Valerio Vinassa

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Dec 24, 2009
after race tortillas for all :D
Oct 5, 2016
Log analyzer reports here :thumbsup:

Q: PB so can't complain there :) Knew my chance at pole went out the window as soon as I saw Martin joining the server:p

R1: From P9 to P2. Had a really good run towards the podium with some tough fights with Artyom. Had contact with Francisco Valle which gave Artyom the chance to overtake me. Got close to him towards the end and passed him on the last lap:thumbsup:.

R2: Saw Rob pulling away immediatly from the start with his tiny wings:p After that Martin, Artyom and me fought hard for P2, with the 3 of us within a couple of tenths. Initially Artyom got the better of us, while Martin spun in lap 6. Followed Artyom and got to pass him in lap 14, after which he pitted. I decided not to pit, but I reduced my front wing before the start of the race (never change without testing) which left my front tires destroyed towards the end of the race. Artyom closed the gap from 24+s to 1,9s, so it was just enough:D
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Valerio Vinassa

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Dec 24, 2009
not bad race at least for me, in race1 after the start at the end of straight a bit rough overtake maybe someone with mdf but really fun no contact, nice.I tried to stay with first cars but i did a little mistake and lost contac but always in 5th place. Andrew behind me,him pressure was regular always with the same gap this just until last 5 or 6 turns of the race then update .... you need a new driver..... NOOOOOO:devilish: result lost car, overlay, in game, no overlay, try with mouse close window ok again on track think i jump here along this time but finish the race with a position lost maybe this time im lucky no smash a wall:D
Race2 a really nice fight again with Andrew think we did about 12laps close then i feel a bit less grip so i tried a saving, pitted at 17th lap leave the pit and im in last place Andrew was 15sec ahead push anyhow for catch him and at the same time try save tires and think this time sometime i saved, the magnesium alloy rims are still there:roflmao:

Great Rob:) and all us

see you at the land of Samba and ......:rolleyes::D
Sep 5, 2018
During practice, I had a few stutters (one about 10 seconds long!), so I exited the game, but on re-entering it said "<Fixed setup>" and wouldn't let me change it! I rebooted, and boy did it take a long time, so if you all waited for me, thanks!

Race 1 went well, with a good start, no collisions, passed a big crash on the way to the first corner and settled down. All was going well, and towards the end with David catching me but with a comfortable cushion, I half spun and let him by - grrr, coming in 8th.

Race 2 got off to a good start with no dramas and I settled into 8th place. On lap 13 I found myself in 7th and then had an aberration in the esses when I tried to take the great circle route over the long right-hand kerb, which left me in 10th and lucky just to have flat-spotted tyres. I was chasing Valerio for quite a lot of the race and David caught up and passed my down the pit straight shortly after Valerio had pitted. Then, in the second DRS zone I inadvertently outbraked him into the slow left-hander and had to try and pass otherwise T-bone him. I got the car turned and on the apex, but we hit wheel to wheel, and I felt a bit bad so I drove slowly around the outside edge to let him by, but he didn't seem keen, or I was too impatient, so off I went with him close behind, but fortunately for me he pitted at the end of the lap. Valerio closed in a little on his new rubber, but this time I made no silly mistakes and I held on for 6th.
Sep 9, 2012
Q: PB and pole ... so happy :) Like in Cota I didn´t knew how my pace would be.
I had different toughts to Raymond, I just hoped to be in row 1-2 :D
R1: After a self-inflicted spun (rear-end collision with David), my rear tyres where degraded, and I was at the end of the field. My setup also wear off the rears quite much, so the car became more and more unstabile, what made me quite slow.
So just next-to-last.
R2: Had a quite good start, Raymond became smaler and smaler in the mirrow.
I tought ha-haaaa 1:0 for me :D
Then I saw a tiny red dot in the mirrow :confused:
I narrowed my eyes, focused on this strange red dot in the mirrow and
it got bigger and bigger :confused::confused:
... a car ... I realized ... it was a car ... wtf :confused::confused::confused: I was at full throttle :confused:
Suddenly it overtook me ... then tought Swindells ? Rob Swindells ?
Wtf is going on here :roflmao: He just drove by :confused:
Some laps I catched up in the corner sections and the gab became quite big on the long straights,
but I was not able to overtake Rob :thumbsup:
Then, again, my rear tires let me down ...

Grats podium and specially Rob to this well deserved victory :thumbsup:
Thx to all organizers :thumbsup: