season 5 race 1@ spa- div 1 race review

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    Qualify didn't go to well, I'd just spent an hour on stint practice and didn't adapt to the qualify setup and style very quickly. In the end I managed a 1:43:4xx and that gave me 12th place, which I was quite happy with.

    I had a very careful and nervous start, and in Eau Rouge I got two wheels on the outside of the track after letting off the accelerator slightly not to hit the guy in front. In my mirrors I could see some cars going sideways and I was afraid I had caused it. Watching my local replay it is a bit hard to determine what happened. I had two Aussies behind me which can create some lag or misplacing of the car. Anyways, it could look like Anthony very lightly touches my rear left (lots of air on the replay though), causing me to go off with two wheels to the right and him drifting rather sharply to the left in the middle of Eau Rouge. Behind comes Tim from a far left position and start moving to the right to kind of cross behind Anthony. Again, although with lots of air between them on my replay, it does seem they make contact. Strange situation, need to see the server replay.

    A little later that lap I make a huge error of judgment. I brake at my usual braking spot at the bus stop with two cars ahead of me in the braking sone. I quickly realise I have to move to the left not to hit the guy ahead of me, and then I see I will not manage to stop in time for the hairpin and try to control the car straight across and between two cars. It would probably never have worked and Jakob hit me on his way through the corner as I crossed in front og him. He spun 90 degrees and got passed by his team mate. I do not know if he received any damage, I didn't at least. Sorry for that Jakob, I hope this is the last time this season I make such a stupid mistake.

    I let the rest of the cars pass me and continued last and saw a couple of cars drop off and I was 13 and following Cor. I did manage to come close a couple of times, but never close enough to make an attempt, and soon I struggled to close a 2-3 second gap. I think this lasted for a long while, until I at lap 13 get to eager and overstear my car into the wall, somewhere half way along the track. i manage to drive it to the pits without losing too much extra time, decide to make my only stop, change tyres to soft(!) and fill up for the rest of the race.

    For the first time in the race I am starting to drive well, doing laps around 1:46-47 withou any mistakes for many laps. I am suddenly 8th without really passing any cars, must have something to do with the pitting or something. After a good handfull of laps my tyres are starting to get worn and I crash and receive damage. jakob passes me and Cor is a couple of seconds behind. I keep on driving relativly well, a couple of seconds behind Jakob and the same in front of Cor. in the end I receive worn tyre warning, and I see they are down to 50% with 6 laps left. I did not want to get DNF because of blown tyre so I make a pit stop, change to soft tyres again and make some fast laps in the end. I came 11th, just out of the points, but I did have a lot of fun, exept my huge mistake at lap 1 of course!

    Btw, I am not trying to set a standard for race reviews, I just felt like writing detailed tonight, probably because I had a bad first lap :)

    And of course, congrats to the winner Reik, outstanding preformance, hopefully somebody will be able to give you a better challenge next time (although I saw Mark had your tail in the start of the race). Grats to Dan and Andy as well for their podium finish, and grats to all point takers!

    race result will be a bit delayed, i'll get back to this tomorrow.
  2. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    My race

    Q, not too bad, managed to get under 43 so good for 6th

    R, start went well, the car in front was very slow away so I had to go left, but not too far left in-case there was someone there (which there was), Vinny passed me on my left side as I passed the other car and for a brief moment we were looking at three wide into eau rouge:eek: fortunately we are all very wise and slotted into a line (more or less)

    As we came down to rivage on lap 1, I was very close to Vinny so I went as close to the left curb as possible so I could spot the curb/brake point, I don't know what happened but I lost the rear under braking, maybe I put a wheel on the grass or shifted down too quick in my eagerness not to hit Vinny

    Anyway... around I go making contact with a car on my right, apologies to whoever it was, I have not checked the replay yet so I have no idea, I don't think I caused him to go off, can't be certain at this point?

    I had to wait to rejoin (last) and set off (cursing)

    the rest of the race went pretty good, I picked up places along the way and only had two minor "offs", a mistake in Pouhon and at the bus stop when my chair moved backward under braking (I hate it when that happens)

    Towards the end I was racing with Tim and Mark for 5th/6th/7th, Tim was getting away slowly whilst I was trying to fend off Mark, who got passed before spinning at Stavlot, I was able to close on Tim towards the end, maybe his tyres were off or he was just "managing the gap" I think maybe the latter

    Finished 6th, just pleased to finish at Spa as my record there is not good:)

    See you soon chaps

  3. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury
    Division 1

    We had 15 for the division 1 qualification, and a lot of really good drivers. I put in a good lap late in the qualy, which put me 2nd, but I had about 3 tenths still in it, including 2 tenths in the first sector but couldn't finish those laps well. Then Rob puts down an absolutly blazing lap at the very end and pushes me to 3rd. I had no problem with that, cause I give him a lot of credit for baring down and putting a lap in like that with time running out.

    Now to the race. FINALLY I got away cleanly and was placed in 3rd behind Reik and Rob. They made contact though, and slowed up the field big time. (Rob was a gentlemen and allowed Reik to get back on the track.) So I had to hit the brakes, which meant Mark was breathing down my throat for most of the first lap. On la source, I went a bit too hot into the braking zone and clipped Rob though, taking us both off the track. (I am SOOOO sorry for this, Rob. I was absolutely sick with myself after making contact. I was trying to get away from Mark, but I pushed too hard.) I made sure to allow Rob back on in front of me, and luckily neither of us got any damage.

    I fell all the way back to 10th though. I pushed really hard after that, and was able to pass car after car until I found myself in 2nd. From there, I just cruised home to the finish. I didn't have much left in my tires to go after Reik, who had a 15+ second lead by the time I got to 2nd.

    In the end, this was a very fun round. I'm surprised to have finished 2nd overall, but I hope to have a better start next time and give Reik a proper fight.

    Again, so sorry Rob. I felt so bad because you put in a brilliant lap to get so high in the field. Was glad to see you recovered and finished 4th! :)
  4. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium


    had a great qual session, i was in 3rd place for most of qual with a 1.42.299 which was a pb so i was very pleased, with 10 seconds left on the clock i sat back to congratulate myself when BANG! in popped Robin with a blistering lap, displacing me to 4th and Danny to 3rd, it was a great lap by Robin and just in the nick of time so i was still happy with 4th place.


    shocking start from 4th, lost a few positions going into eau rouge, through les combes was fine, then coming to rivage i noticed Jim had a slower exit than me so i made a move down the inside, it wouldve been close to who actually got the corner but Jim touched the left kerb on entry, his rear started going and his nose came into the side of me (no damage done, didnt impact my race or line at all really), so onwards we went picking up a few places until i was very close behind Vincenzo, i was gaining on him quite a bit during lap 2 and we were very close at la source at the end of lap 2, but coming to the top of eau rouge my front left wheel touched the kerb and before i knew it i was airbourne, i crashed into the wall at a super fast speed but my wheels stayed on, but the rebound of me hitting the wall at such high speed took me right back over onto the track still bouncing around, i noticed there were at least 5 cars coming through eau rouge at this point and in a spilt second made up my mind that there was no way i could come to rest in a safe enough place so as not to impede any of the guys coming, i couldve rejoined and pitted to fix but didnt want to impact anyone else race in what wouldve been a huge crash with 5 guys coming thru and a car bouncing around uncontrollably, so i hit escape, sat and watched reik and marks fight for a few laps then it had sunk in that i couldve had a whole lot from this race so i left......and cried some


    grats to podium and to everyone else who finished, cya all on the server
  5. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    What you did was a classy thing, David. Respect.
  6. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Qualified 11th, very near my PB. It's the second time I reached a 1'43"xxx time on this track, so I was very happy with it. Tried to do better but it didn't work.

    lap 1 : Careful start, passed Nicolai and then Andy at Eau Rouge who seemed to have slowed down. I was just behind Coen at Les Combes. Braked a little late entering Rivage, and was wheel against wheel with Coen, while we both avoided Jim who spun there. Since I was on the inside, I was able to pass Coen and entered Pouhon in 7th position. I was too wide there, putting 2 wheels in the grass. I slowed down to be safe, and Coen was able to pass me at Les Fagnes braking spot, on the outside. Nice move Coen ! I stayed behind him then and ended my first lap in the 6th place, since I passed Dan and Robin who had a little incident at La Source.
    lap 2 : I passed Coen a second time, at Kemmel, after he went too wide on the kerb at Eau Rouge, and kept the 5th position until the end of this lap.

    lap 3-11
    : at the begining of lap 3, David crashed at Eau Rouge, in front of me, and I avoided him only by luck. Coen was about to hit him because his car was crossing again the track, but David was already hitting the Esc key and he disappeared safely. After that, I had the 4th spot and was doing fine, with consistent laptimes. My car felt perfect then, and I really enjoyed those few laps. Danny joined me at the end of those laps, but wasn't able to pass me.

    lap 12
    : after avoiding Mark who lost his front wing at Les Fagnes, I went too wide, losing the racing line and spun on the exit kerb. I lost my front wing and damaged my suspension. My car was rather undriveable, and I spun again at Stavelot. I managed to reach my pit somehow, after letting a lot of cars pass me. I changed my stragegy there, refueling and putting medium tires, hoping this will be enough to finish the remaining 21 or 20 laps.

    lap 13 : I exited the pits just behind Mark. I made a mistake at Les Combes, accelerating too quickly, and ran off the track, losing a wheel. End of my race.:frown:

    A big thanks to Nicolai and PrestoGP/RD for organizing this stuff and letting me run in this division. I'll do my best to finish the next race.
    CU on track
  7. Coen Mulder

    Coen Mulder

    Hi all,

    It wasn't my day yesterday.
    I couldn't get any faster then so a 9th place was my best.

    A slow start to avoid any accidents. I have 2 stupid mistakes in the same corner and the second time i hitted the wall and received suspension trouble. Steer was really broken. Went to the pit and forgotten to adjust my pit preset so i fuelled 100 liters! :) After many many seconds i drove out off the pit with 131 liters in my tank and lapped twice. I was much to heavy to be competitive. :( My second stint wasn't great. Couldn't get any faster. The i pitted again for supersofts and luckely no fueling. Then i pushed to much and made a big mistake and crashed and lost front wheel. My first DNF in the F1 season. Not a great start off this season!

    Grats to all and see ya next time!

  8. Cor van der Burg

    Cor van der Burg

    Great race start verry slow to eau rouge to avoid any accidents p15
    The race it self no problems so far up to the next race thanks guys nice race.
  9. Jakob de Boer

    Jakob de Boer

    Hi all ,


    My pc was acting very strange. had to do a reboot in the qualifying session.
    That as usual in my fastest lap of the day, my pc went again to desktop.
    So i was in the back wit a very poor time.

    Started very slow. wanted to get through eau rouge without any trouble.
    But i hit Tim Mciver who was spinning in front of me.
    Then i kept gaining position as other people went of the track.
    Coming into busstop lap 1 i was behind 4 driver. So i braked a little bit earlier then normal.
    Steering into busstop "something white " came across my screen , just i light tap whcich made me spin , but no major damage.
    But lost the connection to the 4 drivers in front..
    All that i could hope for now is mistake's from other drivers..

    After a couple of laps i was running 7th. tried to keep that posistion , but then my cat decided to have some fun with me, causing me to spin ....
    Dropping down 3 posistions getting back on track , cor was chasing me down
    he pitted a lap earlier then me .
    After my pit i had like 5 secs on him .
    Cruizing down the last laps , my tyres were bad again ..
    So im happy i finished 8th overall..
    Cor came very close again last laps.

    Grats to podium!
    See you all al Monza...
    Where i hope i will have a better setup !

    Somehow my racesetup wasnt any good. tyres worn down very quickly . i had to be very gentle on the throttle.
    So after soem lonely laps i p
  10. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    x 2

    That was me mate, I'm very sorry :(

    On another note, the server replay is now availeble through the PrestoGP Updater, I only hope I guessed correctly which replay was div 1 and which was div 2 :)
  11. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Race Report - Round 1 @ Spa

    Qualify (1st):

    Allready the first two laps in a row were both a 1:41:8xx which resulted into the pole position. This gave me a relaxed mood for the rest of the session. In the last seconds i watched Robin having a little "minus" at both sectors. Unluckiely he lost a bit in the last sector but climbed to 2nd with a very good 1:42:0xx. Well done! :cool:

    Race (1st):

    My start was average, so Robin from 2nd could use my slip stream after clean drive through Eau Rouge. I defended on the inside line and Robin tryed from the outside. When we entered the right hander i got a little tap at the rear from Robin, which send me through the grass. Reentering on the inside of the track i let enough room for Robin thinking he would pass. But he waited to let me hold 1st position, even though he got under huge pressure by Danny. Very, very fair behavior - thx Robin! :redface:
    Finishing lap 1, I noticed an incident behind me at La Source. I felt a bit unhappy for the guys involved, who could have had nice battles with me. :frown: On the other hand Mark closed the gap immediately and built up a good pressure for the first ten laps. This made me do some mistakes here and there and i didn't get the same flow, like in the last test race. Finally in lap 11 (or so) i lost the car through Stavelot and had to smash into the brakes to catch it. So Mark jumped into 1st position.
    Now i thought about how much to risk when chasing him and when to do my pit stop to eventualy get him there. But after half a lap, Mark lost it through Les Combes and hit the wall. So i was alone into 1st. From now on it was a hard fight with the own concentration, because even finishing at Spa without any fights is still hard to master. But i did it and am happy now about my first victory here.

    Thx guys for your excellent safe behavior, when i lapped some of you... :wink:

    Thanks to Nico for organicing this whole stuff just for our plessure!!!

    See you all at Monza and may setup discussions and sharings go on this friendly way... :D
  12. Mark Sørensen

    Mark Sørensen

    My race.

    Qual 5th I was very disappointed but had to get the best out of it.

    Started with Soft with 80 liters of fuel, i was planing to run 16-17 laps...

    I had a cousious start " as per the racedirector request" then I was just behind the front runners , i decided to take it easy for the first lap, then at the end of the first lap i found myself in second place with 2s gap to Reik :)..

    i had a good race pace and managed quickly to close the gap to Reik , but then as soon i got closer to him my car became unstable as i lost some grip, so i decided to be more causious but keeping the pressure hopefully he would make a small mistake so i can pass:).

    i had good tire grip because I have not pushed them too much, i kept the pressure on and suddenly Reik made a small error exiting turn 11 / 12 =) which allowed me to take the lead :):) ---

    i was excited to be in the lead but a bit nervous at the same time, and lost control of the car exiting les combes , it was very expensive experience , received sup damage as i smashed the barriers, , but i had to keep my head cool , tried to get the car back to pit, hopefully i can get some points . i apologies if I slowed down someone but the car was very difficult to manage.

    finally I came into pit, i change my Strategy and put the medium tires on hoping they could keep the 21 laps with 100 liters of fuel , but it also went ok as i drove carefully but hoping the front runners would do some mistakes so I could get some points: ==)

    i Was up to 6 at one stage but did a small mistake and went back to 7, so i decided to just get the car home. and collect some points :=))))

    Congratulations to all finishers :)

    Gz two Reik, Danny and Robert, well done guys :)

    i would like to thank all Presto Gp organizers for orgonising this great event and thanks to RD staff ...

    PS hope to see more chanllenge on track for next race.

    Mark Sorensen
  13. Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Vincenzo Cavaliere


    First one, Congratulations to Reik, podium and all racers..

    Q: very happy with a 7 place, 1:42:9..

    R: very nice race Start a couples laps I picked up places 5, 3 and 2 place, on the middle of the race 10sec behind Reik 2 laps before my stop happened again :mad:, my pc crash, on season 4 my three last race a have DNF about the same problem lost a lot of point.. well, this is the reason that a love my MAC Apple never crash.. I don't know what happen, my video card? internet provider?, I will start to change my video card. some guys can help me an advise what video card is better, I have NVIDIA, I wants to change ATI card, please let me know..

    Thanks you Nico and Presto GP all staff for the season 5 event and F1 dream came true!:D

    See u all at Monza
  14. Anthony Ishak

    Anthony Ishak

    Qualify was a disaster, I could not put one single clean lap of the whole session, my mind seems to be shut down in the early morning hours, I think I was 12th on the grid and i think Nicolai was 10th.
    The eau rouge incident that Nicolai mentioned in his post is still a mystery for me even after I looked at the server replay, it still showing the same lagging as the local apology for all the troubles there..:tongue:

    I had a very careful start and stayed behind Nicolai and trying to form one line going in Eau Rouge, I saw Nico slowing down and could see his car sill within a good distance from me so I shifted down to stay behind him but as soon I did that I felt like a kick from behind, my car went sideways followed by another kick and could see Nico and Tim going sideways, but when I cheeked the replay to see what had happened it looked like I neither touched Nicolai nor Tim did touch me but somehow we all touched...:confused:

    The car was damaged and the steering was broken and was impossible to drive, I did couple of spins while I was adjusting the menu to fix tires and fuel, and by the time I pitted and fixed everything I was over a lap behind the rest.

    Mid race I found myself sandwiched within a distance between Tim and Robin, I had a good race pace but I neither could push nor slow down as the blue flag kept coming up every time I slowed to stay behind Robin, it was a bit strange situation but brought some fun to my hopeless race .

    we could see few dnf and lots of competition on track today and same things for div 2 , so it looks like we are going to have an interesting season this year :):)

    Congratulation Reik for a great win, It was interresting to see Mark running at the front and for s moment he looked he was heading for a win today, bad luck Mark, next time m8...:D
    Grats for podium and all finishers...
    Thank you all admin at PrestoGP for this great weekend and thx for RD staff...

    Cu at Monza

  15. Robin Östlund

    Robin Östlund


    I pulled out from the pits when there was like 5 minutes left of qualifying just to give it another shot and I had a feeling that I could do a better lap even tho I had just done a PB. I ended up doing a 1:42:0xx in the very last moment which got me up to 2nd and I could barely belive that i would be able to do such a lap! :)


    Had a decent start got right behind Reik but in Les Combes so did I accidently hit him from the back wich sent him off the track and as it was my fault I let him pass. Wasn't easy with all the other drivers right behind me but Reik got back on track pretty fast so it went quite well afterall. :)

    Still in the first lap, at La Source so did Dan hit me from behind so we both went of the track but he let me away ahead of him and he told me that he was sorry for that after the race so i'm ok with that. It's an easy mistake to do on the first lap when you have to worry about the cars in front and behind wich are really close to you. On the second lap so did I make a mistake on my own.

    I spun out at the end of Les Fagnes, hit a wall and got a minor suspension damage, I could barely notice it. The rest of the race went mostly fine and I finished 4th which i'm happy with. :)

    Congratulations to Reik and all the others who participated, looking forward to Monza now!

  16. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    I have use a Gigabyte 4890 and a 5870 [yes both in the one computer].
    Both are great cards with zero problems so far. I used the 4890 last season and will use the 5870 for this one.
    Gigabyte have the Silent Pipe Water cooling and match my M/Board.... Any brand is probably fine though. Ask Bob thoughas he is in the know I believe...

    And yes, Mac's and Linux OS are reliable. :) Not far more reliable but simply reliable IMO :)
  17. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    It should be possible to find out why your PC crash. I agree that graphic card is most likely suspect, but if you right click "my computer" --> manage --> event viewer and then have a look at the different log files under "Windows log" and "Applications and Services Logs" you might be able to tell. Error-logs are easy to spot, check their time to see if they correspond with any of your crashes, and if they do, see what they say and see if stuff like nvidia is mentioned.

    But Mac does not have to put up with SimBin's dubious software ;)
  18. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    As i said, very fair gentleman driving!!!
  19. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats! very well done.
  20. Kurt Kjellin

    Kurt Kjellin

    well done
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