Season 4 Race 7 Division 1 - Silverstone Post Race

Grats podium!

Was ~0.4 slower than PB, but I was rather satisfied to take P8 on the grid. In any case I could not be faster than the 7th guy :)

Not good start. Lost few positions. Then due to collisions ahead I appeared in P6 I think. Passed Vincenzo in Stowe. And after that there was no positive moments for me. I was behind Anthony (and sometimes was even faster), but every time when I was close enough for attack I made a mistake and was loosing 2-3 secs.
Pitted L24 and left the pitlane right ahead of Anthony. But did not realize at the moment who was that blue car and let him go :) Anyhow he created big gap very soon.
From that moment the only aim was to hold my 5th position. My team-mate Dmitry was a bit faster behind me. Tenth by tenth he ate the gap. I made a mistake after the first chicane, and we were going to another chicane side by side. And Dmitry passed me being on the outside trajectory! Fantastic move JT!
After that I was in P6 and finished the race.

Thank you all guys for the very good race!
Race report: Chris Jacque Div1

Qualifying 1 : P3

A very lucky scruffy lap saw me get a PB and take 3rd on the grid!

Race : 3rd

I'm unhappy with myself , I was testing gearing for club as I was not happy about the car wanting to over-steer here and I messed up my gearing leaving a car which was good out of club but slow accelerating and liked to lock the rear axle under braking....self sabotage

Anyway a solid start and then a good HARD battle with Tim on lap1, I did not want to wreck my car and I think this affected the way I drove.
I got up close and passed Tim briefly into Vale, but I either gave him too much room or he decided to force me out as far as possible and I ended up caring more about staying on track than braking late into the corner.
Lap 14 I had a very unusual spin into Stowe I just managed to touch the grass and around I went :mad:
I lost 3rd after recovering, out braking myself into Abbey, then managed to get out of shape again into Vale the following lap leaving me down in 5th.
To ice the cake so to speak I then dropped it coming out of copse but managed to do a 360 for the crowd and carried on...Was having one of those oh crap feelings about this race that it was not meant to be...
I managed to catch back up to Alex on lap 19 just in time to see him repeat what I did out of Copse but not manage to catch it. Not nice to see someone crash but gave me 4th back.
I managed to catch Antony around lap 20 and we had a little play being very mindful of my front wing which is a bad idea when trying to overtake someone.
He pitted lap 22 and I pitted end of lap 24 and emerged ahead of him which was nice!
The rest of the race was a gap keeping exercise to Antony with the occasional eye popping move by a back marker (looking at you Per on lap 39!) :eek:
I must say I really struggled in the later parts of the stint keeping it on the black stuff. Was very glad it was over when it was.

A small congratulations to Tim and big one to Mark. Only joking, great solid drive.
I look forward to Istanbul! hopefully with a weather forecast like worlds again hint hint!

[FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]British GP.[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Congratulations Tim, Mark and Chris![/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Qualifying: 14th place.[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Managed a 16.2.[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Race: 9th place.[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]I had some fun battles with Rune and Per. [/FONT] :cool:

[FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Not much else to report apart from foolishly allowing Janek to pass me for position as I slowed to allow Chris to Lap me. [/FONT] :redface:

[FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Thank you all. [/FONT]
Jumped in for 05F1 in the FPWS race, so I had some practise before that. However I didn't have time to hit the track since then, so I did only a couple of laps before going to qualifing.

Q: An okey lap and grid position, but would have liked squeze a bit more time out of it. 13:th.

R: A bit of wheel spin but stayed in my start position through the first corner. Not much heat during the first lap except when I took a too tight line out of the second part of Abbey and came too close to Per who re-entered the track. I had to steer off the track to the left and stayed there untill i thought it was safe to rejoin, but came awfully close to Janek when I did, but nothing happened. Per later slowed down to let me passed on the hangar straight.

When things settled I was in 9:th but hopped up to 7:th behind Vinzenzo due to others offs. The gap was pretty constant around 2 secs to him. Behind me Per hanged on for a long time untill Dimitry passed him. The flying russian also passed me pretty easy so I was in 8:th for the rest of the stint.

Started on mediums but I didn't know if I could be faster on hards seen over the entire stint, so I pitted 2 laps eariler and changed to the harder. Got one in the pit cycle and stayed in 7:th for the remainder of the race. The lap times was slower, but very consistent down to the very last lap. Didn't matter because I had big gaps both to the front and rear.

To sum it up the race was very stabile with hardly any mistakes, but not fast enough to match the guys in front of me.

Thx and see you all next time.

Jim Hawley

PrestoGP Veteran
My race was poor :frown:

Q, 0.6 off my best, P7

Race, Got away quite well and went inside Anthony at Copse and took P6, I think it took him by surprise a bit and caused him to run wide, I've looked at the replay and although there was contact I'm confident it was ok, but sorry Anthony if I surprised you? (surprised myself a bit as I'm not normally that decisive)

As we came down the vale for the first time two cars had got together and one car was on the grass heading back towards the track so I went wide around club but got my rear wheel tapped which turned me around and I had to wait for the field to pass b4 I could rejoin, P18 :rolleyes:

On lap three I was behind Nico into Copse, I went in and through much faster and touched Nico's rear sending me into the fence, car wrecked, lap3 DNF :frown:
Sorry to Nico for hitting you, I hope it didn't disrupt your race too much?

All in all a poor effort for me again, I'm a bit gutted as I had practiced a lot for this one and was confident of a good result

See you soon


Martin Flöck

Was not able to race ... big bang at new job on wendsday :tongue:
1st race i missed ever ...

Grats 2 podium and all finishers !

Valter Ostman

PrestoGP Veteran

Cheers to podium and everyone!

Thanks all for a fun race!

Next time I'm seriously going for pole.

:snail:This race was a disaster I was finishing 3 laps down. But it was one of the most entertaining races so far. There were just a few laps when I didn't have someone to try to escape from, or was chasing someone.

There were only some minor incidents with Vince and David during the whole race. On lap 7 in Becketts, when I got damage and lost the front wing, I was alone chasing the field and just a bit too liberal with the throttle.

I have made the usual report clip. In one of the scenes Peter is getting in to position for lapping me, but Tim turns up behind him and slows him down with a blue flag, isn't that really bad luck?:D

Here you can rejoice in my misery.
Great Video Valter! :) No apology necessary.

When I'm being lapped I don't want there to be any confusion. Start of the Hanger straight was for me the best place, though I had to jump off the track at Luffield once. I'll always move off the racing line. I'll also patiently wait until the car ahead I am about to lap to move off the racing line.

Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
good race guys i hadnt practised much for this 1 happy to bring it home not to much to mention just tried to get out of the way when lapped, no real incedents apart from lap 1 with a little bunching with a guy picking the wrong place to let a guy through , this made some of us emergancy brake under bridge right hander.

Cyas istanbul !!!

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
race report......

decent q not far from pb, back of the grid though.

started very slowly, lost positions due to heavy fuel, anyhoo kept going but lap 10 my tyres were goosed, i struggled on till lap 19, pitted and put new tyres on, went out and it felt worse, soldiered on until lap 34 where i pitted but skidded on grass on pit entry, the car spun towards a wall(or what i thought was a wall) instead of hitting it, i went right through it ending up in some far away place were only darkness and spinnyness consisted, so i found a nice new glitch for us to all try out, it ended my race but to be perfectly honest i was so far off the pace id have been as well being a stationary sign on the hanger straight.

nowt really to report except that, i dont think i hit anyone and i dont think anyone hit me so alls good :)

(ive since found out that the first stint setup i used was supersofts instead of mediums so no wonder my tyres were causing sparks)
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