Season 4 Race 9 Division 1 - Nurburgring Post Race

Race Report Chris Jacque Nurburgring

Qualifying : P4

Not much time to prepare for this one, so an adopted Istanbul set-up with MASSIVE wing saw me put a pb time in early on, I then made some changes for race and then relaxed :)

Race : P2

Nice easy spot, was planning on taking it very easy. Off the line Artyom had a shocker and I had to completely abort my start to crawl round him. This let a couple through on the run down to the 1st corner and a bad speed difference. I then had a rude awakening when Sean decided to transfer his paintwork all the way down my car then use Tim as a buffer to stop :) Lucky escape.
I then settled into a nice 3rd spot and inherited 2nd when Anthony (unlucky, for your dc man you had great pace!) dropped it into t1 whilst speaking on teamspeak.
At this point i realised I had a terrible set-up for lengthy runs, too much down force and badly set-up gearbox meant I settled in to try and keep Tim behind my whilst Janek disappeared into the distance.
It got very interesting when Janek spun and I inherited 1st with a very very fast Tim behind me!
Unfortunately I locked up into t1 on lap 14 and did a 180, thankfully Tim missed me and I rejoined just still in 2nd.
Struggling on my bad set-up with VERY worn soft fronts I got gobbled up into t1 on lap17 by Artyom. I hung it out on the inside in the hope I could scare him, however I got more than I bargained for and he dropped a wheel on the grass and came back across into my side pod, flipping him and giving me a nice 360 which i thankfully caught. On my recovery, Anthony passed me then out braked himself, I pass and then he disappeared, reappeared 2m in front of me then disconnected! What a lap! :p
Managing to hold my position until the stop window I realised I had misfilled by a litre so pitted one lap earlier for my juice box and decided to put some different compound on the front :)
I emerged out of the pits just, just ahead of Janek, then ran wide into t1 losing the position. I stuck it out in the Mercedes complex and managed to slip back by.
All was going sweetly, though Janek gave me a love nudge into t1 on lap 27 as he attempted to out brake me down the inside(i checked the replay I was definitely on the racing line).
The rest of the race I was being chased down by either Janek or Artyom, I think they took it in turns :)
Mercifully my moving Italian target managed to crawl over the line 2nd!

Congratulations to Tim, good pace and consistent!

A fantastic race to end the season!

My deepest thanks to all the Presto staff, Rd staff, guys who've helped me over the course of the season and fellow racers. What an amazing season!


Jim Hawley

PrestoGP Veteran
An epic race!

loved it, all of it! I don't really care where I finished I just know it was good racing:cool:

Grats to Chris our champ:trophy: and all the other guys that took part during the season:doublethumb:

See you soon in an RD club race maybe?


An epic race!

Yep :)

Congratulations Tim, Chris and Janek.

Qualifying: 13th.
I had a major Black Screen freeze during my first run. I have suspect Vincenzo crashed into me from the chat. Regardless of who it was, I am sorry that my PC behaved “normally” [attempt @ humour].

Race 10th
I had a good start off the line. To me it appeared as though not many drivers got going well and I was quickly up to 5th place. Chris moved over in front of me and I needed to lift slightly. This allowed many cars to pass me before and as I entered the braking zone. Tragically I hit [quite slowly] and spun Dmitry. I waited for him and was last by turn 2. [PM apology sent and accepted :)]

I then enjoy seeing many of my old friends during the race. First, Valter, then Nico, Rune, Daniel, Andy, Jim, Martin all were in front of me during the race. Did I miss anyone?

In the end, I battled with Andy for many laps. Jim pressured me into the final chicane on the last lap and I ended up tagging Andy as he followed Martin. Sorry Andy and glad you did not lose a place; I feel that i made you earn your place today. Lost "my" place to Jim but I plan to get it back next season.

Apart from the 1st and last lap incidents, i really enjoyed the race. An excellent end to another great season.:cool:

Season: 8th / 9th – Shared with Daniel in points....

Thank you all for the season. Especially the Presto Team Nico, Rune and Per.

What a great way to finish the season, being dropped of the server for the third time this year on lap 17 right in the middle of the real action...:woot:

I feel sooooo #%#^*%^$##*&* relaxed and cool :wink::cool:...


Race : :ghost::ghost::ghost:

My goal for today was to stay connected with the server for the whole race , sadly it did not all i want to say is that i really enjoyed those 17 laps with you guys at the front and i believe Chris described all the action very well in his post.

It was long time since i had a close battle with artyom on track and i really enjoyed that ,but honeslty he made me a bit nervous , as as soon he closed up on me near the breaking zone i got that feeling that he was going to whack the rear of my car i was sometimes braking early and sometimes outbraking myself lol...,

congratulations Tim , Chris and Janek,,, well done guys :good:

Thank you Presto team, Nico, Rune and Per, it was an amazing season no doubt about that...

Big big thanks to the " race director " for spending lots of his free time reviewing our silly mistakes and posting those well explained race reports...:thumb:

Thanks to the RD staff :)

stay connected :tongue:

Q: Had a decent run and got a time I was somewhat pleased with. I was more happy that it was good enough for 10:th, but oh so close! Four drivers within 6 houndreds of a second. And I was the lucky one with the margains on my side. :D

R: That changed at the start when I got a good one off the line, but the car infront didn't and I had to slow down. Got into t2 in 13:th, but it was okey as I entered t1 almost last.

A couple of laps in I made my only off of the race. I came in too hot into the last turn and got wide and the rear end started to drift out. Dmitry got on the inside and while I was trying to regain control of the car I drifted inwards and we touched. I spun and rejoined in last place. But no worries Dmitry. I wasn't in control of my car and might have spun it anyway.

Started to climb up the order. First Valter who I gave a little bump in the rear before he let me passed. Sorry team mate! Then Peter who I got into the chicane. Other drivers had problems. Was hot on the heals of Rune a couple of laps, and then had to look in the mirrors for Peter before the pit stops.

Must have made a quick stop as I exited right behind Martin. This was the beginning of a long struggle. I was a bit faster but couldn't get close enought to pass. Finally I got a good run and launged on the inside of the banked 180 degree turn. He noticed me and gave me room. This put me in 7:th.

Next up was Jim. Didn't want to get stuck there untill my tyres was gone so I made a try right away in the chicane and managed to outbrake. Pushed on for the remainder of the race to see if it was possible to gain 13 secs on about 10 laps on the next car, but it wasn't to be.

Made it home in 6:th. :) Very pleased with that, and with my race performance: decent speed, few mistakes and a number of passes, which I usually don't do at all.

Congrats to Chris, Tim and Janek for the podium places in the race and the championship :cool:

A massive 'thank you' to all makes this possible! Nico, Rune, but also those who works more behind the scenes. And to my fellow racers of course. :thumb:

Jim Hawley

PrestoGP Veteran
I was half asleep when I wrote my post last night

I forgot something important

Massive thanks to Nico, Rune, Per and Peter for all their hard work to make it all possible:thumbup:


Martin Flöck

what a race:
- qualy was ok, but 0,5s off my best, so could be better :turtle:
- race was great, many hard and exciting position battles :D

Grats to podium in Nürnberg :)
Grats for championship :)

Many thanks to the PrestoGP Team who make this league possible - you guys are great :thumb:


I'm happy to be back to Presto at last in season Nurnburgring GP!
Thanx a lot Dmitry for your assistance, I've just done 15 to 20 laps before qual and without your setup I couldn't be so fast.
0.017s behind pole was fantastic result for me (I guess many of you guys didn't prepare very well ;) Amazing close times in qual!
But what an awfull start from me, I was a little bit nervous and forgot my 1st gear. Sorry Chris and those who stocked behind me.
And then it was one of the most interesting and exciting race in my simracing experience, full of events and adventures.
I had great battles with Martin, Anthony, Chris, Janek. That was just awesome! Sorry Chris for that collision when I almost passed you giving full throttle on acceleration in T1... I spun and then struck you car. And I got airborned and fliped! And still no damage, except for crooked T-cam ))
On top pf all 5 laps before finish I lost my concentration, made a mistake and crashed into a fence and lost my front wing. Hardest part of the race, I did my best not to allow David to catch the gap. I was loosing 5s per lap and there was just 0,3s between us on finish line! So I'm really happy with 4th pos.

My congratulations to Chris the champion, Tim and Janek!!! Great season! And my best wishes to my team mate Dmitry, he lost his 3rd pos due to electricity lost (((

Thank you guys very much who is responsible for PrestoGP races to happen! Nico, Rune, Per, Peter, "race director", RD staff. Great organization and everything, thank you!
Race report

Q: Managed an 1:28.66 which is a PB for me. Felt like there was some secret I didn't know about, or a turn I drove much slower than everybody else, but it was probably just down to lack of practice (I too wasn't aware that the race was this Saturday before I saw Chris' post). Got me a 16th on the grid, which would have been 17th if Mark had been able to set a time :)

R: Got a good start, and in the T1 chaos I was more or less slotted through to P10. Tried to settle into a rhythm as quickly as possible. Didn't have the pace of most other drivers, so I was regularly passed by quicker guys, and was 12th at one point.

In lap 10 I came across Sean which had spun in T1, and unfortunately I couldn't avoid hitting him. This made Peter hit me, and this affair gave me a susp damage, but it wasn't too bad so I decided to press on.

Gained some positions by others' mistakes, and was 8th in lap 19 when I decided to pit for fuel, tyres and suspension.

Not long after my pit I stuck it in the wall and removed my front wing in the last turn(typical, had to drive an entire lap before pitting). After this I was down in 12th, and low on motivation. Drove a bit reckless and damaged the car in lap 30. Tried to continue, soon spun out again and decided to call it a day. :frown:

I had great fights up until my accident, many thanks for that, and also thanks to all participants for making a great season! :doublethumb: Hope to see you on track very soon!

Congratulations to Chris, Tim and Janek for the championship!! Well done!

Rune :)

Valter Ostman

PrestoGP Veteran
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]:trophy::trophy::trophy:Congratulations to Tim, Cris the champ and Janek[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Q: 15[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]I managed to do a pb[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]R: 11[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]A very amusing race with lots of racers to interact with, the dream scenario.:good: Starting far back is interesting. I was watching the difficult T1 from a safe place in the queue. Had to go wide to avoid the T1 incident but all went well the whole first lap. During the race I was chased, or chasing a number of racers. First lap Peter was chasing and I had Nicolai in front. Most of the race was like this. In T1 on L6 I made a mistake and made it easy for Nicolai to pass me, and I also left the front wing there, sorry mate, it would have been fun to continue the fight. Later, from lap 25 onwards, I was about to succeed in driving up with Mr Cavaliere. But he was quicker to the end and I was probably not closer than 50 meters at any point. :frown:Sorry you LC Vincenzo.[/FONT]

Edit: The report clip.

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]:star:A big thanks to Team Norway for hosting and administering the league. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]:star:Thanks RD guys and MAK Corp[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]:trophy:It's been a real pleasure to race with you all.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]I hope I'll be around for season 5[/FONT]
No words to say! Everything bad that could happen - happened! I got a touch in T1 and was forced to start the race from last position on
damaged car. I managed to move ahead and to catch a close group of racers. And in this time I spun off and broke my car. Pitted, repaired the
car, changed the tyres, but did not refuel. Was back on track on last position and -1 lap to leaders. My pace was batter lap after lap, other
guys had problems with their tyres (and I had fresh ones!), and I was able to decrease the gap. But on Lap20 electricity problems appeared in
the whole block! My PC stayed working, but internet was disconnected. So here's my race over.

Grats Tim and podium!

See you next season! It's a pleasure to see my friends on track and to race with you!
No words to say! Everything bad that could happen - happened! I got a touch in T1 and was forced to start the race from last position on
damaged car.
Again, very sorry Dmitry. A lot happened before Turn 1 that put me in that position, but I wish I did something different now....:frown: It's was meant to be fun for all....

In lap 10 I came across Sean which had spun in T1, and unfortunately I couldn't avoid hitting him. This made Peter hit me, and this affair gave me a susp damage, but it wasn't too bad so I decided to press on.
I remember that now. I thought I was so slow and cautious going into Turn 1 when I saw Sean there. I saw you slow and I nearly stopped in time. Sorry Rune. :frown:

Damn, I had a shocking race. That's three people I hit. I'm very down on confidence at the moment....
no problem, no problem, Peter. This happens. This race. Also, since I was in such a situation the race back.
I remember a lot of battles in the race with Seti152 :)
no problem, no problem, Peter. This happens. This race. Also, since I was in such a situation the race back.
I remember a lot of battles in the race with Seti152 :)
Thank you Jet.:cool:

I'd forgotten about running into Rune until read his race report. Causing damage to two cars [maybe three with Andy] in one race is not right. I wont make excuses for “running out of talent”.

In the end it's not the results, it's how much fun we all have that count.
Hey, don't blame yourself for that Peter, it was purely an incident and only happened because I ran into Sean first. So no sweat, and as I said the damage wasn't too bad, could do almost normal laps :)

Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
Grats Champ !

Ill just say i had a bad race lol sorry for t1 just out broke myself a little, cheers chris for letting me use your paint it did help abit but big thanks to tim for seeing my trouble and controlling my braking with rear :redface: , and also i spun a t1 waited and thought had gap spun n was that you rune ? multple sos's tho anyway.
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