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Nov 18, 2012
My goodness what a race!

Because of the massive disconnect on the first try we went to the backup server which went very okay. Qualified in P7, which was far above my expectations, so my goal in the race was to finish no lower than P10.
Lights went green and had a very good start, managed to get up to P5 but got caught by Peter, Tim and Nicolas. They were about 0.5 seconds per lap faster than me so I really could not hold them. I recognized I was overdriving the car, shredding my rears, trying to keep them off so I went to the pit for a new set of rubber. Rejoined in P7 because something happened to Sean, I figured I would not make up any places nor lose one since people were both 10+ seconds ahead or behind me. I was managing the gap behind me and my tires at the same time.

Then something amazing happened: in a matter of laps P4, P5 and P6 their brakes gave out on them! Having passed them it was another 30 seconds to P3 so that was a mountain to climb. With about 5 minutes to go the gap was declining steadily to about 10 seconds (guess he was nurturing his brakes/tires).

I pushed and crossed the finishline with exactly 3 seconds to go on the clock so I could push for P3. And yes, miracles happen. The poor man's brakes gave out as well. We had a small collision at the hairpin because I was surprised by him going straight but I passed him on the very last turn, the chicane!

I'm very VERY happy with P3, something i dared not hope for. Granted it was because of mechanical failure by those in front of me. Pure on pace I would've been P8 or something like that, but hey, I take what I can get :D

Now I'm gonna pop a bottle of champagne!

Valerio Vinassa

PrestoGP Veteran
Dec 24, 2009
not a nice race this time the amusement was for only 7 laps . Incident with @Phil Shillitoe we was on battle for 10th position then a my mistake(read incidents. rep.) after this I was sorry for ruining Phil's race no more concentration for me,I drove until 10mins to end and lost brake ( 10%close) so go in pit and leave the race.

Congratulation all finishers:thumbsup:
next time guys
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David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
Qualifying - 2nd :)

Thought I had got pole only to see Sean pip me right at the last, very exciting session.

Race - 1st :)
Started quite slow and Dino got past, knew from practise races that I could stay close enough through the middle sector to get chances with DRS, thats exactly what happened, my first attempt to pass Dino didn't go as planned and I overshot the last turn, then I watched Sean and Dino battle for a lap or two until they had their incident and I was able to overtake Dino into turn 1, after my pit I had a 9 second gap to Dino behind and Artyom was 5 in front, managed to get upto and pass Artyom fairly quickly and managed to control my pace enough to finish the race 4.2 seconds in front of Dino.

Grats to everyone who finished and to our newcomers for good results and being safe on track, Can't wait to get to the Red Bull Ring which is a track I really enjoy.

Cya all in Austria :)
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Oct 20, 2010
Intense race yesterday, as hard as Monaco in term of visual effect with all those shadows and lights everywhere (my eyes suffered).

So I did a P8 in quali, 0.7s from my PB...Not on a good shape.

Race was...hard: start was clean, battle here and there.Nice battle with Yannick at the beginning, and also Tim and Peter.I hadn't realized that sean DNFed, too bad what happened to you ? Why did brake go off so early ?

Bad mistake at the last chicane for me, just like the 1st try race and still in front of Yannick: I wasn't confident at that braking zone plus I pulled a little throttle while I broke :unsure:.
Still some work to do on wheel and pedal gameplay.

Finally, I didn't expect that, I lost front-right brake within 5 minutes to the checkered flag AND lost front-left brake within 2 minutes remaining ! It's a joke or whaaaat !!??? :(

Open duct, 80kgf pressure, 56% front bias, what's wrong with me ? :cry:

Hopefully I finished the race in 5th place just because tal behind me had, I suspect, an issue also, 'cause he didn't close the gap on me as I slowed down on those last laps !

So congrats to podum finishers, and especially to Yannick.I want a better finish next time and I'll try to be more agressive on time lap, I must !

CU all !


Oct 8, 2012
My race:

The first lap itself was clean for me, but then on the second lap I think I made a stupid mistake which I guess comes from inexperience racing here (and with these cars) and I ploughed into the back of Phil's car at the hairpin. So I waited for him to get back on it. Needless to say I've lost a lot of positions, AND I denied myself of a good fight that would surely have come if Mark hadn't been a victim of my blunder as well :( Anyway, in the coming laps I managed to close down on Kurt, and then had my second incident at the chicane, this one fortunately not as major, just mildly tapped Kurt on entry as he was going relatively slow through the chicane, due to a non optimal line forced by Peter's overtake. So my fault again I believe. After that I managed to close down rather fast on Peter who I heard was running a medium downforce package, which clearly showed during the straights! Unfortunately it wasn't very stable in the corners so I managed to close on him rather quickly and get through safely. Next was April. At first I didn't even see her car, and then gradually lap by lap I noticed that I see her car earlier and earlier before disappearing around some bends, so I guessed I was catching up. Then in the space of a couple of laps I made huge ground, and managed to overtake April on the straight with DRS which was.. less than exciting.
At the end it was just managing the tyres and brakes. I had Mark on teamspeak with me, and his tyres were worse than mine, so I used him as a benchmark on whether to pit or not. Decided not to. After the numerous brake failures people had I advanced to P6, and decided to call it a day there and then, so that I won't lose my own brakes :D Lift and coast the last couple of laps then, and thats it. So no, @Nicolas Delamare , my only issue was not wanting to lose the brakes myself :) They were perfectly fine.

Steve Combey

Feb 10, 2011
Bit of a crap week for me, was sorting set until last moment and not running very good at all.

Q result very bad, however although I never did a clean lap I could see my sector times were good! I could have actually easily Q better than I would normally even! That was a big positive!

R1. And the sudden finding of form continued! It was great all of a sudden I am going good again! And I see only me and 1 other car is on medium downforce! I was convinced we had got the right race package and it was great! Easy over takes on the straights I got up to 12th very quick and was feeling good! I just had to be tidy in corners and wave good bye on straights, and server crash...

R2 Crap, probably I did not go through my usual start of race procedure not knowing when race was starting I dont know but it was crap and got progressively crapper. No need to go into the details but it was crap, there was further crapness I am not reporting too. Also after 25 mins or so a high speed spin and subsequent burnout wrecked tyres, car felt like a vintage 3 tractor with shot tyres for rest of race.

And then brake failure for good measure, with 100% open brake ducting! I have a feeling there must be a brake disk thickness setting that I did not look at :D. Good thing about the brake failure is I actually felt better knowing that my promising race 1 would have counted for nothing anyway.

Dino Paolini

Jan 3, 2011
Q: Had one fairly good lap, but that was it. Had not a good feel with an empty car, especially the fast chicane was pure randomness and I didn't get it right even once in q.

R: Had a good start and made it to p2 in the beginning. I was chasing Sean for a while until there was a chance to overtake with DRS. We had the incident in the last turn and David went by after I was still confused after the incident.

I tried to stay close, but the fast chicane got me another time when I was a bit to close to David and I lost a couple of seconds again.
When I wanted to do my pitstop, I coudn't find my pitbox. It was already hard enough to see the red on the light-grey, but apparently it had to be the very first box right after the cones -.-
I did drive through and re-pitted on the next lap and it was indeed the ridicolous spot immediatly after the cones.

Second stint was actually quite ok, but with a gap behind David that was too much to close.
Didn't really want to win with an incident anyway, so it was better this way actually :)

As a positive point, the lapping was the best so far this season ;)

I was surprised to see so many brake-failures with the suggested cooling settings and brake-forces. If you held your braking in the limits you have to hold them anyway to not lock up with these settings, it won't happen.

If it did you most likely braked harder and longer than neccesary into the hairpin. And also lockups into that turn will heat up the side where the wheel locks even more.

Anyways, this was by far the hardest track on brakes. So don't worry this isn't the normal situation.

Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
Feb 3, 2009
Sorry so late for some report just been busy. I'll keep it short and sweet and a laugh (see video)

Q: 1st was great think snatched pole at the death.

R:dnf lets just says wasn't the best race.

Horrendous pits, loads of mistakes and brake failure with 15 mins to go lol.

Anyway here enjoy my infomercial :cool:

Grats to Dino, David and Yannick for best debut ever :laugh:

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