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  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    beautiful place to have a race:thumbsup:
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  2. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    i know very well that Im in hdf and the right choice was mdf but i learned the track and feel good with this set-up so only thing was finding a big fun between T5 Les Combes and T15 Stavelot and i found it :D .
    in Race1 some skirmish in the guided area I could get very close to those who had passed me on the straight but in Race2 after pit front me at 5sec Saki him escape from me on Kemmel but i was close in turns and again escape at Blanchimont close at bus stop, step by step im at 1.5sec back on Kemmel think 3 or 4 laps to go and i see Saki smash the barriers on right just before Les Combes, were you looking in the mirrors?
    anyhow unlucky mate the pursuit was fun:). I finished the race in 5th place I think it's an early Christmas present:D

    well done at all for the nice Season:thumbsup:
    a big THANK'S to April, Peter and David for the work around the season
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys ,

    hope in some fun event before next season just for don't forget how to drive:laugh: but now is time to holiday and work around the cockpit:rolleyes:
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  3. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Race 1 was OK. I had a spin in last turn lap 1 so started lap 2 last, but made my way back to 6th.

    Race 2 was too much for me, had a spin just before Pouhon lap 1, and was last. Tires were cooked and I had to pit - this ruined my strategy since I didn't want to pit. I left the race then, was too tired to make my way back from so far.

    CU next year!
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  4. Vlad Dogar

    Vlad Dogar

    Race 1 was good, but the tyres were gone at the end of it, so I made some changes for Race 2. That made the car even more unstable, so... see you next time!
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  5. Blauweke

    PrestoGP S18 Champion

    What a race this was!
    Wen i joined the practice i got to hear that peter wouldn't be racing. As much as it was an anticlimax i was kind of relieved because that meant i only needed to finish both races to become champion as the gap was 47 points. When peter heard about the points gap, he quickly came on the server after quali.:confused:

    The race was on then!

    In Quali i got third, feel like i could have gone a few tenths quicker and got pole, but third wasn't bad.
    In race 1 i got a good start, and i was leading after turn one, but martin and daniele just about assaulted me on the kemmel straight, so i was third again.
    Had some close battles with Daniele over second position, until martin disconnected. So now we were fighting over the lead. I was leading on the final lap, but i ran wide, throught the gravel on the exit of 13. So now daniele was very close behind as we went onto blanchimont. He then made the move around the outside of the bus stop(Last 2 corners of the race!) and as we went on the start finish daniele was leading but i had more exit speed and i overtook daniele ON THE LINE.:confused:
    Peter finished eigth, so the championship was now down to just 9 points. This ment that as long as we both finished in the top 4, i just needed to finish one place ahead of him. I was quite confident given the pace peter had in race 1.

    At the start of race 2 i had a big crash at eau rouge, the pack was slowing, and i drove in the back of arytom and daniele drove into the back of me at the same time. No damage, just some tyre wear. I then started cutting through the field, got third in a move that saw me, david and daniele go 3 wide on the kemmek straight. But the next lap i spun at the bus stop, back down to 5th. Overtook david again, Daniele had a crash so i was third again with johannes second and peter somehow leading:confused:.
    I pitted a little early in an attempt to undercut the front 2 (even thought peter was 7 seconds ahead).I think peter noticed and he pitted the very next lap, the gap was down to 5 seconds though. johannes pitted a ew laps later and i did undercut him. So it was me 2nd, Peter 1st,5 seconds gap and 10 laps to go.
    I knew i needed to overtake Peter so i pushed as hard as i could. I would rather crash than finish second at this stage. I got closer and closer, and on the final lap i went around the outside at les combes to take the lead of the race, and held it to the finish line. By my calculations i win the championship a mere 6 points.
    I will wait for the official results, but i reran the numbers like 3 times now. I'm quite sure i've got it:)
    Peter drove amazing all season, a shame he couldn't attend one race, But that's how it goes ;)

    Thanks to all organizers for putting together such a close league. I really enjoyted this last part of the season.

    Also, here's a video i put together.
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  6. jego


    So I managed to get Pole-position... that was unexpected, a 1:55.8, a second faster then my previous best times. I had a good flow through the last sector and managed to get the last chicane very nicely.

    Race 1
    My start was rather poor, also I braked too early, so basically Tom and Martin passed left and right in T1. Martin got onto the outside kerbs too much, lost control and drove into me, almost making me spin out and setting me back to P7. :(. In the last turn, I was really close behind Nicolas, but he spun out, or started to spin slightly which made him much slower then me and I taped him in the back, which made him turn around. I don't know, maybe I should have waited for him to give him the position back, but he took so long to recover and I was not certain if he spun out himself, so after a few seconds of thinking I went pedal to the, erm plastic.
    Well, that was a very unsuccessful first lap from starting from pole position, I was now down to P8. But I knew I could make up the ground, I felt much faster then Peter and Vlad in front of me and I had to brake much earlier then I expected to not drive into them... which eventually then actually happened. Peter was very slow in T10 and I drove into the back of him. I waited for him to recover and let him drive past, now P10.
    I finished in P5 in the end, after a few crashes in front of me and some overtakes. Overall, it was an exciting race, just the first 2 laps very slightly frustrating was I felt like that I could carry much more speed into the corners then the cars in front, so I had to adapt to that.

    Race 2
    Started P9. Leaving Eau Rouge there was a big crash a head and I had to avoid it and slow down, Peter took that chance and came flying past me. By the end of Lap one I was in P5.
    When David overshot the last chicane in lap 4 I was behind Peter in P2. From there on I tried to keep my pace up and still keep my tyres in good shape. I could not catch Peter, but he also could not drive away from me. Daniele also spun out behind me, just leaving Tom in the chase. I pitted in lap 13 and did the stupid thing over overshooting the pit spot, which lost me at least 5 seconds, because when I left the pits I was suddenly behind Tom in P3. That's also were I ended the race. :rolleyes:

    Thanks for hosting and organizing guys! :inlove:
    I hope to see you all and more people around next season.
    Also I hope we will have some nice fun races during the off season! :thumbsup:
    Big Thanks and also congrats to the Championship winner! It is Tom or?
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    Q: Glad with P2.
    P1 was out of reach :thumbsup:
    R1: Had a good start and I was in the middle of the first lap on P1.
    Sry Johannes for the hit in T1, looks in replay that the curbs made me spin.
    In the middle of lap 6 I had a freeze for some seconds.
    After that my car was broken, so I cancelled.
    A while has passed since I had such a freeze.
    R2: Managed to avoid to crash into Daniele in the "Massacre of Eau Rouge" in the first lap.
    But this made me spin and I lost control and finally the front wing.
    So I cancelled some corners later.

    Grats podiums and all finishers :thumbsup:
    Grats to our new champion (who ever it is :D)
    Thx to all organizers :thumbsup:
    Have a great time next weeks :)
    Hope to cyas soon :)
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