Season 4 Race 4 Melbourne

Date: 31st of March
Laps: 42
Weather: 20 degrees and dry (default weather)

There are a couple of corners at Melbourne that are easy to cut and a big advantage can be gained. Please make sure you have 2 wheels on the track at all times.

We continue to focus on safety in Div 2. Please take special care in this race and make it your top priority to complete the race without incidents.

Everybody (Div 1 and Div 2) must hand in an incident report on e-mail to the Race Director no later than Sunday after the race. (Please PM me if you do not have the RD's e-mail address). This report should include a description of all incidents the driver has been involved in with a time stamp and the lap number. The report does not need to be long, and if you have not been involved in any incidents then this is all the e-mail needs to say.

These reports are of great help for those who review the race, so thank you for your efforts!

See you down under :smile:

Bob Laube

no race, on my birthday.:wink:
wish all participants good luck
have fun!
cyaat the next race:thumbup:

Happy birthday bob, 367 today :biggrin:

oh wait hang on, thats your rank LoL :wink:

have a good day mate and see you at sepang :cool:
Hi guys! Unfortunately, due to lack of time I still can't race with you. So I'll miss today's race as the previous one ((

Happy birthday Bob!

but for return in topic.......tonight pay much attention on following other is a really hard track, where doing a clean pass is pretty hard if the opponent is good in closing the lines.......the most overtaking are doing for errors here, so in the most of the cases you must only to try to follow the cars in front of you and wait!!! ;)
This is off topic sort of, but it's important to atleast 4 guys here.

The new skins for Team Aqua Vista is not on the Updater yet. I just ran the Presto updater and the new skins didn't come down.

So if you are reading this and you haven't yet downloaded the new skins then head over to this post:

I think the low res skins are usually pleaced on the updater so I'd go with that. Unless someone says otherwise
Hmm, just though of this.

Will we change the race time due to the summer time for most of the guys, or is it qual at 20 GMT as usuall?

Edit: Happy birthday bob!
Good thing that haven't got an early morning tomorrow, because now the Q will start at 10 pm instead of 9 pm local time.

Edit: just got a bit confused now since the countdown timer at shows less than one hour for me atm. That would mean 9 pm local time (cest=gmt+2). But 20.00 gmt is 22.00 cest.
Now you are confusing me as well :)

The qualify session will always start at 9pm in Norway and Sweden, and in the UK it will always start at 8pm. (isn't that correct UK'ers?)

This means of course that qual starts in 35 min
oh, okey. Now when you say it I remember that we used to have it this way in the past seasons. :)

Just got a bit confused, :confused: mixed up gmt with british time, but they have bst now, which is gmt+1.
Abysmal :frown:

I turned into THE corner and arrived just in time for THE accident.:confused:

For my part in that mess, I do apologize.

And congrats to the survivors.:smile:

Alfonso Clarke

The same with me i didnt brake hard enough plus was looking to my side because i had someone there :( sorry to everyone :( & i hope i didnt ruining anyones race if i have i take full responsibility :(.

cyas next race i hope :(
Hi all
A little bit disappointed ,
Had no possibility to avoid the car lea me: (car Spined and bumm and my front wheel was broken, in the next corner me car was on the curbs... race over for 20 sek race :((( ha spend 2 weeks to trian. irm sooooo ....
Why do we not have the possibility to restart race....??
We don't restart because you don't get second chances in life.

My race
Qualifying, eating tea. 3rd position (terrible day from the moment i stepped foot in work, hence late home)

Poor start, defensive into t1, someone ran wide and slowed, I went outer, too much throttle and game over.


For next race can we use worlds weather as developing and testing for two strategies and 2 weathers just aint humanly possible.
I had trained quite a lot for this, but the Q pace did still elude me despite my efforts (as usuall). My race speed was far better and I had tinkered a lot with the setup to make my tires last the entire stint. Did a lot of work on that and I think that the setup was one of the best I have done.

Q: sooooo sloooow. Somewhere at the far end. I'm thinking of only doing hot laps in preparation for the next race...

R: So far the best off the line in an F1 car. Stayed cool during the first lap melee and got up to 11:th. From there I planned to build my pace and make a solid race. But then there was a car in the middle of the fast right hander and I didn't react. Front wheels off and exited to the garage as soon as I notised that.

That was the shortest race I have ever done. I will have a hard time motivating myself for the next races..

Martin Flöck

someone crashed into my rear before i reached the very first corner :frown:
tried to reach the box, but i was so slow with my damaged car, can`t drive straight ahead, so i canceld the race.

... hoping for better luck next race !

Grats podium and all finishers !

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