Dec 3, 2012
My bad Vale :( We having a day off here in Québec today, i realized at 10 minutes before Q that there was a prestogp race today so i jumped in. 1st intention was to strat from the back and try to follow the back pack. After a few Q laps i was feeling a little bit confident with the car (with dino's setup). But lack of experience lead me to a very avoidable mistake that cause my race to end, and unfortunatly, April's. Vale's and another red car too. :(

Sorry to all, i should not join this race at the last minute like i did.

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
Qualifying - 3rd :)

Very happy with that with hardly any practise since last race.

Race - 7th :poop::roflmao:

Good racing with Sean, Tim, Peter but the main thing to report about my race was........


Flatspots from a spin in stint1 while attempting a pass on Sean, then major flatspots from the incident with Martin at the start of stint2, had to weave on straights so I didnt damage my wheel and my sanity, the noise and vibration was so bad I felt like giving up due to sore wrists and I could hear the noise even with headset on lol the times I managed to get decent laps in I was fairly comfortable on pace but the consistancy just wasnt there, Hopefully next race is better for me when I can manage some time to practise and not got as much going on.

Grats Dino and rest of podium, See ya all at Silverstone :)

Peter Decker

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Aug 28, 2008
Eventful evening, phew. Hosting a server while trying to prepare with some tests demands multi-tasking! Dont know why we had connection drops during practice, hence the change after Q. Sorry for the delay guys. Thought it was best to switch between Q and practice starts to not interrupt the Qual-preparations.

So, for the race:

Q - 4th :) :)
I felt pretty confident from last days hotlaps practice and felt I could have been on 3rd or even 2nd. That's a first to even feel that way I think! (ok, I think I had a bitter of upper hand in amount of hotlaps practiced this time ;) )

R - 6th :)

In T1, directly had the inner on @David Turnbull in 3rd but didnt dare to push, also knowing I had lower wings than most it seemed. Some lap later @Nicolas Delamare cought me napping on the inside T2 I think it was. Tried to follow but had no chance in S3 maybe due to low DF. Some lap later @Artyom Aslamazyan came close after T1 but managed to defend T2 and rest of lap until last turn when I needed to push to defend, boom, spin into finnish straight barrier - thought race was over but just sustained minor body damage with some decent flat spots. People passed by and it felt more interesting to park and watch from pit wall. When I already was at it, I did some more spins and agreed with myself to put most practice time in the future on race fuel practice.

Eventually I got a more stable grip of the pace, after my last real spin when Martin @MOOOOOOOOOSCHT came within 1 sec and managed to pit for an undercut. That undercut magically grew to 5-10 seconds - what happened Martin? So I set off for @David Turnbull and @Tim McIver who were some 7-8 secs in front. With 2-3 laps left I was ~1.5 behind David and overshot last turn AGAIN. Obviously, David "felt" to do a pirouette too, felt sorry for you there Dave, but Vale had not shared his towing company responsibilities with me.

Grats to 3rd @Sean Greenlaw with second to none practice?!, 2nd @Nicolas Delamare with impressive consistency% and winner @Dino Paolini , a legend in the making.

I hope to be able to get grips of the server until next race!

Steve Combey

Feb 10, 2011
Q 9th I was very happy with that, I went as fast as I could that is for sure and come 9th. Competition is tough at PrestoGP!

R I went down outside of car into t1 there was very little space there, some minor wheel banging cost me a bunch of places but thankfully no harm done, which was fortunate cause the car was a bit out of control and I was glad to get around t1 unscathed but down about 4 positions.

Then a lot of smoke ahead! I got through that OK, took some hairpins 4 abreast etc and then settled down to slog it out with Mark Breslin, altough we was never at any point racing wheel to wheel that went on for most of the race!

25 mins I had Mark in the DRS zone! Phew! It was hard work,I was trying to get 1sec+ gap to get out of DRS and when I did i dropped back into the clutch of DRS zone again. Mark was nailing the final 2 corners way better than me but he could never get past in the DRS zones. Then I had to pit which I had not planned on doing, Mark did not pit and I was not gaining the big chunks of time required to catch him :( I was 24 secs down.

It was looking like Mark had it all sewn up, but no! Near end of race his times are dropping, and then he is in pit having realised the tyres won't last! And I emerge 5 secs ahead :) That was well sweet, I thought I would hold that position for sure. But alas a few laps later I just went off for no good reason, my only mistake :( Ah well I was pretty sick about that. Was a few secs behind again then and thats the way it stayed, hats off to Mark.

Probably a lot of the cars at my pace level were the ones taken out at start of race, so that was a shame for all concerned.

Grats to Dino, I was very happy with my pace and race it was one of the better ones I have done, it only counted for 10th though but so be it!
Oct 20, 2010
So why on earth my brakes failed last race at Canada is a mystery, I had brake ducts 100% open at Canada.
I know that feel ! In Canada mines were also Open, but like I said few days ago the driving style can badly affect brakes, believe me.Plus the fact that my brake bias was 56-44, and maybe a 55-45 or 54.5-43.5 would have saved my front brakes, which BOTH went off on the last 10 minutes !

Q: 6th, I must confess..I ran wide on turn 8's exit, 4 wheels went off the white line but I'm sure I haven't gained any time on here.

R: an incredible consistency for me, I felt like very comfortable before the race :geek:

I managed to be P5 approaching turn 1, no incident.A little scary moment at turn 2, with some smoke, no issue, no spin !

Then Decker was cleared, I was faster.

I saw @Sean Greenlaw, @David Turnbull and @Artyom Aslamazyan spun on the main straight, and I was just focused on myself.

It was one of my best race ever, no mistakes, just a bunch of little lockups but my tires have handled the full race.It seems that I'm not able not be fast on race laps and so I must choose a different strategy, that one works well for me.Consistency helped a lot !

So the second-half of the race I was P2, and @Sean Greenlaw who pitted had gently reduced the gap from about 20 seconds to...1 seconds on the last 5 minutes ! Wow, an intense driving between us, each one of us on his own race but with a big doubt on who will be in front of the other ?? !! :cool:

Lap after lap after lap...reducing the gap ! For sure I haven't lost my concentration.

And finally you lost 3 second on turn 1's exit, too bad but I take that !

It's good for the championship ! Looking for next race, with some fast corners !

Dino Paolini

Jan 3, 2011
Q: Needed several laps to make some progress and then finally a good one on the last lap.
It took some time to make the middle-sector work, after free practice had the rubber on turn4 vanishing because of the sun shining on it (hate that every time; next one is Silverstone where this will happen at turn1 ...)

R: Start was ok, but first 2 laps were a bit difficult. Had to go defensive at turn2, not an easy place on that track :)

After that there was suddenly quite a big jump in the gap fo the next couple of minutes.
This made it all unusually undramatic for me and I could focus on some tire-management :)

My practice stint showed that tires would become very critical, but with this unusual big gap I could take the risk out completly and make the distance with close to no probs.

I still managed to miss turn1 once by my own^^ This turn really hated any adjustment to the brakebias.

Anyway, still happy with the result obviously, but our next 2 races wil be properly competitive again at the front that's for sure ;)
Also, you shoudn't rely so much on my setup next time, it mostly works best for the guy who makes it :D

Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
Feb 3, 2009
Q: 2nd happy to be pretty good pace, was up .1 or so last lap but wouldnt have got a 12.

R: 3rd

Start was quite good and ignoring tight t1 I was just about able to battle with Dino.
Next couple laps was quite good racing we all quite close until me and David got more side by side really made a gap to Dino allowing him to have easier race.

I think I lost out to Nicolas when David spun t1 and then Artyom passed as well as I started to struggle with fronts.
Pitted early to get under cut on Artyom, don't know if you had any mistake but after Artyoms pit I had gained a gap.

Then as Nicolas said was a chase to finish gap always getting smaller as was Artyom to me. I thought I was just going to make it into 2nd and tried to go inside t1 on Nicolas but on exit I lost traction and got wiggle on last lap do chance over.
Now I had to worry about Artyom as he was now really close and I thought was last lap but there was another lol but held on to get 3rd.

All in all quite happy 45mins practise and and the a good hour on weds helped. My fronts were 25 fl 16 fr % worn rears 65% so I probably would have been able to have better wear if practised more I think.
Only edits I made on your setup Dino was 2,1 rear bumps rebound and rear packer to 8 felt even better for me over bumps. Higher brake pressure to maybe hurts my front I should try and use less I think.
Eithier way tho was a lot better than anything I had front other tracks here so thanks for setup and agree most need personal tinker time to suit each person better, why the more shared setups the better :thumbsup:

Grats Dino and Nicolas !
Cyas at Silverstone if you are going to f1 :p and then cyas on servers :thumbsup:.

Valter Ostman

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 22, 2008
I'm sorry I could not attend. I did not get the graphics card to work properly. On Tuesday, when I trained with Kurt, I had very bad fps. I have very limited free time to tinker with my rig.

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
I think that may have been the track too Valter, I noticed I was suffering from lower than usual fps at Austria, there was a few bits on track that I could see it drop quite a bit and it made it look quite jumpy.

If youve any other problems with the graphics card or game post up the symptoms and no doubt one of us can help :thumbsup:

Valter Ostman

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 22, 2008
I think that may have been the track too Valter, I noticed I was suffering from lower than usual fps at Austria, there was a few bits on track that I could see it drop quite a bit and it made it look quite jumpy.

If youve any other problems with the graphics card or game post up the symptoms and no doubt one of us can help :thumbsup:
Thanks, I have reinstalled all catalyst drivers. I have a newer version now. I hope that will help.
Sep 9, 2012
I was quite happy with P5 in Q, because of almost no practice this time :)

Race beginns with missing the start at all (don`t know why), so i lost some positions :confused:
After some incidents (i described in the "incident thread") in the very first T1 i was on P9.

Then until lap 12 i had a good time with Tal S. with good fights and overtaking maneuvers,
till he lost his car on the last turn right in front of me :thumbsup:

After this i focused on Peter D. :ninja:
I closed up to him and tried some overtaking maneuvers :geek:
But Peter is a hard nut and was not crackable for me ... this time ;)
Peter pitted in lap 21 around 1s in front of me, so i tried to push as hard as i could, and planned to pit in the next lap.
There was the incident with David, which i described in the "incident thread", ...
After pitting Peter was far away :(

In the rest of the race there was not much going on :)

All in all a good race and I was happy too see new and at least 18 drivers :thumbsup:

Grats to podium and thx to the organizing team :thumbsup:

Cyas in Silverstone :)

Martin F.
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