Season 15 Race 3 Suzuka - Setup Thread

Tim McIver

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I'm always most excited about the next race about 15 minutes after the finish of the last one.

On our calender we have Suzuka FSR 2014 track. There was no 2015 version when the track was made but there is now. We should take this opportunity to once again thank FSR and @Kris Cobb for their generosity in allowing us to use their tracks. I presume we should once again use the latest version (released this week FRS Suzuka 2015). I downloaded from the FSR forums as per Singapore.

I can't see a lot of differences (though to be fair I only did 1 lap on the old version!) but I have no doubt they would not have updated without some at least subtle improvements.

Looking forward to seeing a nice full grid at Suzuka after a great but somewhat poorly attended Singapore. This meant to be every drivers favourite track, see you out there.

Valerio Vinassa

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if not for me David but I download from FSR:)

seems at night the server David :D think you have let set of Singapore
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David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Gents, sorry to have to pull out of tonights race.
Some sudden changes of plans here involvling day surgery for a family member. All is fine but need to do some things.

Sean Greenlaw

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Fyi to those using my setup, I haven't done any stints or that so not sure if tires ok for race looked quite even wear over a few laps though. I'll be doing some practise tonight on server if anyone wants to, about 8/9 uk time :thumbsup:
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