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  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    good race at all;)
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  2. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    Qualifying - 1st :)

    Happy with the time, PB by quite a bit.

    Race - 1st :)

    Extremely happy with the end result as it could've been totally diffrent in that last few crazy lap's.

    Stint 1 I managed to be fairly consistant and open a big gap only to throw it all away with an unforced error coming upto the pitstop, Artyom was always close behind at this point and I felt it would be him I end the race fighting for the win, it didn't turn out like that though. When the pits were done I found myself 8 seconds in front of Matt and started to put the gap up slightly, I shouldve took it easy but as usual an unforced error cost me all the time I'd gave myself, Matt was right on my tail from here on in, another mistake from me again unforced and he was able to pass me and I felt that was it, at that stage tyres getting old I didnt think I had a chance, but 2-3 laps from the end Matt had a small moment in the esses and I got a great run on him into Hanger straight, I was able to pass into Stowe corner and from there held my nerve (finally) to take the win.

    Very exciting end to the race, grats Matt and Artyom for the other podium positions and grats all finishers :)

    See you all at the next race.
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  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Quali: 0,074 from my pb not so often happen
    Race: lap1 T10 Maggots I touched the kurbs spin and no damage but big amount of time lost, after this no others big mistake then I pushed hard for recover the time lost but the track seemed with less grip to me so I struggled a bit to find the pace and surprise after 9 laps FL tire was gone red light on trackmap:confused: i did 2 laps and pitted, the majority of the race was alone only in middle of race a met with Connor then only a battle between me and FL tyre I drove like "save your tires" so with 2 pits I solve the problem and finish the race:)

    Congratulations David Matt Artyom and all us
    and as always thanks to the organizers:thumbsup:
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  4. sesto5


    Terrible race for me. Had other things on my mind today... went into qualifying with no practice laps managed 11th but I knew I had a good setup for race pace so didn't lose hope but threw my car into a wall on lap 12 or so. Hopefully Ill be in the race both mentally and physically next time around. Congrats to David and the rest though!
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  5. Stenne


    Thank all for great racing and congrats to you in front. :thumbsup:
    Great thank to @April Dillon for keeping contact on Steam so I could restart rF2 and get back into the session.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Not really what I hoped for regarding my driving.:(

    and Quali was OK by my standards. Not too far behind the racers right in front of me lap time wise. And I also had some laps with a feel of smooth and coherent driving, binding corners together while keeping a good racing line with a decent pace. So I feel that I'm getting to a stage where I can stitch together a few laps at a reasonable pace.
    I also realize what amount of hours of driving it will take to get a feeling for these cars to an extent where you can push them hard through out a race. I mean, the slightest mistake and tenths of seconds are ticking away and you are happy to stay on track. (Felt comforting to hear Ron saying in the live broadcast something about "these cars aren't easy to handle ..... " :D)

    Race didn't go so well. Made some really big mistakes and sliding off a couple of times during the first five minutes. Mostly, I guess, because I wasn't prepared for the change car characteristics with 150 L fuel on board instead of 15 L. Need to practice more with full fuel load before next race. :)
    Got way behind immediately and lost some motivation (and built up frustration) as I had anticipated that I would be able to hang on to the tail of the field a bit into the race. Instead I had to concentrate on handling lapping cars much earlier than I've expected.
    Then got into a good rhythm until I had another couple of spins around lap 27 due to worn out front tires (LF 45%) which I hadn't monitored properly :mad:. Took a pit stop and focused on not causing any trouble and making a safe drive to the end.

    Many lessons learned . Took the car to the finish line:thumbsup:. Looking forward to Australia. :)

    In the 1st practice start I got the chance to experience how it is to be chased by 10+ cars down into the first corner. Might come in handy some time way ahead in the future. You'll never know. :);)
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  6. Artyom Aslamazyan

    Artyom Aslamazyan

    Race of mistakes! And I made most of them :) Wrong setup, wrong tactics, and spins and spins...
    But that was really exciting, as not only me had bad stability.
    Congratulations to David! and Matt!
    Thanx to all for another cool race :)
    I hope to prepare better for next race... or maybe just take another ferrari as I still can't afford second win while using Alesi helmet ;)
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