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David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
Qualifying - 1st :)

Managed a great lap on my 2nd attempt, first was nowhere, close with Dino.

Race - 5th :whistling:

Started badly Dino got through into turn 1 and from there I was being left behind, passed by Artyom, Nicolas, Sean all within a few laps, I just didn't have the race pace at China to keep up, my tyre wear was also huge and by lap 10 I knew there was no hope of me doing a 1 stopper so changed strategy and went for a 2 stopper, it worked in that I managed to finish where I was before I made the decision, but it didn't work to move me up the order.

Grats Podium, grats Artyom on the win, Big sorry to Dino for having the worst luck known to man in these first couple of race's, I hope you hang in there it's got to change sometime :thumbsup:

See you all at Bahrain :)
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Oct 20, 2010
Here's the kind of races I wanted to do last time ! Very happy :)

I started again from the 8th place, with a 1.43.4 (my absolute PB) and overtook 2 cars at the hairpin in the first lap !
So 6th and some laps after @David Turnbull was in front of me in 3th place, and I think he had an issue because I easily reduce the gap on him, overtook him and I see him even 5th after that...

So a calm first stint without any mistakes, I pit after 29 minutes with red front tires of course ! Same time than Dino who exit 12 seconds in front of me.

Bad mistake for me about 20 minutes remaining, I just spun in the last corner because of a bad line and an useless downshift to 2nd gear...hopefully I recover myself very quickly to chase Sean who was 4 seconds in front !

So that was a very intense battle between us @ sean greenlaw, on a very similar pace, but I had a better Vmax and you lost 0.5s on the backstraight each lap.
But I really wanted that podium and I managed to close the gap before the last 5 minutes...and I would like to know what happened with that blue flag who disturbed you on the main straight...bad for you :thumbsdown:

I was almost kind to let you pass but definitely I had my bunch of bad luck and just take care of the car and keep the machine on the road for a deserved podium in my opinion !

Well done at the majority of blue flags I had, well done for the first turn which was clean around me, great race !

Now bahrein: I can't wait to race over there ! :geek:
Sep 9, 2012
Q was great, best time i every did ...
I only had one try, because the ohter tries i had to cancel because i closed up to other cars.
So i was very happy with P4 :)

Race started really stressful for me, like i decribed in the incident report,
so i lost some position at start.
After some laps i did a mistake in last turn and spinned, turned around and ruined my rear tyres.
After this i was more in a "cruising-mode" than a "race-mode" ... so P9 :whistling:

Grats to the podium and thx to the organizing team :thumbsup:


Valerio Vinassa

PrestoGP Veteran
Dec 24, 2009
Q: 14th I did my pb:)
R: 11th Very nice race after start a good fight with Steve Combey then he passed me so I met April Dillon and Mark Breslin for a bit of laps we were a tiny train:D until i saw April pass Mark that lost a bit the car so me too immediatedly:devilish::D to not lose April.One or two laps before pit, on tires gone, I lost a bit the car one time in front Mark :) and one time in front Tim sorry guys, after this I decided one lap and pit but, just before the pit April lost car so an easy pass and pit.
When I leave the pit I was on about 4sec. on April but not remember well how but I lost all advantage until April overtake me then after 1 lap or 2 I overtake her:thumbsup: a clean and correct fight until Dino's arrive 2 mins. to flag,I saw him in mirrors and in T6 I turn a bit wide so Dino pass inside then in T11 April let the door for Dino but think a bit too wide pivot on kurbs and hit Dino just behind a really unlucky situation:( I pass just in the middle the race is finished.

Big thanks to David video and Sean setup very useful, I found better line and stable car, the best:)

Congratulations to Podium and all us:thumbsup:

Steve Combey

Feb 10, 2011
Great race last night :) Thanks to all and especially organisers!

Q 15th. I hit traffic on first lap and bailed out, i drop back several seconds and then catch the car up again! This time I have only time for one more lap, and lap 2 was good I did think maybe I should just pull overtake! No time set and only 1 lap left, what should you do in such situation? Is overtaking in Q a definite no no? I was going to do it but changed mind at last moment! 3rd lap I had to be a bit careful as only one chance left, it was OK for me 15th I could have got a few more tenths I think and elevated me a couple of rows on grid but I think unless you are mixing it at the front these things do not matter too much by the end of the race.

R 8th :) Tbh I was very happy with 8th. Because I did not get happy with set until shortly before race, I was happy enough with pace but worried about consistency in race, maybe the changed set would catch me out. But it did not happen! I run very good race for my standards, nice solid consistent pace I was happy with and no mistakes or bad luck all the way to end. Racing with Valerio a lot, and Mark Breslin I think and April. Seemed like me and Valerio was side by side for half the first lap, eventually I come out ahead. Somebody double shifted in front of me and I get an easy overtake. Then I catch April and pull a pass in T1, then no more except when faster 2 stoppers come out behind me.

For a little while I am in front of David who pitted after 20 mins I thought maybe it is Christmas and David got his sums wrong! But he did not, I got cooked! After pitstop I have Martin Floeck 6 seconds behind and it stayed that way all the way until end. Sometimes a few tenths to him and then a few to me, it was totally even, I was going as best I could without risking any errors but the gap just stayed the same. Martin Q 4th so I was happy to maintain that gap!

Grats to podium, see you all at Bahrain

Dino Paolini

Jan 3, 2011
Q: First lap was allright right away. Had a good one going on my last try, but I messed up the last corner and lost the entire gain there; still p2 somehow.

R: Good start made up for the mistake in q.
First stint I had to push a bit more than I would have wanted to not let the gap get into a second.
Got a bit better gap for the pitstop and for the second stint in general.

Second stint was suddenly a bit like a multiclass endurance race with a ton of lappings happening.
Gap stayed in a range of a couple of seconds which was fine to have a bit of a puffer.

The puffer wasn't enough though for the incident in which a tirewall was in a way when trying to rejoin. The effort in the race was pointless again, but atleast the car was going quite good, even though the amount of rubber actually exceeded what I thought was possible at some point. Making the car balance actually a bit worse in the end.

Well done to Ayrtom especially and see you guys next time, with a bit more safety in lapping please.
Dec 3, 2012
Q: 8 or 9th not sure, some 1,8 second slower than pole. I don't master this car at all, i feel i'm close to the maximum but i'm way off pace.... kind of weird as China is one of my best track in other class.

R: 13th (i think)
One to forget, lost 1 place at the start but for me it's quite a good start to only lose 1 spot ;) Was running a pace to save the tyres cos i knew they could get worn very fast at china. Then the disaster happen (see indcident report). Boring race after the incident, not much action. Hope for a better one the next time.

Thanks David for hosting,

Gratz Artyum, Unlucky Dino and all finishers

Nicolas Rouge

Jan 12, 2009
Q 12th
R 10th

Had a very stable setup (thanks David), and knew that 1-stopper was best. After a pretty good start and some laps came the mess in last chicane. I made my way back with a few overtakes that I'm proud of, and in the end couldn't gain on Martin who was faster than me. I was probably too conservative on tires, especially in last stint (FL was 40% wear in final lap), but I had almost no overtake/defend to make so that probably explains why it was so healthy.

Thanks everyone for great race, CU in desert.

Valter Ostman

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 22, 2008
Grats Artyom,Dino, Nicolas! Good job all finishers!

Q: 18. I need more speed:)

R: 16. A run at the back of the field. Chasing Kurt. Nice to finish a whole race. No particular problems more than lack of training.
I love to watch the broadcast afterwards. Too bad there were technical problems.

Thanks David, Sean, RD and all drivers! And thanks for the nice broadcast, Ron and Jonas!

Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
Feb 3, 2009

Got of to a bad start having to go round outside t1 shut after a few las got down to my pace. This let me make small gains early on and quickly seen will be battle for podium with Nicolas. I seemed slight faster start of stint and then towards end Nicolas would pull gap.
Nearer end of 2nd stint Nicolas made errorniutnof last turn allowed me to get ahead.
The gap slowley dropped towards end of the race and was looking like could go either way with gap looking to run out last lap but unfortunatly I think when I lapped valter with a couple laps to go I thought he was letting me by outside but ended up on grass lol

Some good racing thought and battle helped make race for me

Grats Artyom Dini and Nicolas !
Thanks to everyone from presto/Dr

Cyas at bahrain
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Nov 20, 2008
Sorry for such a delayed report, but it's also two races report ))
The first race in Malasia was a big surprise, actually. I lost positions on start and first corners, but then somehow managed to finish on podium! So lucky season beginning, usually I'm bad in first races. Very good race, great battles!
And the China race was unbelievable! I didn't expect to win, I knew Dino was fast and stable, so no chances, I could not catch him at all... and then... This in not the way to like to win. I was very sad about Dino's bad luck.
Can't wait for some nice fighting tomorrow :)