Season 4 Race 7 Division 2 - Silverstone Post Race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Werner Van Aswegen, May 19, 2010.

  1. Werner Van Aswegen

    Werner Van Aswegen

    Okay, so the rolling start was better but I still seemed to mess it up. I was under the impression that rolling start meant when the light goes green we carefully get up to speed and maintain distance to car in front. I did this and got hit from behind as people sped off at normal speed then slowed down. So I got suspension damage even before we properly started and lost a few places as people overtook me. I guess it's better than a T1 end of race.

    The rest of the race was mixed. I made too many results which was a shame as I had some good pace.

    I huge thank you to all the guys who let me through without much trouble. Also sorry to Kurt who'm I touched while unlapping. Shortly after that my tires gave up and he caught me again.

    So even though I have nothing to show for this race I still had fun and as Mattia pointed out, the Podium drivers all drove cars with skins I made. I'm so happy and proud it feels like I was on the podium myself :)

    Congratulations too the podium and to all the finishers.

    PS: I think I owe Nicholas an appology. I spun in front of him and then we hit each other and had to pit for damage.
  2. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Sorry Werner, I hit you in lap 6 while you were spinning. I did my best to avoid the contact, but I had suspension damage and missing front wings.
  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    Nice rolling start but I prefer usually start:).
    Quali in 12th position with my PB,after start, true more easy do the T1, manage my position but after 5 laps Im in 6th position, but after 2 laps fault brake point at ABBEY go on grass lost many position but no damage so all near the curbs return on trak,behind me some car,Sorry Kurt:sorry: for my fault I saw you,I stay on curb for let you pass but you spin equally for don't hit me, was not my intention.Around lap 18 my hard tires went home,so must drive with many attention until Pit, when return on track immediately push using the new tires, brought me at 8th position, finished in 7th position think , Pautov press "Esc" before the race is over ?!!!.

    Moral of the story: I made too many mistakes 2 time fault brake at Abbey up on curb at Club, running wide after Bridge,sometime my left foot is not connected to the brain :wink:but some good lap under pressure with Anthony Moufarege and Bob Laube,last thing Nicolas I saw you behind me I wanted to let you go for unlapping you are a fast driver and must go :)

    GREAT Podium and Great all finishers.
  4. Joe Isaac

    Joe Isaac

    Hi guys!
    The rolling start was not a bad idea after all, personly I didnt it like it much, but I think everyone will agree with me that it was a safe start and it felt so good to see no accidents at T1 and seeing so many cars finishing the race, Congratulations Nicolai and thank you for your hard work.
    Drama for me as usaul I think me and Werner don't have good luck this season. I was 6th in qualy, so after the start in lap 2, I didn't have enough gripp the tyres was still gold so I span and the second car behind me couln't avoid the accident and hit my tail and my race finished there, I think it was Bob Laube, I'm sorry Bob if I caused your car any damage.
    See you guys in Istanbul.
  5. Maxim Pautov

    Maxim Pautov

    I made many mistakes in this race,excuse me [​IMG]
    I was not ready to race,I didn't know that the start of the race this....Sorry guys [​IMG]
    I promise that I will well prepared Istanbul.
    Fuel to end [​IMG]
  6. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Qualify : 4th
    Beaten my PB, just under 1'16. I think I'm starting to understand a few things about setup, but I still don't know how my suspensions work :frown:
    Mattia did a great final lap : I was watching him on the monitor and I feared that he could beat me, but fortunately for me he finished just behind me by a few millis.

    Race : 11th
    My worst result:mad:. Strange things happened on the formation lap (Cor and Maxim did a real start and passed everyone), but everything went back in place after the straight, and the rolling start took place nicely, at least from my position.

    The race was fine for me until lap 6. I took 2 laps to heat my tyres, then concentred on my pace. Mattia was behind me, about 2 sec, but not a treat. I was in 4th position, then 3rd after Coen spun. I was gaining on Maxim that was already 1 lap down, and on lap 6, at Vale, he slowed down on the racing line while I was in his slipstream. I didn't have time to react and I hit him, losing my front wings and damaging my suspensions. Just after recovering from this incident, I hit Werner at Abbey that spun in front of me (sorry m8). I did my best to avoid it but it didn't work.

    I pitted at the end of this lap to repair, after almost causing an overacciddent in Luffield (that was a mess!), but I forgot to replace my front wings (I confirmed the pit box too early), and was really pissed off. Next lap I pitted again to finally change my front wings, and decided also to change my tyres and add fuel to finish. In the end that strategy was not wise because my tyres didn't last the remaining 38 laps !

    Anyway, I was last, 2 laps down, and I just had to produce my best driving to win some points. As I was faster than most of the pilots on the track, I began to unlap some of them. My thanks to Tom Watts that let me pass in lap 16 (TS 1614). I lap 17 I spun and went in the grass after being a little too wide in Priory. I had difficulties to recover (the grass is slippery there), and I when I was restarting, Jakob was lapping me again and I was able to follow him a little, so I could see how fast he was. I also spun in Copse in lap 27 after being a little too wide, did a 360 and restarted without harm done.

    I pitted a 3rd time to change tyres at the end of lap 31 because my tyres were too worn off, especially my front left. At lap 33, I was gaining on Bob Laube that I passed on the inside but I braked too late and I finished in the grass. Thank you Bob for letting me pass shortly after. At the end of lap 34 I was right behind Valerio who was 1 lap ahead of me, and I took my time to unlap him. I was faster but I wanted a clean overtake, so I waited a while, and he let me pass at Stowe in lap 39. Thank you Valerio! At lap 43, I joined Romain and passed him at Stowe, lap 44. I was on the inside, braked too late and blocked my tyres, but it worked (sorry Romain, I know you had to slow down a little).

    Finished my race 11th at the end of lap 45 (3 laps down).

    Thank you to the organizers of this event. See you in Turkey!
  7. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    quali: went bad 15th wasnt so good for me about a second at least of my best because i spent most of quali having to recalabarate my wheel (stupid thing lost all settings )

    Race: really well almost rolled before bridge and 1 spin before lufields but otherwise really good race and very close between me and 4th at the end not sure who it was but gd race with him through the whole race :)
  8. Jakob de Boer

    Jakob de Boer

    Q: Pole for the third time in a row :) (this is what Webber and Vettel must feel )
    Doing the safety Car start, it was hard to keep on track with cold tyres.. was touching the grass alot !
    But coming over S/F Line i had nice speed an a gap to Coen was allready made.
    Its hard to see as leading car if everyone is nicely in order (1sec spacing)

    Too Bad that Maxim Pautov Was Holding people up , as he already made a pitstop. and was ignoring Blue Flag rule.
    My gap grew and grew, until i made a small error going into Club, i spun , but could drive off and keep the lead!
    Still 2 sec ahead , i started to pull away more and more.
    As i was on a 1 stop strategy, i pitted in lap 24. Coen and Eliezer went on to do two more laps
    When they where in the pit i passed them again. and saw my gap was even bigger
    So all i had to do was bring the Car home.
    as i was lapping lot of cars , its always hard to know if they see you and know your going to pass.
    had some narrow escapes here, but finally made it home

    My first win in the Europian Series !!

    Thanks to the Race director and to all you guys for a fun Race at Silverstone!
    See ya in Istanbul, where i think we will need another Safety Car Start !
    Everone will know now how to do this !

    Cheers Jakob
  9. Romain Gouzon

    Romain Gouzon

    My second F1 race, i finish it with a broken suspension Cor van der bug hit me two time....
    but the race was fun.
  10. Richard Emery

    Richard Emery

    quali: Not a great qualifying for me but this is never my strong point , p16

    Race: went really well gained many places in the 1st 10 laps , ended up battling with Tom Watts for the last 20 laps ended up finishing 4th my best finish yet :)

    Just to let the organisers know i wont be here for next event , but will be back in nurburgring
  11. Coen Mulder

    Coen Mulder

    Hi all,

    First off all i want to congratulated Jakob with his first win in Div 2. The master has teached u too much :wink:


    I knew Jakob was faster then me, so 2nd place was my goal. Mattia was olso fast so need ti push and did 2nd place.


    Olso here i knew that Jakob had a better race pace so i was concentrating to keep 2nd. My comp had a hard time in lap 3 - 4 so suddenly i was on the grass?!
    But then i overtoke a lot of people. Nice batttles!
    Then i noticed that Maxim was not using his mirrors, Maxim, please u drivers tabs to see who is behind u or are u colour blind ( blue flag )
    I have met u a couple of times on the circuit but not ones u let me pass on the normal way..

    I was hoping for rain, but that didn happend, so i was consolidating a 2nd place. All i need are points to become the championship!

    No futher incidents to report, so see you all at Istanbul!

    Greetz Coen
  12. Mattia Gottardi

    Mattia Gottardi

    thank you guys!!!!

    great and clean race for me!!!

    Q: P5th with PB

    was able to do some nice lap in the first stage of the qualy....after that i wasn't able to improve a the end of the qualy i did a good lap, but it wasn't enough for a better spot (i'm sure that i had at least 2 tenth in my pants, but i wasn't able to take them off) :D

    R: P3

    was a clean race.....i had a good pace during my practice, but during race wasn't able to risk so much and so i wasn't really fast......btw was fast enough to take the car at home in 3rd position. Did only an error while Coen, after his spun, was behind me.....i went wide, and so he overtook me too much easily.......maybe if i didn't that error the race could gone in an another way, because doing an overtake on that track isn't so easy, but i failed and so i think that i lost a lot of fun......

    must say a big thank you to 2 gentlemen, Richard Emery and Tom Watts because at few laps to the end they were fighting for the 4th position and they let me pass in a really safe way ( i think that they lost some time for that, also if they were fighting and so i must say really thank you)

    usually i will not pass 2 guys that were fighting at few laps to the end of the race because there is no reason to ruins their fight, but yesterday Jakob was coming up really fast, and i didn't want be lapped...... I have an honor to be respected!!!! :p

    ok thank you all for the race and congratz to all the guys that take at home the car!!!

    thx the admins, race department and mak corp.....

    cu at Istanbull!!! :D
  13. Bob Laube

    Bob Laube

    yes I was there :-(
    unfortunately had no chance to avoid yet
    auto was ripe for the box

    but do not have so much time to train at the moment
    and I'm glad to be come to the checkered flag

    See you guys in Istanbul. :)
  14. Eliezer Bartik

    Eliezer Bartik

    Hey2 all

    Q 3
    R 6
    I started fine after safety car which was not bad
    I pass Coen That was a bit slow at start probably cause pc problems
    Then my tires just ended very early Coen close gap easily and pass me
    Lap 19 last corner I hit Cor after he Hit some 1 else – sorry man I couldn’t avoid it
    Had no grip at all, I entered pit for tires and suspension damage lap 19 get speed at pit and again tires didn’t last so at end needed to pit again
    Hope 2 solve that tires issue its killing me

    Cu at Istanbul J
  15. Werner Van Aswegen

    Werner Van Aswegen

    Just had a look at my replay file and I'll say two things:

    1. I have become a master at spinning 360 and driving on :)
    2. Mr. Poutov isn't making any friends. He almost reminds me of me.
  16. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    I did a good one at Copse (timestamp 2465). Nice to see from TV cam:)
  17. Kurt Kjellin

    Kurt Kjellin

    late report

    Grats to podium

    Q: 12 ok for me.

    Race: It worked out well with safe car start. Not my favorite, but I think everyone survived T1 so thats good.

    It was a decent race after all.

    I made too many mistakes so to go over the finish line in 9th was a boost.

    Hope I not was in the way of you who were faster(When overtaken) than me.(think I Squeezed Mattia in Abbey and Jacob in last corner sorry for that) If I was so, I apologize, just tried to find the safest way.

    Werner and Vale NP:)

    See you all in Istanbul
  18. Mattia Gottardi

    Mattia Gottardi

    Kurt don't worry.......i was hurry (first part of the race is important for not loosing too much contact with the guys in front) and so maybe i didn't choose the right way to pass you, so maybe i must be the one who say sry to you!!! ;)
  19. Anthony Moufarrege

    Anthony Moufarrege

    Hi all

    congrats to podium and to jakob!! well done!!!:cool:

    qauly was good for me i got a pb 1:17

    so was really happy!! in the race i have never felt more confident, doing good lap times and keeping up some good pace.
    i was behind vinassa for a while and was really happy to stay with him(most races i'm always last) i was about to pass
    vinassa for 8th position until cor van der burg hit me from behind causing me to spin out. once regathered he hit me again near pit lane and f***ked my car!!!
    this ruined my whole race after i was doind so well. So thanks cor!!!!
    it would be nice to show a little bit more respect and patients on the track!!!

    see you all at istanbul

  20. Jakob de Boer

    Jakob de Boer

    Anthony i looked at replay , second time Cor hits you is because Eliezer went wide and hit Cor, then Cor hit you again
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