Valerio Vinassa

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Q 12
Race 7
then off:(
A lot of cars here and there and Im in 7th place did the pit about 20sec on April bheind me had a good pace about 20mins to end then... then... wife:rolleyes: shake and speak front me I get distracted lost the car mount on kurbs after T10 hit barriers lost wings tried to recover in pit but car was undrivable left the race:mad:.:)
a big Hip Hip Hip Hurray for PrestoGP and members and see you on some nice summer race.

Congratulations to all finishers:thumbsup:

PS wife spoke about me on doors that slam,now ther is a bit of wind and its a relief we had 34C° 93F° a bit hot for about 2 weeks and I have to do a race not interested in doooors:D
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Q: 4th: my best quali of the season but not really close to my Hockenheim PB !

R: 3th

So just a good start to gain 2 places, I had a good car, I was confident because I have a great feeling on Hockenheim.
Mistake at lap 2 turn 6, I'm sure to have made Dino scary (he almost touched me).

Then a critical mistake like I write on Incident thread...a rookie mistake ! :notworthy:

After that a chase to recover my real place on that race (which I knew that was 3th or 4th).Was surprised to see sean and David DNF, really ! Sorry to race without Peter who is my principal rival on the championship ! :O_o:

Then a final run to catch Martin, with another mistake at the hairpin but without any contact, great battle @Martin Floeck, we both were cautious, me above all ! Some regrets considering that the lost time due to my mistakes is almost the gap between me and Artyom...

I'm looking for the ranking !

David Turnbull

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Qual - 1st :)

Great lap at the first attempt, my very last lap I was up by 0.3 coming into the arena section, made a huge mistake and lost it all and more, happy with pole obviously :)

Race - DNF :(

Started great, was into a huge lead very quickly, Dino started pegging me back the more my tyres wore and more slight mistakes I made, I was still ahead when I had my big accident, touched the grass and spun round and round hitting the wall with my rear end, Bent suspension, wheel off centre and massive flat spots, I gave up :(

Big grats to @Dino Paolini for winning the championship it was never in doubt after you'd came back from a horror show in the first 2 races of the season but you hung in there and put in some great races so congratulations Dino :thumbsup:

Also congrats goto @Artyom Aslamazyan who managed to keep Dino on his toes with some good races and great tyre management, and also to @Peter Decker who without him we wouldve struggled badly, he, like myself has put in a lot of time and effort to keep Presto going and it won't be forgotton, and also to @Sean Greenlaw for having put up with the dedi server in his room with one of the loudest cpu fans known to man (all fixed now :) ), Thanks also to @April Dillon for taking care of our results.

Lastly to all the members who make Presto the great league it has been and always will be, if we all keep showing the commitment we have then we can carry on for as long as we want to.

Personally this has been an up and down season for me, it was a struggle keeping the motivation to carry on when some of our friends and regular members decided they wouldnt or couldnt follow us to rFactor2, it was also a struggle to keep us together when we had countless server problems but once the racing got started as usual in Presto it was all good, the season itself started well for me, taking advantage of Dinos misfortune and some decent races, just before Red Bull Ring my Mum passed away so my head hasnt been in the last few races and I've had very little time to practise, Im hoping to have more time to put in a challenge next season in whatever car we choose to use, I feel disappointed obviously that my season tailed off slightly but obviously you understand my head was elsewhere so to sum it up for me it was a season I will always remember for the good (first season of rf2) and the bad (the obvious).

Now though onto organising season 15 :)

Thanks guys :) see you all in Season 15 (and before in some test races)
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Dino Paolini

Q: Very strange qualy for me. First I had a slow lap with a great final sector and all the other laps were great first 2 sectors with an useless 3rd sector :roflmao:
Last lap was looking very fast, was up by about half a second, but then closed in on Vale for the last 2 corners and on the last corner I had so much dirty air affecting my car that I lost 4 tenths or so in just one place :(

R: I saw no chance whatsoever to make the start without a collision. I tried several different things on the 4 practice starts and all ended up with a collision with someone too wide on the inside.
But the real start was the only one that worked :D Would have lost a place, but Sean had his usual luck so back to p3 in the beginning.
Shortly after Nicolas lost the car accelerating over a carpet and I just missed him by inches.

On p2 I tried to close it up to David a bit, until he was gone and I tried to gap Artyom for the upcoming pitstop.
On my pit-in lap I lost my concentration on the worst of places, thinking about the pit-entry and such.
The one corner where you have to give some constant throttle to have stability and I forgot that and just rolled into a halfspin :notworthy:

After the pitstop I started to hunt Artyom, until he outbraked himself and I could go by.
Rest of the race went through without problems :)

I was obviously very happy with my season. I'm pretty sure it was the best overall season for me since I am simracing :thumbsup:

Thanks to @David Turnbull for the organization and to all the guys who attended the races.
I was not surprised at all to see a bigger dropout rate than in the past though. The incredible consistency and reliability from the past crew in race07 days was something very unique and not the norm at all in non money-based leagues ;)

We should be able to have a better next season. I hope there will be better commitement and more discussions in the forums leading to more motivation and subsequently to better races with less incidents due to better practice :cool:
Q 11th
I could not put a good lap together.

R 5th
At the start I had some incident with Phil in T4 but the race was overall OK for me. I even had some good racing with Tal, and most of the race I kept running a few seconds in front of Valerio. Unfortunately my pace wasn't good, in comparison to others, and I understood why much too late, a few laps before the end : I couldn't reach 100% throttle, somehow the captor on the pedal required some adjustments and I sould have checked that before the race.

Hope to see you all (and many others) next season!
Q 8th I think, I was happy enough with that.

Q 8th It all went south. It started good and I was up to 5th, after some time I got up on a kerb and was thrown in wall and off goes the rear wing. I limped back for new wing, 95 secs, I was surprised it mended it though although the suspension was still damaged. I thought afterwards it is maybe against rules to return to pits with no rear wing, sorry if that is the case! Later another stop for a new front wing was required too, I binned it in S3 again. Was 2 laps down with unfixable bent suspension, and no comeback was forthcoming!

Was disappointing, I like the track and hoped to have a decent race but I did not practice too much this time due to some work being done on my house at moment, it's not so bad though I have not crashed in any race so far but it was still a shame. Only got some consistency in 2nd half of race. Still finished 8th due to other retirements.

Its been a pleasure racing with you this season, many thanks to David and Sean I know it is big pain hosting sometimes with rf2, bravo for your efforts. Those house repairs I mentioned are nothing minor and I have been wiped out (to put it mildly!) of cash and having to steal the cats food atm, when things improve a bit I will send donation. Hope to race with you guys again next season, I will keep checking the forum for news.
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Just before race was starting i had a BOD (never had it before with rf2).
Thank`s again for waiting of me :thumbsup:

Q: 6th ... OK
R: 4th ... yeah :D
Best result this season :D
Certainly some of the fast guys in the front made a contribution with their accidents to made this result possible :rolleyes:

Had a good start and in the last quarter of the race a nice battle for P3 with Nicolas D.,
otherwise was not much going on :cool:

Grats to podium and all finishers :thumbsup:

Grats to the champion Dino Paolini :thumbsup:

Thx to the organizing team of S14 for this great season :thumbsup:

Hopefully we see us in S15 and on the servers :)

Martin F.
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