of the pit, my tires were warm so I did a late braking and was able to steal P 7 form him, but I believe Jim was a bit generous to let me pass that easily :)

    I was pulling away from Jim slowly and trying to close the gap to Dvid when suddenly a “ DÉJÀ VU “ story happened again , everyone disappeared of track…. Race over…THAT DID REALLY HURT :tongue:

    Races start getting more interesting with the field getting closer with every race, but the hard part now is to stay connected to the server..:)

    Well done guys on the podium and for Reik coming first and Mark second J
    Cu soon in Singapore …
  11. Coen Mulder

    Coen Mulder

    Hi all!

    First off all grats to the podium and everybody!

    Race report: Again it wasn't my day :(

    Q: Very close qualy, but not happy with result.

    R: In qualy my computer was allready having a bad time, and in the race he gave up to me. Start wasn't that bad and survived first corner. Then the trouble start and my computer stalled a couple off times and had some freezes. When i had a moment off good sight i was in Variante Ascari :0.. Then Alex thought my rear was very interesting and observed it closer, too close.. :) So i slamed into the wall and saw my DNF2 appear, so there goes 2 weeks training... That's racing, but i never get used too!

    See you all next time and always remember.... it's a simulation, but i feels like real!

  12. Rune Bakke

    Rune Bakke

    Hi guys!

    As some (those who know me from before) may have guessed I've decided to take a pass for this season. Work is VERY busy this autumn, so I won't have much time to prepare myself for races. I would even have to skip several races. Which kills my motivation :) Anyway, I'm keeping an eye on you guys, and all the time I get the urge to get back in the action, so I'm pretty sure I'll be back for next season.

    I will still be doing some "background" work though, mainly with the PrestoGP site and related issues. I've just updated the results system for the new points systems. So the first two races are now up at, in the League section here. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions/suggestions for the site.

    Hope to be able to join you for some quick races on the practise servers, good luck for Singapore and grats to all finishers at Spa and Monza! :)

  13. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    15th, one position to the last one. Approached my PB by 0.2sec, but I'm not really good with qualification on this track.

    lap 1 : I took my time since there was no one behind me. Cor who was last passed me before Rettifilio. I lightly tapped Vincenzo's rear wing, who had nearly stopped on Rettifilio entry. I passed him on Rettifilio exit (his engine stalled), them Alex and Jim after Roggia (they had an incident). Finished the lap right behind Anthony.
    lap 2 : Passed Anthony on Rettifilio braking spot, but I too wide at Ascari and he passed me again.
    lap 3-5 : Tried some moves to pass Anthony. I was faster than him in the straights, and I finally managed to pass him on lap 5 at Ascari's entry, on the inside. From the corner of my eye I saw him jumping in the air on the right. I checked my replay and made 2 pictures of this (see attached file). Danny was right behind us when I passed Anthony, and I think he lightly touched him, even if he didn't felt it. I'm pretty sure it was not me, because I left enough room for Anthony, but it's strange I wasn't hit because Danny was also very close to me. Anyway, that was bad luck for Anthony.
    I had a similar experience last season when I was replacing someone in FPWS Semi-Pro at Istanbul : I rubbed another car on a corner and my car did a roll in the air, even if I haven't felt the tap. The physic of this game is sometimes strange...
    lap 6 : spun on Rettifilio and lost again my position to Anthony.
    lap 13 : same spun. I had closed the gap to Anthony and was trying to pass him. Hopefully I didn't loose a position this time.
    lap 15 : nVidia freeze at the end of my braking at Rettifilio :mad:. Lost a position and some precious seconds. I was 12th after this.
    lap 19 : passed Nicolai at the Parabolica (he was too wide).
    lap 22-23 : entered the pits in 3th spot, and exited under the nose of Robin in 10th spot.
    lap 27 : everyone disappeared :mad:. I was 10th.

    Thanks to PrestoGP and RD for the organization, and to all the pilots for those fights.
    CU in Singapore.

    Attached Files:

  14. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Race Report: Reik Major - BRM/McLaren

    First of all I apologize for being so late with my report about the Race at Monza. Real life is very, very busy atm…

    Practice 1 and practice start (6th, I think):

    Guys, again I have to apologize to all of you, because I’m guilty on the start crash and maybe some chain reactions. In practice I did only do race setup laps and I think others also tried qualy setups. So I was in 6th position I think. The start itself was great. My only way to avoid slower starting cars in front was to go to the inside. I had only one more car in front and thought I was breaking earlier than needed, but it wasn’t early enough. So I gave it a huge push. I’m very sorry and will try to be much cooler in the future even if it’s a practice start.

    Qualify (1st):

    I was sure that I had good chances for pole, but it wasn’t easy to be perfect through every corner in one lap. Finally I made a 1:18:9xx which was enough for pole but the field was very close! :rolleyes:

    Race (1st):

    Now from pole I had better chances not to mess it up again and having no one in front is really easier to handle. My biggest respect to all of the drivers, that they made it so clean through lap one an nearly all the race. :)

    Lights on green I hit the perfect combination of releasing the clutch and putting in the right dosed throttle. So I jumped away from the line with Janek close behind, because he also did very, very well! I braked late but got T1 well.

    The next laps I was under huge pressure by Janek. I did some inside blocking but luckiely never missed the apexes. Janek did some nice tries on the outside and in lap 5 at the second chicane, he overtook me on the outside with a great clean move. Well done mate! :cool:

    Now I was afraid that I could have planed my strategy to careful. I was sure now Janek was on softs and I did two stints on mediums with 85 liters fuel. We raced on with a constant gap of 1,5 – 2 seconds and I thought about taking softs for second stint. But from lap 12 I came closer to Janek and I think after two laps making pressure on him, he spun entering the second chicane and I was back in the lead. The gap now increased to some seconds until pit stop and when I pitted in lap 23, I decided to stay safe on mediums.

    After the stop I had a constant gap of around 15 seconds to Janek and later the same gap to Mark. The second stint was tricky, because without the pressure, I made many tiny mistakes here and there and never got back into rhythm. That’s why it took so long to close up to you Nico. It took long to lap you, but you did everything right. It’s interesting to see, that you are very fast in your second stints. Same goes for Spa where you drove fastest race lap close to the end… :cool:

    Finally I brought it home and was happy about second victory in a row. :redface:

    It’s very promising to see, that the skills of the whole field improves rapidly, since we introduced setup discussions that open. I’m glad to see some more fights in the future. When I watched the Monza replay there were many clean nice battles.

    Congrats to every drivers who earned points and who finished the race.
    I feel very much with the drivers, who lost connection or had PC crashes. It’s never fair to loose a race this way. :frown:

    C U all at Singapore!

    Special thx to Nico, Cor and RD!!! :D
  15. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    I found that strange in the race, that you never seemed to catch me, I acctually thought you were safing in your victory and at the same time "allowing" me not to be lapped :D

    Thanks for noticing :) I have great trouble in the start of a race, you are right about that :) I usually do a good start of the line and gain a place or two and also usually stay out of troubble. However, the problems starts when I am to find "the rythm". I make many small mistakes and are at least 1 second of my practice pace. I also go off track or similar stuff several times.

    When I enter the second stint with fresh tyres I am usually able to find the rythm and do relatively good laps.

    For me there are two explainations for this problem:
    1: The closer we get to race day the less time I have for practice. As race day in many ways is a deadline for a lot of stuff that needs to be done on the admin side this pritty much takes away the time I could spend on practice. That's why I am always late joining the server, I am trying to get a last minute stint run but usually fail at this as something always comes up.

    2: I have a lot on my mind in the hours leading up to the race and also during the race. Before the race there are people asking questions, servers are filling up, will everybody show up, is there any problems with the servers etc. And when the race starts a part of my brain is paying attention the the rest of the race, is there any accidents, anybody crashed out in t1 and race over etc etc. I know what hell it is if one or more is crashed out at the start of the race, 2 weeks of practice down the drain for that person.

    As the race progresses it also "settles" from my admin perspective, and I can start to focus more completely on my own race. In addition the first stint I kind of get the practice I need to get in the groove in the second one.

    So in short text what I need is some good stint practice shortly before the race + a mind at ease (nirvana?) before and during the race :D
  16. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Man, i completely understand and i honestly give in, that such things never came to my mind before. I just saw you like myself, just as a simple racer.

    Now when i take your explainations into account, i know your doing a fantastic multi tasking job not only between the races but also in the race! And then i feel a bit ashamed, that i can use all my free time to prepare (at least if i want to).

    Great job Nico!
  17. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    Good news is that it should become better for each race that goes by. A lot of things have been put in system to make my work much easier (like the race reports). Naturally, when something new and different is implamented, it takes some time before a group of 35 individuals perfectly complies. As soon as everybody (remaining) in the league are totally in sync with what is expected of them, both in forms of safe racing and stuff like handing in correctly filled out race reports in time, the league will be much closer to be self-running, and I can become more of a full time racer :)

    Btw, you have no reason to be ashamed. You (as many others) do your part as a member perfectly and should be proud! When everybody else do I will no longer have an excuse for not being chaicing in your mirrors :rolleyes:

    And for those listening out there, a correctly filled out race report means:
    -a time stamp of the accident
    -a brief description/the drivers view

    and in time means no later than Sunday.

    If everybody does this then it is simple for the poor bugger that does the incident race review to quickly make a list of the reported incidents (he can just match the time stamps), and also he have the drivers version of the incident to further clarify. Then it is just a matter of making a video record of the reported insidents and the report can be made.

    Now imagine if these 35 emails comes in all different forms, some without time stamp, some without description, then you'll have some in essey format where you in the end are not sure if there is an incident in there or not :) And of course the little fistfull that still have not handed in.

    And for those that are among those who have not handed in the correctly filled out race reports, I am not writing this to tell you how bad you are or something, many of the "wrongly filled out" reports I receive are put a lot of effort in, so it is clear to me that you just misunderstod something. But if you read this post I hope you'll understand why it is important that the reports are correctly filled out. It is quite ok to write other stuff as well, just make sure that the incidents with the time stamps and descriptions are easy to spot for the eyes.
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