Was ther mention of a quick 30 minute race or am I making that up?! Can't see any server that's all if I'm not making it up lol
Glad to be able to do a 30 minutes race with you guys. Unfortunatly that was possible cos there was server problems and that's :poop: everytime it happens :( So many efforts by David should not be penalysed that way...

I wanted to apologized on @Phil Shillitoe cos i didnt left enough room at parabolica. Very sorry m8, was my bad. Here is a video to show what happen.

sorry ill reply when i find the "state the obvious" smiley :roflmao: ^
Whats so funny about it ? It was just a comment nothing else - you maybe know that you wanna reschedule it, but there was nothing explained how something like that gonna be handled and i know several Leagues where something like this was just ignored and they drove the Race to the end or restartet it hours later.

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it's funny because as soon as I come back to the forum two new guys are telling me to fix the problem, if you both knew the hassle I've had with the dedi and trying to keep us up and running you'd know why I think thats funny, but it's no problem I'll just "fix the issues" although it never occured to me to try that before :O_o:

The race will be rescheduled which was discussed on the server but you left so fast after the server problem you probably didn't see this. I'll get to work later today on amending the calendar to work this in, also I'll try fix the issues lol whatever they may be, next race we will hopefully have Peters server running though, its obviously a fundamental problem with the router or internet server that the dedi is on.
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